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^ ' 35 River Street ^ ^ 

Billerica, MA 01821 > 


IS •-^^ 



li THE 




9 9 

Far right: What's my combo? 
Missy Trayuham and Brian 

Right: D.j. Farren and Janctte 
Maclnnis shoir their talents as 
peer lenders. 

Below: Mike Hudson, Katie 
Busalacchi, and Kim Ames shozo 
their pearly whites. 

Mr. Oru.uiTTi: 



"WJmt a long, strange 
trip it's been." 
- The Grateful Dead 

Take a look into your past. 
View the winding path filled 
with twists and turns, land- 
scaped by past choices and 
decisions. Retrace the stops 
along your journey. Your 
memories will always be with 
you. From freshmen orienta- 
tion to graduation, these are 
the moments you will always 

Take a look into your fu- 
ture. New roads await you. 
Although there will be the 
usual pot holes, slippery roads, 
and bumps along the way, 
your life is taking off and new 
vistas lie ahead at every turn. 
So take one last look in this 
"rear-view mirror" you now 
hold and get your bearings for 
the rest of the trip. Life is a 
journey. Enjoy the ride. 


ife is a journey. Enjoy the Ride. . 

"Don 't miss 
the Exit!" 
-Mr. Oulette 

"Are we there yet?" 
-Every kid 



Baby Pictures 



7s this the beginning Faculty 

of the road or the end " 
-David Buczak 


Aboi'c: ]c\i Drchcr fla\ 


Senior Events 188 

Top left: Babes in Tm/land: Ann-Marie Faria and 
Kari Jenkins during Spirit Week. 

Top right: Lisa Vaughn: Show her the pennies! 

Middle left: Amy O'Flaherty, Katie Gerade, James 
Dean, Kheli Sweeney, and Andrea Toy are rebels 
with a cause. 

Middle center: Jen Crosby looks smashing in her 
polka dotted hat! 

Middle right: Liz Pandolfe sho'ws her class spirit on 
Crazy Hat Day. 

Bottom left:Out-takes from the Full-Monty? James 
Carlson, Willie Conrad, Mike Greeley, and Bob Goss 
seem overdressed. 

Bottom right: Senior buds Jenny Ericksen and Joe 
Capalbo strike a pose for the camera. 

Spirit Week: 

Seniors Show the Way 

To the Senior Class, the month of November brought not 
only visions of turkey and giving thanks, but also thoughts of 
school pride and giving to the Billerica Food Pantry. From 
November 1 9-26, BMHS held its eleventh annual Spirit Week. 
From bunny slippers to beanies, flower children to sock- 
hoppers, the students and faculty went all out displaying 
their school spirit by participating in "Class Color Day," 
"Pajama Day," "Crazy Hat Day," and "Decades Day." The 
combined efforts of the four classes during the Penny War 
raised $3524.03 for the Food Pantry. For the Senior Class, our 
last hurrah became our sweetest victory. We captured the 
Spirit Week title by winning several events including the 
Penny War, and were rewarded with a Friendly's ice cream 
party. Spirit Week was organized with the help of Mr. Sta veley, 
Mrs. Devlin, class officers, and NHS. 

Top left: Katie Fletcher, Theresa 
Buckley, and Daryl Plimpton seem 
to be promoting Rhode Island. 

Top right: The seniors catch the 

Middle left:Martin Battcockand 
Tony Miranda warm up the 

Middle center: Video master 
Corey Duggan captures the mo- 

Middle right: Captain josh 
MacDonald reviews the golf sea- 

Below: Volleyball aces Jesse 
Rowley, Missy Traynham, and 
Casey Golus make us proud to be 


Right: Pat McKenna, Timmy Moore, 
Ray Burgett, and Mary Ly strike up 
the band. 

Pep Rally: 

Road to Victory 



^^^^^^ -V, 

Top left: Swim captain Allison McNiilty recalls her 
team's triumphant season one last time. 

Top right: The football team's Coach Flynn pumps 
up the crowd. 

Above: The color ^uard gives an excerpt of their 
talent at the pep rally. 

Top left: The band prepares march- 
ing music for Chelmsford. 

Top center: Cheerleaders point 
Chelmsford toward the road home. 

Top right: Chris Doneski has his re- 
ceiver in view. 

Middle left: Wljere's the hall? 

Middle center: Half-time entertain- 
ment: Jen Silva shows her colors. 

Bottom center: Kristen Lynch 
applauds the play. 

Bottom right: The team looks 

Road Warriors: 

Thanksgiving Game 

On Thanksgiving Day the Billerica Indians defeated Chelmsford for 
the third year, giving the fans something more to be thankful for: a 20-21 
victory over the Lions. 

After the first quarter Chelmsford was up by a touchdown and they 
seemed to strengthen the lead when they connected a 64-yard touchdown 
early in the third quarter. With 10:36 left in the game, a 90 yard rushing 
TD by Tony Miranda had the Indians trailing 14-7. With six minutes left 
in the game an 8-yard rushing touchdown by Chelmsford would have 
given them a 14 point lead if it weren't for the extra point that fell short of 
the goal. 

Still in the fourth quarter with time running out, a 15-yard pass by 
Chris Doneski brought Billerica back in the game, as the score board 
changed to 20-14 Chelmsford. Billerica got the ball back with 3:21 left in 
the game for the 2 minute heart-stopping touchdown drive. A one yard 

rushing touch- 
down tied the game 
at 20 a piece, only 
to be broken by a 
magnificent extra 
point with just over 
a minute left in the 

"That football 
game was a great 
win for Billerica," 
said captain Eric 
Meuse. "Nobody 
ever let up and no- 
body can ever take 
this away." 


Semi Formal: Social Intersection 

Proceed with Caution 

Driving up a winding path towards the Irish - Ameri- 
can Club, we anxiously waited for the evening to 
begin. It was our very first formal and it showed. 
Feeling awkward at first, one by one, sophomores 
began to fill the dance floor. As the music blasted and 
pictures were taken, we got down and boogied. The 
evening flew by and as the last song ended, we knew 
that it would by a great night to remember. 

Middle left: Sophomore sophistication! 
Middle right: Heather Bauiiiftcr gets dipped. 
Left: Wnniia dance? 

Junior Prom: 

Limo Scene 

A Time to Remember: 

The sun was setting and the final pictures were being taken. The 
Class of 1998 got into their limos and headed to a castle in New 
Hampshire. Within the castle awaited a ball and a court of people. 
There the Class of 1998 danced and had a good time. 

This sounds like a fantasy, but it really occurred on May 16, 1997 
at the Sheraton Tara Hotel in Nashua, NH. The class of 1998 joined 
together and had a ball at the Junior Prom. We danced to the 
Marcarena and reminisced about the past time spent together. It was 
a great night and can only be summed up by the Prom's theme song 
"These are the Times to Remember." 

Top: "Hey Scott, can you watch my purse 

Left:Shannon Nicholson dines loith her date. 

Bottom left: Michelle Nugent, Nlco 
Tsangarakis, Jon Evitts and Jen Kalicki: hav- 
ing some fun. 

Bottom right: Erika Schoenthal flirts with 
the judges. 

Far right: Kim Mnislmll helps out Mrs. 
Eiulicott ill the house office. 

Right:Melissa Rynii and Coleiie Blaiichet 
flash their BMHS rings. 

Beloiv: Kim Ames contributes her ser- 
vices to the Head Start Program. 





lass of 1998 

"Remember when we 

were care hears 
sophomore year? " 

Watch out for the bumps, 
seniors. There is unchartered 
territory aheaci. There are 
speed traps in A.P. courses. 
There are casualties in the 
break down lanes of the atten- 
dance review board. Gym can 
be a definite road menace for 
the uninitiated. Buckle up for 
safety in Ms. Buckley's room, 
and don't be surprised if Mr. 
Flynn pulls you over for a pig 
lecture. Local H&G is a pit stop 
for one and all. Yes, it's a rocky 

road to graduation and it's of- 
ten paved with good inten- 
tions. (Right, Mr. O'Brien?) But 
some of our favorite stops have 
been the short cuts and side 
trips, for there, very often, the 
truly wonderful discoveries 
are made. Celebrate the hills 
and valleys. Leave skid marks 
on the road of life so people 
know you've been here. Fol- 
low your mind maps. Class of 

Enjoy our ride. 

Kyle A. Abrams 


13 Priscilla Lane 

Activities: Basketball 1-4; Lacrosse 
1. 2 

Memories: Chillin' with the boyz, Phat 
parties. Mackin" it.Crusin' at the beach. 
All the chicks. Hoops, Plenty of friends, 
Taco, G-Man, DeProf, Turkey 

Kimberly A. Ames 


2 Hughes Lane 

Activities: Lacrosse 2-4; Color Guard 
2-4; Winter Guard 3-4 
Memories: Go 5 Juv. Del! 364 days a 
year, and 1 thin day! My Book. Obese- 
wan Kenobie. Florida 95. Arizona 97. 
Mission Impossible. Gordy from Mr. 
Flynn's A-l-P. Where are my glasses'? 
Sure. . ril sit next to Danielle. Fishy 
Kisses! This is not your Living Room! 

Charles A. Ardell 

15 Ku k Road 

Activities: Soccer; Lacrosse 
Memories: Mrs. Hagan's class 2 
years!; A&P Mr. Flynn; C. Cod. Soc- 
cer MVC champs; Eh Eh; Geee!; 
Homeroom W/Allen; Scream!; 
Gettying T. B. mad; ok bye 

Christopher J. Ball 


2 1 Forest Park Avenue 
Activities: Stav Show, stage crew 
Memories: The good times I had with 
Jenn and are continuing to have. Hang- 
ing out in the studio-Ron, Pat, Matty 

C, Matty G, Melissa, foley, magaf. 
neil, jayA, PHILLY MAC. ChrisUne 

D. Skyline has made their mark. Good 
times at Lake Winnapasauke with Jenn. 
US. history and engineering 


Edward C. Allen 

3 Hattie Lane 
Activities: Basketball 1-3; Tennis 
4; Cross Country 4; Winter Trac 
NHS 3-4; Mock Trial 4 
Memories: Frisbee with Hogat 
Hagans, Derek, Meuse, Wamne:' 
Chaz, Burke. Jim. Joe. Ennion. Dav 
Dan. Good times with Erika, Mil 
Willie, Ray, Erin, Jeff, and Pegs 
pretzel rods, tennis bus rides, pumpl< 
story, everybody at my house, can 
trip on Nuttings, lawn was nice. Mar 

Lynn M. Anderson 


14 Pelham Street 

Activities: Spanish-Italian Club I 
Memories: Thanks to my Ladies ! H 
fun in school! Beware of Spitting 
bras, Praying Mantis, pur. Pigs \v7 
eyes, and trees! Thanx Lis! What B 
Q. sauce? Slimy pumpkins are e 
The Flying Devil is cool! Ecoli vii 
Amer. stud, Italy. Goodbye! Luv 

Lisa A. Baillargeon 

6 Cummings Street 
Memories: Good bye to all the ladit 
Good luck in the future and all you c 
Lynn-Thanks for being a wonderl 
friend and always being there. Doi 
get stuck in any trees + p. Leah-Gl 
we became friends, good luck in t 
future. Hey guys let's dance! C-ya 

Heather L. Bannister 


26 SkyLine Drive 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-4; Horaeroc 
Rep 1-4; Community Service 4 
Memories: Greenfield ! THUMPER 
ELSIE, Junior Prom. Howe school a 
football games on October 28. Seni 
center. Swanny- SPRINT! Times 
ways have to remembered with Je 
Ames, Mel and Sarah. Mike P., I 
always remember you. Thanks for 
the memories. 

lannon L. Bardsley 



ivities: Softball; Crew; Newspa- 
; Spanish Italian Club; Russia, 
eden. Italy, and England trips 
emories: Lollapalooza, HarvSq, 
lezwick?, Travis, Vinyl Girl, GR3. 
ricerts, nice shoes, SICK#'^%@S!, 
I JDE. fly, party, after work, 3Ninja. 
blins. Thanks Pat. Jenno. Intro Girls, 
ex, Jeni. K&K. Laura & all my 
1 ends, Chris & Julie you'll always be 
my heart. 

teven P. Barker 

B Birchwood Road 
ctivities: Football 1-4; Lacrosse 2, 3 
lemories: Staying over Gullages, 
eamrollin' near the soccer field with 
iiti,chillin in the hood,jammin with 
Jijiper vince. partying with the guys 
id Mark, Freshmen football 

Gretchen M. Barker 

177 Baldwin Road 

Activities: Color Guard 2-4; Winter 
Guard 3-4 

Memories: East Lyme 95; Disney/ 
Citrus Bowl 95; Brien McMahon/ 
Ramsey 96; Mr. Yellow Shirt; Four 
Musketeers; Arizona/Copper Bow 1 97; 
Football games, reflex, competitions; 
Look out for bottle rockets!; Can I 
borrow your fire place?; Thanks for 
the memories! 

Tara A. Barnoski 


31 Tercentennial Drive 
Memories: Parties. . . Kevin M.. Plank 
96, Hampton 95 Jr. NYE 96-97, V- 
Day 96. Jr Prom. Mariena. . Green Pig. 
SFW. Silly. Lisa. . . Sniftles&Snuggles. 
Lot 41, Nites w/Pines. MMM! Long 
talks w/Timmy L. Randy P. it"s You 
Alone Thanx Mom&Dad To thine ow n 
self be true 

Christopher Barry 

28 Duncan Dr. 

Alysia D. Beaupre 


42 Pinedale Avenue 
Memories: We made it? Been a great 
4 years. Through w/Prom. parties & 
who can forget The Pack? 

Natalie M. Bernier 


10 Nickerson Drive 
Memories: My Love, Jacques-3-13- 
93, Chillin'in Lawton, Reservoir, Beefs 
At Clubs, Mase, WB&PN, 11-21 Telly 
w/lowell boyz. Edwin, 4-8. 2-17, Spi- 
der, Scoring, Stocking, Breakin'Night, 
M&A B-DAY. NJ, WOT, Veronica, 
Aruba, Ducks, BBC, 24hour, Parle, 
My RM., U Girls R Hilarious 


Steven L. Bishop 

6 Etta Road 

Memories: Hanging with Jay, Jon, 
Mike, & Jon. Did somebody say 
McDonalds (in van). Possesed foun- 
tain? HA! Listenin to op-op and ack- 
ack. Blazer's games rule. l-ug. 


Martin M. Battcock 

235 Allen Road 
Activities: Football 1-4, Capt. 4: 1 
ketball 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4, Capt. 4:1 
Leader 2-4; Class Pres. 1 , 2; DAR 

Memories: LFBS is that a mustt 
Hey princess taly ho goodx w Mi, 
Gullage Paige Pearl Deprof Kyle i: 
m got room for 4 on that hamptc 
prom Lisa W. luv u mom dad i 
mary moe 

Paul L. Beck 

16 Arakelian Drive 
Activities: Football; Lacrosse; Ho( 
Memories: Freshmen football 
Chelmsford. Train tracks. Footbal 
senior year. Crown vie. My room; 

Richard M. Bertolucc 


4 Theodore Court 
Activities: Baseball 1-4; Golf 4 
Memories : Pretty B ird at Karen ' s ; 
time me and Mike P. snuck out tc 
pizza for Physics; On the diam 
with T. Trant, T. Gearin, T. Ennior 
Clapp, J. Pearl andd T. Blesso. 

Laurie A. Blackburn 

158 Concord Rd. Apt #C2 

Thomas P. Blesso 

46 Tercentennial Drive 
Activities: Soccer 1-4, Capt. 4; Base- 
bail 1-4; Baslcetball 1-4: National 
Honor Society 

Memories: Soccer w/the boys; MVC 
Champs ! ; DMB concert; camping trips; 
BENGALS!; Cowan's house. Times 
w/Dan Doherty. Baseball & Hoops, 
Going nuts at Jr. Prom. Fun w/all my 
friends. Talks w/Sis. Good Luck Chris! 
Thanks Fam! Could I Have Been Any- 
one Other Than Me? 

Niamh A. Brady 


22 Handel Road 

Activities: V-Ball 1-2; X-Country 3; 
Winter Track 2-4; Spring Track 1-4; 
Student Gvt. 1-4; N. H. S. ; MSN's 

Memories: Apththth. . . Mr. Buffpecs, 
Pooh Bear. Fairies away! Ann, J, B, 
thanx for everything, Chris 4 listening, 
Nievermind! Sledding-Hampton, 
emails. . . LU-2-Who got some? 
FR APPLES! BF/4/yrs/2 young, 
Bheart/Prom/Ire/I Bet. . . . run?, M/D/ 
M/P lov ya, thanx 4 believing in me. 

Tracy L. Bridge 


4 Nile Street 

Activities: Amnesty International; 

Newspaper; Tennis 
Memories: U-haul, roof of Flick with 
Steve M., Friendship, wood, berries 
with Amy, Charli. Amanda, and Jess, 
Marilyn (stop laughing Jay). 
Lalapolooza. Allison G.. concerts, I 
don"t stalk. Halloween 97. Sully and 
Snow, Jailbirds, nights with the po- 
lice. Mikes at Lahe. 

Theresa M. Buckley 


353 Andover Road 

Activities: Softball 1-2; Drama Club 


Memories: BRUCE. 
EgGeeBuckSquats-HTBOZ-The Bird. 
Michelle's house, sleeping in cars. 
Pump N" Pantry, baked at AT Bawston, 
Jawdon's. Stalking, Laxatives, 
Yoshiko. Bush, Jewel, BRUCE, River 
Rave, Amanda's. Gerade's. Nicole's 
M. M- Always B My Baby, Wil a coke. 


David S. Buczak 


8 Bear Hill Road 

Activities: Soccer 1: Drama Club; 
Newspaper: Exchange Program; Vol- 
unteer. Winchester Hospital 
Memories: Anton's w/Bickford, Sam 
w/the fur. and stories of telemarketing 
& tha team w/Christine. Que paso 
Pable? Freshman year vv/Renee and 
Vin at the old peoples homes. I love 
you Mom. Dad. Deb, & Pat! 
Lisa+Grampa I'll always miss you. 

Raymond G. Burgett 


39 Marshbrook Road 

Activities: Band 1-4: Volleyball 1-4; 

Stage Band 

Memories: Chezwick? What ar you 
ordering Josh? Erin C. Consult with 
the women. Don" t wony about it ! Vee. 
. . . ; Florida 95, Arizona 97:D-Line 
Capt. ;Ready for some senseless 
violence?JEFF!Sax to Snare haha. . . 
;97 MVC V-Ball Champs. Gumby 
Movies;Drive like Douglas. Star Wars 

Mario J. Bulhoes 

Marton Bahoo 
31 Briarwood Avenue 
Activities: Peer leader; S. A. D. 
Memories: All the great times I sh 
with my friends and long night 
homework given to me from a j 
group of teachers. I will miss then; 

Matthew J. Burke 


7 Cardington Avenue 
Activities: Football 1: Basebal 
Hockey 1-3 

Memories: The Gator. Clemente, 
and Falite for all the hide and go 
rides, and a special thanks to 
Hagan for the Salem field trip w h 
met the love of my life Katie 

[yan M. Burke 

Mirror Road 

ctivities: Basketball 1 ; Spanish Club 
3; Spring Track 3.4: Science League 

(emories: Hanging out with Ardell, 
irocco, Meuse, Wamness. Allen, 
ogan, Hagan, Noheity, and Obrian. 
<iing every year in New Hampshire, 
^iing with Dirocco, Radio pranks. I 
ill have the tape. Driving in Ardell" s 
addy. All the other funny things. GEE. 

cott M. Camerlengo 

5 Christina Ave. 

Katie B. Busalacchi 


13 Kirk Road 

Activities: Tennis; Fiddler on the Roof 
Memories: Fresh bio w/ peanut (m 
hudson); lawn parties @ browns; New 
Y-you"re too beefcake; beat-it dance 
@ semi + j. prom; stairway dance w/ 
my love Dale; tennis-cheeseheads; 
fraid-Fll take you to the vet. 
Tommyboy;fiddler-L"CHA; moo; 
vampire; M+D+E luv ya 

Erin L. Canty 

22 Bennett Circle 

Activities: Indoor Track 1 ; Homeroom 
Rep. 1-4 

Memories: That says Fat Kennedy 
Left at Burger King Buck's Headstands 
Yoshko Lenmon Laxative It's a furry 
dog! CORREl A! The dead guy Dave's 
Limo Kate's house stalking Eddie O. 
MOM X-mas eve 96 1/1/97 Rage 
RiverRave 1 love U Shawn I love U & 
thanks Mom and Dad 


Joseph R. Capalbo 


13 Hatie Lane 

Activities: Class President 3-4; Bas- 
ketball 1 -4. Captain 4; Spring Track 2- 
4; National Honor Society: Billerica 
Beat Staff 

Memories: Great times with James, 
Pat & the rest of the crew. Renoni 
Happens. Beth, I won't forget you. 
Deuce. Hogan"s Room, WYD France, 
Pierce"s, Block Party 97, Bengals. C- 
Day 97, Vinny T"s, Sr. Year. Thank 
you Dad & Lisa. Mom, I will always 
love you! 

Joseph M. Cardia 


99 Baldwin Road 

Activities: Track 1-3: Volleyball 4: H. 
R. rep I -2; Peerleader4 
Memories: Great Fresh yr. w/ Jared 
M. &crew. Soph. Yr. W/Justin G. & 
our wild weekends, Jr. yr. parties in N. 
J., Sr. yr. w/my love Adrienne D., 
Awesome times with Alison, Jeff. 
Mofo Funnyface, Donna, and others. 
Thanks it's been real. 

David W. Carraher 


13 Grandview Road 
Activities: Computer Club 
Memories: Sleeping in Ms. P's Class, 
HONKY, to J. McLay one 15 minute 
nap, C. Duggan I love you!. HONKY 
HONKY, HEY Goat!, Doctor Doctor 
I have the worst problem in the world, 
I've got four cheeks!, To J. Melvin 
Wanna play Twisted Metal 2'??, The 

Lisa M. Cerroni 


4 Market Street 

Activities: Soccer 1-3; Winter/Spring 
Track 2-4: Environ. Club; NHS; Year- 
book; French Club; Newspaper 
Memories: Best Buds Sue -i- Dee; Jen, 
Laura, Jules, Nicole, + Kristyn: You 
Rock!; good times w/Bryan + the 97 
crew; Freak-in-the-box; Tu es la bete; 
island; Let's go to Greg's; Friendlys; 
Mary's house; Dave N. Yummy; Jeb; 
Proms; Pearl Jam 24hrs; thanx mom + 


Mark D. Capobianco 


24 Doe Drive 
Activities: Volleyball 
Memories: KORN 

James M. Carlson 

4 Primrose Road 
Activities: Mock trial; Student G 
ernment; Amnesty International; I ; 
Leadership; National Honor Socie 
Memories: Honk if you cross dr 
Fiddler orchestra. Charles A., r 

Robert B. Catherwooo 

45 Sachem St. 

Christopher R. 

1 Reis Ville Road 
Memories: Parties, Going to lake v 
Torp, Reis, Columbus. Lance, 
Rick. Going snowmobiling with Tc 
Reis and my father. Bombing aroi 
in my truck and racing people in m% 

ebecca J. Chapman 

cky the Brouhaha 
i Tercentennial 

ctivities: Amnesty International; 
age Crew: Ski Club 
lemories: Otis Alumnae; The Abyss, 
pocalypse 96' 4:09/Jackie Onassis, 
rousaint and Lizzow are my sav- 
urs. Stupid Newt. We WENT. 43 
3urs and still no sleep-the X-mas al- 
jm. MER? 

itephanie M. Chiodo 

33 Middlesex Tumpike 
lemories: Salem with Leslie. The 
ridge. Woodchucks and Snappie. 
Vhale songs. Picking up the stud. 



Christopher Chartier 

34 Pinehurst Ave. 

David J. Clapp 


18 William Road 

Activities: Baseball 1-4; National 
Honor Society 

Memories: Fun with my friends and 
girlfriend on the weekends 


Kelly J. Clement 

Kelly Jean 
25 Chariesgate Road 
Activities: Homeroom Rep 4: Prom 
Committee. House Worker 2-4 
Memories: Gr8 times w/my friends 
Fresh Learn Comm. Foods & U w7 
Kheli & Court Whatz your Dad's name 
Buck? Michelle's house w/Buckley 
Sills class Cape Cod suma of 97 Hal- 
loween 97 w/Janel at work thanx Rich 
Mom & Dad 1 will always love U guys 
ro in the worlduckly 

Elizabeth J. Colandreo 


31 William Road 

Activities: Swimming 1-4, Capt 4; 
Softball 1: National Honor Society 3, 
4; Peer Leader 4; SADD 4 
Memories: Best and always friends- 
Beth. Aruba I told you so! E-Block 
Chemistry Where's the pig? Go 
Griffey ! 4 fun years of swimming M VC 
Champs 95"Focus Lane pal Leah Best 
coach-Anthony, thanks for everything! 
Dan-lots of memories Mom, Dad 

Melissa C. Collins 

Missy Issa 

87 Salem Road 

Memories: Having fun with N. Jacob, 
S. Nicholson, and just everyone. I love 
you all!! WE MADE IT GUYS!!! 

Robert W. Conrad 


21 Parker Street 

Activities: BAND 1-4; Musical 3-4 
Memories: I can't drive. I run into 
islands. Mike told me to rent Gumby. 
What is is it?- GREEN !x 'shrubbery. 
Goodbye to;Erin C. Nicole G.. Frado, 
Tony, Colleen Banfield,&SaraB. You 
guys get ALL my love and I'll miss 
you. Mike, are these memories O. K. ? 
Please don't hit me. 


Steven J. Clery 

29 Lexington Rd. 

Sarah E. Cole 


9 Railroad Street 

Activities: Swimming 1-4; Lacro 
2-4; NHS; Peer Leader; Commur 

Memories: Great times w/everyo 
X-mas parties, 3Caps. Way, swi 
ming. The ya-ya night. Sundae Schc 
Kings. Caught in the window ! We l( 
bellychains. Violations & the amis 
Who's in that car? Camping wa 
blast! Fun Girls Good Luck, love > 

Stephen J. Columbus 

2 Westgate Rd. 

Denise M. Conte 

103 Allen Road 
Activities: Softball 1; Track 1-2; Bi 
ketball Cheering 3 
Memories: Boston-Fountain O 
GoodTimesw- erin, COCO, Hay 
Buck UR the BOMB! Bjork-Dave. 
my love2 Brian. Hazy dayz w/O, 
Zac/Sara. Dr. J thanks ma, dad, li 
80' s Softball/Buck, voz, Landry. (; 
guises. Beasts Best of luck everyo 

William P. Corman 


P. O. Box 255 

Memories: Dedicated student. Fun 
with the boys! Greg. Joe, Deprofio. 
Out till 3:00 A. M. Getting yelled at by 
nana for watching bad movies. Nights 
at Hampton. Nonstop weekends. 

Nicole M. Corroto 


5 Hughes Lane 

Activities: Softball 1-4, Captain 4: 
Basketball I ; Track 2 
Memories: The Crew: Donna. Alison, 
Adrienne, Danielle, Jeff, + Ricky. No 
Regrets. Good times at Alison's. Curb. 
Hip-Sisters 4-ever. Heart to heart with 
Alison. I think it's time to go now! 
Love to my clone. Fun times on 
Adrienne' s trampoline. Luv to my fam. 
I luv u all 

Neil S. Crimins 

5 Village Lane 

Activities: Marching Band 1-4; Musi- 
cal 2-4; Drama Club 3-4; Peer Leader- 
ship 2-4; N. H. S. ; Mock Trial 2 
Memories: My name is Paco. I blame 
Jeff. GO Norwalk! That angle doesn't 
jive. Golde! Get back in your tree. 
Band bus=bad. For my peers good 
luck. To my friends whom I will cher- 
ish, repsect and admire — thank you. 
Caipe Diem 

Jennifer D. Crosbie 


75 Rosewood Avenue Ext. 
Activities: Chorus; Audio Visual; 
Summa Award 

Memories: I'll always remember my 
friends: Dan, Tim, Timmy. Juliette. 
Lori, Paula, Jeff. Tracy & Brian. Jeff. 
I love you. Never forget AV, Semi. Jr. 
and Sr. proms. Thank-you for being 
there for me. Helen Devlin, I love you. 
Mr. Coletti, you're the best. 

Susan M. Cucchi 

2 Market Street 

Activities: Soccer 1 -3; Spring, Winter 
Track 2-4; 

Memories: Summer of 95; Junior 
Prom; Car rides w/Sarah; Fun times 
with Graham-cracker, Ro-Ro, Cerroni, 
+ Doof. Gym glass w/Devon; All the 
GREAT years w/Jon; Thanks Mom. 
Dad -I- Kristen 4-everything. Love 

Jeffrey M. Cusato 

29 Triforo Road 

Activities: Volleyball; Peer Leader- 
ship: S. A. D. D. ;Soccer; Cross-Coun- 
try; Computer Club 
Memories: So much ! Jeffose is the 4th 
Disaccharide. Senseless violence over 
Busa's. X cannot equal shrubbery. That 
angle doesn't jive!To E. Curran, N. 
Guilbeault, and Frado- 1 wish you guys 
could graduate with us. To the rest of 
my Senior Class, it's been fun" I have 
the blame 

Andrea C. Cucchiara 


110 Wyman Road 
Activities: Swimming 1-4, Captai 
Gymnastics 1; Spring Track 3; Pii 
Mediation 2-4 
Memories: Chix&Stix, Bentley, fi 
Promise, muck, Russia ere; 
campingX2, What'?, Laconia. In yi' 
head, Nikki-DP'er, 11:11. conce 
physic, snowboarding w/D., trips, u 
To you from me:, sun. signs, Je 
Janel, Erinne, Ben, Krisi, Nikki-l 
Ya Always 

James R. DalHno 

Jimmy D 
7 Hattie Lane 

Activities: Football 1 ; Winter Tr 
1-4; Spring Track 1-4; Student G 
ernment 3, 4 

Memories: Great times w/Pat H., 
C, Jason W., Dan S and the wh 
crew. Canoeing 96. The Room. Wa 
out for the Bengals. C-Day 97. 
walk over that started it all. Pierce 
Rich C's, Vinny T's, B-P 97. ( 
Owner's. Senior Year. Thanks M 


Benjamin R. Davis 

Benny the Jet 
9 Fountain Street 

Activities: Cross Country 1-4; Win- 
ter, Spring Track 1-4; Class Treasurer 
1,2; Peer leader 3, 4; NHS 3. 4 
Memories: The 9's. Thank god for 
Russia. Spain. 6 lovely ladies, -ine. 
ripped shirt in wood. Full moon over 
RTF 3. 6 cookies. Pool at Bib's. Noth- 
ing to do. Metallica!Laconia wknd. 
Fest. Swatch. Pizzaria Regina. Frisbee. 
Che u're the world to me. Foisy. Good 
lucky'all. GEE! 

Janel A. DeBenedetto 


36 Fredrickson Road 
Activities: Swim Team 2, 3; Peer 
Leader 3, 4; Peer Mediation 3,4; Com- 
munity Service 3. 4 
Memories: Greenville PK. The 
CHAIN. Norton !Nickerson-canoeing. 
P-Town, travelling circus. Where are 
we sleeping'?Russia Crew. Times w/ 
JAKE KN and the boys. Tnx for the 
good times. 3-22-96. New Years 97- 
To the Batcave!Gerade's G-Fest. Cool 
5 in Doran's truck. What am I. . . ? 

Devon L. Dellanno 

8 School House Lane 

Activities: Homeroom Rep 1-2; Prom 

Committee 2-4 

Memories: Gym class w/Susan & 
Heather Summer of 96' Trip to 6 flags 
Maine Camping after the JR prom Ski 
weekend in N. H Weiers Beach Apple 
picking with Mike and the baby I will 
get my puppy eventually June 8. 1996 
Thanks Mom & Dad Mike thanks for 
everything I love you. 

Shannon M. Denaro 

Little Denaro 
2 1 8A Nashua Road 
Memories: Sleeping and complain- 
ing; I remember meeting Eddie in the 
Library . When Jen K., Olga & I skipped 
to go to D+D and Mr. O" Brian was 
there! Good times with Lori M. &Liz 
B. I love you all!Don"t forget good 
times in the Office Sim!Thanks to the 
guy I LOVE w/ail my heart for believ- 
ing in me!S+ 



Robert J. DeProfio 


12 Village Lane 
Activities: Football 1-4 
Memories: I had a fun year with the 
crew all four vears. MY 
Beach, parts with Greg. I love Mom 
and my brother. 

Melinda D. DeSanctis 


BMarlynRoad I 
Activities: Softball 1, 2: Basketbaj 
Volleyball 2; Swimming 3, 4; Nl 
Community Service; S ADD: Yearb j 
Memories: Livn the good i j 
SemiPizza-NDA days-flat at ij 
Workinit at Cals- down there-thel 
evitable-IrishPest-midnite swims j 
tack!-Pof5 w/LiM. -Confessicj 
TheRules-our 3 namesakes-Gre j 
HomeAlone parties-sneakin in atl 
Mack-Mr Clean I 

Jamie L. Desmond 

9 Twonibly Avenue 

Jennifer R. De Young 


29 Maverick Circle 
Activities: Swimming 1-4: Tennis 1- 
4: Peer Leader 3-4: Peer Mediation 2- 
4: Community Service 3-4: Homeroom 
Rep 1-2 

Memories: Russia; Crew: NYC; 
Chix&Stix;New Years96; Lowes 
House;Cape"97:3-22- 97: ZAMBONl : 
prom: Nickerson; Breen's Class!: thanx 
4 memories Andria, Janel. Krisi. 
Erinne. Nicole. Devon. Best Memo- 
ries are Yet to come!! LUV LJ!le, 
Devon:B's Class 

Derek Dirocco 

1 7 Sumac Street 

Activities: Soccer 1-2; Golf 3-4: Span- 
ish Club I -4; Science League 1-4: 
NHS3-4: Peer Leader 4; Track 1.4 
Memories: All the good times with 
Ardell Allen Burke Hagan Meuse 
Wamness Nolts Davis Hogan. Frisbee. 
Bines at the Beat. Allen's house. Cod 
with Ardell. Ski with Burke. Reginc on 
the 4th of July . Foods. Video store rude. 
Pool at wamness. toilet papering, all 


Stephen P. Desmond 

3 Laurie Ann Lane 

Laura M. Diprizio 

57 River Street 

Adrienne M. DiRosar j 

1 Biscayne Drive 
Activities: Gymnastics 1-4, Cap] 
3-4 I 
Memories: Thanks Alison. Jeff, N j 
Donna -i- Ricky for always being th] 
I believe I can fly, Pepsi, the tran j 
line. Am. St.. Ms. Breen, Eariy 
missals, You have got to calm dc ' 
Partying with Sully -I- Jeff-Roy. Th; 
for the memories. 

jrrie M. Donovan 

iverside Road 

athleen M. Donovan 


Tomanche Circle 

livities: Spanish Club 1-2; Future 
achers Club 3-4; Newspaper 3-4; 
nanuensis 3; Homeroom Rep. 1-4 
emories: Spanish club w/Janette M 
Jewels P, German adventures & 
ick-or-trcat w/Kristin J, Study w/ 
appy & Blueboy, Crying in the Li- 
ary w/Liz P. Newspaper nights, 
ingin with Jackie M & Nicole G, L 
for Loser. BBC with Tracy B. Good 
:k 2 all. Was fun. 

Donna J. Donovan 

5 Parsons Lane 

Memories: Best years with Nicki. 
Lenny, Alison, Adrienne, and Danielle. 
Loved Dr. Lancaster's class; CURB! 
Oh Dear! I love my clone; hip sisters; 
Great times with Lenny. Tom, and 
Nicki. TLOTL Nicki"s captain! 
Donner; Thanks guys! 

Shawn P. Donovan 


6 Emerson Road 
Activities: Hockey 1-4 
Memories: When Dan "scar went over 
Cliff:Nick"s house JrpromiGoodtimes 
w/Dan Greg Nick Jay Ed Mark 
Steve:Rte 3/w/Nick/Steve in slang: 
Amy thanks for always being there, 
you mean the world to me hopefully it 
will never end, I loveyou: TKS to 
Mom Dad Jen Kevin 

Lisa L. Doran 


39 \N ilson Street 

Memories: Good times w/C. Russell 
on Glad Valley Carvinal Halloween 95' 
Saturday socks Tony's rainstorm Erin 
tied up at MCD" s Correia! Dave' s Limo 
Kate's House Buge Taloo's F's. This 
rocks In the Navy! Donna's little fers 

Renee J. Dowling 


39 Sycamore Avenue 
Memories: 2 My Cru-Chillin' w/ 
Lawrence Boyz. Lowell Boyz, the 
clubs. My Love Manny Bananni- 1 1 - 1, 
24hour, Big" N' Beefy, Resovoir. Telly, 
1 121, SR. Blacky. HN. DD. MB, Spi- 

Peacock. Veronica, Fatty, 5-19, #6. 
Mr. T., 3-8, too cold. What's Your 

Jennifer L. Dreher 


40 Bridle Road 

Memories: Good times w/LCTDVG 
and all the guys. Beast. Summer 97, 
Merodith, b-day party. D-fest, 5. 
Maine, I'm strapped, barks. Glenn I 
don't have a lighter! The Buge smok- 
ing is tough. Kat's house. Thanks 98' I 
love you all. Good luck and thanks and 
love Mom. Heather. Laurie. 

Corey C. Duggan 


34 Lexington Road 
Activities: Audio/Visual: Web 
Memories: Unkie Don, Bork, Ms. 
Cobliegh, Web pages, Ensellen's sense 
of humor, Pep Rallies, Semi, Hallow- 
een getups, Pizza 


Brian D. Dovale 

7 Holt Street 

Samantha T. Doyle 

14 Cedarwood Rd. 

loshua D. Drumm 


4 Frost Street 
Activities: AV Club; Science Lea 
French Club 

Memories: Being waken up in 
Buckley 's math class by Jen Conn 
notebook. The Mission Impo 
Theme song, Kim smearing cak 
over my face and then my dad ge 
the camera and taking a picturt 
BEEP! Falling asleep in Mr. Ws i 

Daniel R. Duggan 

34 Ellingwood Avenue 
Activities: Hockey 3, 4; Golf 3, 
Memories: PinehurstDemoulas 
I swear mr. officer it was ( 
kids. Se ma and I dad I told you I u 
graduate someday, I love you bo 

Steve J. Economakos 


5 Bear Hill Road 

Activities: Baseball 1; Basketball 2: 
SADD 4; Volleyball 2-4 
Memories: Hanging with the crew, 
heading to Taco Bell, Porter's place, 
riding in Jeff's Blazer, and playing 
volleyball year round. Stay in touch 
guys and good luck! 

Thomas J. Ennion 

T. J. 

110 Treble Cove Road 

Activities: Baseball 1-4; Indoor Track 


Memories: Good times w/friends on 
the stoop; On Diamond w/Bert Trant 
Clapp Pearl; DMB Concerts;The 
Chase;Cruise 96-97;Nkd 
Guy;Wiffleball;Kevin don't run over 
riding horse;Crked;Ohio;ThanksMom 
& Dad 

Jenny C. Eriksen 


5 Westwood Avenue 

Activities: Class V. President 1-4; 

Swimming 1-4; NHS; Sp/Italian Club 

1-2, 4;Hoby 2; Newspaper 4; Comm. 


Memories: Great Xs w/Sarah, Ally, 
Caryn, Melly, Laurie, Amy-i-Jackie. 
Brachio-Jesse, Blur w/Ben, Cullen- 
Casey, X-mas@Cole's. RENT97. 
Dance-Paula, Swimming-Circus- 
J. Prom-camping-DMBand-REM- 
Mem. w/KEJNAK-t-CREJAY-Joe. My 
FamiIty-(-All, I love you always 

Brian J. Fahey 

18 Greenleaf Street 
Activities: Wrestling 1-4 
Memories: Crash test dummy Jen at 
go-carts with Jay and Erin, Dave con- 
certs, camping at Greenfield after pn)m. 
stalking Kate from her tree. New Year's 
Eve Phish with DaiTyl and Pat, Coach 
and Ike, left on red, and walking miles 
to Waldcn. Thanks Mom and Dad! 


Jonathan R. Fardy 


5 Primrose Road 
Activities: Track 2, 3 
Memories: Mr. Davidson's class and 
the conquistadores. Art class. Italian 
4. Homeroom with S. E. T. J. Good 
times with my friends. Mr. Walsh's 
class. Mr Byrne's class. Lunch with J. 
v., S. B.. S. P.. J. B.. and M. R. Senior 
Prom and summer \acation. . . R., s 

Nick A. Farmer 


46 Meade Road 
Activities: Basketball 1 
Memories: Fishing for Tuna & Shark. 
Hampton, Building Mustang's 351, 
Quarter Mile at drags, Florida Trips, 
Junior Prom and party. Rock Jobs, 
Harvest Contest (Pushing SD's truck). 
Pearl. Sgt. Bradley, Ms. Murphy's wet 
basement. My Last Day At BMHS! 
Thanks Family! 

Richard J. Farren 

D. J. 

53 Charm Road 

Activities: Track 1; Amnesty 1. 
Drama Club 1 -4: Musical 2-4; Fut 
Teachers of America 2-4; Peer Lea 

Memories: Fun with Cow Twin Ti 
let Lisa Brian Sara My Gremlin Aim 
Love to Moffatt# 5 The Summer ot 
Maine New Jersey The Cape Hamp' 
w/green dinos. Dunkins Mikey M. S 
up. 5 pints Get'em down boys. M 
Dad Matt and everyone, love ya! 

Katherine K. Fletcher 


27 Rexhame Street 
Memories: BeastCage:ms. Granfeilds 
fr. Year my party, boston. RiverRave, 
Fest. 3/9/96, 80s. Rudness. LGH, FTW. 
hampton, hey toy look lob, breens, 
zac, brian, andi, meg. court, crystal, 
ma2, I luv u doug. sisters, ma, dad, 
austin, thanx 4 the memories, I did it! 

Danielle T. Fraine 


24 Floyd Street 

Activities: Colorguard 1-3: Musical 
3-4: Chorus 1-4; Added Attractions 4: 

Memories: Hockey games w/our guys. 
Banana Legs. Lost in Boston. Prom. 
Summer 97. 123 Hey. Taco Bell runs. 
Jen our 3 guys. Dan weekend. Road 
trips. Hampton. Chubba. Band trips. 4 
stooges. Heath He's mine. Stalk guys 
at mall. Jen Best Friends. Thx Mom & 

Nicole A. Gardner 


133 Pond Street 

Activities: Amnesty International: S. 
A. D. D. : Newspaper; German Ex- 
change Program 

Memories: Great times w/Amy, Lisa, 
Laurie, Tom, Alyssa & Ed. Woods 
falls down stairs but keeps up the cap- 
tain. Snkhd Jr, Jackie, Carrie, Mary, 
playing w/pens. Sum of 97 in Maine 
w/loons & ice block, Germans. Thanx 
Greg, Mom. &Dad. We" 11 never forget 
you Lisa M. Weitz. 

Timothy R. Gearin 


10 Summer Street 

Activities: Basketball 1. 2; Baseball 
1-4; Golf 4 

Memories: The corner by Steve Q's 
locker. Pretty Bird! at Karen L"s. 
Moshing in the parking lot with Tony 
P. Hey Johnny! Mellissa R.. Hello, 'l 
can see! Rides to school with Dave C. 


Lisa iM. Geary 

12 Ox Road 

Activities: Sw im team 2, 3; S.A.D.D 
4; Amnesty International 4 
Memories: Remember Good Times 
& Gold S., fabric softener & cream 
cheese! Summer of 96' w/L.B.& A. P. 
July 4th 96 & 97. New Years in Maine 
W/C.D.& A.G. Friendly s Forever 
M.K.! Down the pits w/A.T., S.F., 
N.G., & J.M. Driving to R.I. Never 
forget L.M.W. we love you! 

Katherine T. Gerrish 


74 Dudley Road 

Activities: Band; A.V. Club; National 
Honor Society; Percussion 
Memories: East Lyme'95; Florida 
(Citrus Bowl)'95;BrienMcMahon'96; 

Casey R. Golus 

5 Patten Road 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4. Captain 4; 
Basketball 1-2; Tennis 1; Lacrosse 2- 

Memories: honk honkah. just wave!; 
picnics on the beach with ugly chick- 
ens and fishermen; Hackers; one year 
at Fun Land;hey Cull, can I get a pick 
or maybe some fudge'?;Thank you 
Mom, John, Kelley, and Colby, I love 
you,Thank you for everything CuIIen, 
I love you. 

Robert C. Goss 


75 Treble Cove Road 
Activities: Band 1-4, Captain 3-4; 
Musical 2-4; B.M.H.S. Theatre Com- 

Memories: Band trip to Florida, 
Hangin at Friendly's. Soph. Eng. w/ 
Dr. J., Slave's class, Walden Pond, 
Salem w/ Chris Sturk, the rats. Acting 
class, Poe Cast Party w/ Melissa G., 
East Lyme, Band Finals, Willie's 
house, havin a blast the last 4 years 

Kathryn M. Gerade 


22 Sachem Street 
Memories: Good times v 
LCTdblDVG (Donna) Mike T 
Chris Nuggets crew Rich. Mich( 
house (Keri) Jr prom Bucks head: 
Friendlys Forever wkend me 
parties Summer 97 Football Skinn 
Mike 1/3/96 NEVR 4GET U 1 
Thanx Mom & Dad luv ya. 


Lloyd W. Giddinge 

Mazrim Mandragoran 
15 Osceola Lane 
Memories: Espanol with Palma, d 
ing Ensslen crazy 

Melissa R. Gonsalves 


5 Woodbury Road 
Activities: Colorguard4; Winter Tt 
3; Spring Track4;Drama4; Music: 
Ensemble 2; Winter Guard 2 
Memories: Jerry s.Track! Arizona, 
kill u!ErinC+ErikaS, Luv u.B ebe. 
LLL! S hhHH! NicoleG. Willi 
RayB, MikeG, JenS, AdrienneK 
rianM, Gow: Thanks for all the mei 
ries and luv. I'll never forge 
guys!Playin' pool. Antigravity i 
Islands-i-Cones. Dad, Mom. Pt 
Thanks. Luv u! 

Crystal Grace 

105 Upton St. 

furtney L. Gray 


^rakelian Drive 

lories: Fun w/all my friends. Sum- 
97. Kara, Zac. Kheii, Greg G, 
JO. Slices n Cancun. Florida Katie 
rynn U R my best friends. Lies 5 
Game. Dave, I Luv U 9/8. Luv and 
Inks 2 my family and Mr. O'Brien. 

athryn A. Griffin 


) Lexington Road 
tivities: Amnesty International; S. 
D. D. : Spanish-Italian Club 
;inories: Fun wiht friends*blue hair, 
ccardi:remember Nicole R., Dave 
*l/l/96*hey VinceGQ Smooth*C. 
[irk:H. G. B. G. HA!*CourneyG. 
itieC, CrystalG:you nasty. . . *LM W 
ever^Thanks N4om & Dad*Good 
ck Class of 1998!! 

Michael M. Greeley 

4 Donald Road 

Activities: Band; Musical; Volleyball; 
Theater; Ensemble 
Memories: Lm in band?!? FM NOT 
FAT. Willie Conrad YOU ARE 
COCKY Catalepsy, catalepsy We're 
dead. . . no we're not. There are islands 
in Salem. To EC NG and MF I don't 
wanna leave. To my other college 
bound friends, I'm outta here! I blame 

Jessica A. Gullage 

M. M. B. 

23 Charme Road 

Memories: 2 My Girls-Chillin'w/ 
Lowell Boyz, Lawton Boyz. BBC. 
Big'N'Beefy,24hour&Telly's. 1 1-21, 
Fangs, V-Day, OD&DJ. 5- 1 9, 3-8. My 
Love, Franck-5-21-95. W2E. BT. VB, 
DD. WU-TANG, 100%, Shaggy. KM. 
Imorechance, DIABLO! ^WHAT! 
Scoring, Stocking, Spider. 3rd of all 
your. . 



Gregory L. Gullage, Jr. 

51 Elizabeth Road. 

Charlene M. Hann 


1 7 Elmtree Road 
Activities: Community Service 
Memories: Fresh Yr. W/R. G. &H. C. 
Beach days w/A. Z, P. B. &B. K. 
Laliapolooza w/S. M. &T. B(U-Haul! ). 
Good times w/Dr. Spoc!(ha). Good 
times and bad on friendship. New Years 
97", Flici<. N. Y, OH, No Doubt, Apples 
& Berries, Halloween 97", Sully & B 

William T. Hayes 


86 Partridge Road 

Activities: Lacrosse 

Memories: Goin to the sev. S. Roller, 

Hulk, Phat nugs. Pine pitss. Redeyes. 

Are we in your room? Tony, Duke, 

Scott's house. Rippin out laughing!. I 

love you Mom, Dad, Leanne 

Cathy M. Hertler 


22 Burlington Road 
Activities: Yearbook 4 
Memories: I'm cold;Jess S. I'll hold 
your sprile:Lunch at 99;Party Experi- 
ence fun; Algl w/DJ F; jr prom w/J 
Pearl; Spanish w/Jannette M; Dracut 
mystery man; Amy Z"s 269; Amanda 
W ty for listening; Waddup Charlene 
H?Good times w/all my friends; luv ya 
mom + dad; Frankie's #1 ! 


Cullen R. Hagan 

7 Springs Road 
Activities: Cross Country 1-4, ( 
tain 4; Indoor Track 1-4, Captaii 
Outdoor Track 1-4, Captain 4 
Memories: Following Met 
Wamness, Dirocco; Frisbee;! 
atFunWorld;Honk Honk, 
wave;Hackers;Hanging out w/Ca; 
our room; Beach adventures w/i 
poultry; Case, I want some fu( 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Sean, 
Devin. 1 love you. Thank you for 
erything Casey, I love you 

Douglas M. Hart 

33 Seven Oaks Road 

Antoinette Hernandes 

5 Columbia Road 

Christopher W. Higgii 


12 Pinedale Avenue 
Activities: Football 3, 4; DECA ^ 
Memories: Years playing footl 
Days with the Monday Warriors. 

Kimberly A. Hopkins 


8 Eastview Avenue 
Activities: Swimming 
Memories: I wish everyone good luck 
in their years to come. I would like to 
say thanks to Melissa for always being 
by my side. Nicole J. thanks for help- 
ing me with my inath, and Amy 
Sullivan good luck on your future. I 
hope you do well in whatever you do. 

Michael E. Hudson 


18 Cardington Avenue 
Activities: Audio/Visual Club 
Memories: Thankyouu Drive Thru. 
Got a dollar? Koalas and Squirrels. 
Reject and Stop Buttons. MST3K. 
Does this bug you, I'm not touching 
you. Boowwww! Nyquil, Nyquil, 
Nyquil, We love you! Happy Day! 
Flussman und Pookie. 

Kristin J. Jamieson 

38 Bruning Road 

Activities: Newspaper 2-4; Environ- 
mental Club 1-4; Peer leadership; 
French Club 2-4; Yearbook staff 
Memories: Great times with the news- 
paper staff. Friendly's and math with 
Dee and Dules. A&P with Jess and 
Ziggy. If you think you've had too 
much. . Adventures with Katie and our 
German students! Journalism G blk. 
French with Jen and Dee. Love to M. 

Peter M. Jenkins 


9 Richardson Street 

Activities: Hockey 1-4; Football 1-3 


Paul T. Jones 


20 Edgewood Road 

Memories: Saturday night football 

Jennifer T. Kalicki 


231 Nashua Road 
Activities: Office Simulation 1 
Memories: Olga P sidewalk, sidewalk, 
sidewalk! Boat and the Escort, Who's 
your daddy with Susie, buzz, blue pa- 
perclips Dan D, tooth surgery. Cutting 
Board trips with Jen G, Jim C, and 
Justin B, Dunkins trips. JON EVITTS 
2-4-97, Ozzfest, Office sim, I MADE 

Laura B. Khoshabjian 

3 Shane Lane 

Activities: Nat'l Honor Society; 
SADD 1-4; Spanish/Italian Club 1-2: 
Outing/Environmental 1-4; Cross 
Country 4 

Memories: The best of times with 
Peg, Leslie and Kim; Mr. Byrne. The 
old Friday nights at Gary's with Jan 
and Jim. Paintball, anyone? Hey Cathy 
what's new? Hey ratface. You know 
who you are! 

Amy L. Krasowski 


13 Maverick Circle 

Activities: Soccer 1-4, Captain 4; 

Track 2 

Memories: Summer of 96 in York 
with Jesse, study talk with Jay White, 
Soccer 96 MVC Champs, McNulty 
always saying Way To Be Girls, Way 
To Be ! , Thanks Mom and Steve for all 
your support and thanks to the 
Rowley's for the last three years. 

Kara M. Landry 

10 Celtic Drive 

Activities: Softball 1; H. R. Rep 1-4; 
Prom Committee 

Memories: Good times w/friends. 
Slices-n-Cancun w/Courtney. Trips to 
UMass: jung!ejuice,495 storm. Nick's 
Jr. Prom Somp. Pep Rally. O'Connors 
Bolton Valley. 11-97 thanksgiving. 
Drive by's. Drive-In-8-4/9-2-97 
alwayz remember ZDC. I luv You 
Mom, Dad, Jimmy and Mike. 

Renee A. Leger 


19 Riverdale Road 

Activities: Musical 1-4; Drama Club 
3-4; Colorguard 2; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

Memories: Missing fishies. Going to 
the dance Nellie? Green dinos at Hamp- 
ton. 5 pints! Parasailing in VA. Cast 
parties. Semi night for Fiddler. Trolls 
rule! Water conservation. Great times 
with Shannon, Michelle, Cyndi and of 
course my Matthew. I love you. 


Krisi D. Leibovitz 


22 Pinedale Road 

Activities: Musical 1: X-Country 1; 
Cheerleading 2-4: Spring Track 2-4; 
Prom Committee 3, 4; Homeroom Rep 

Memories: Chx&Stx. Russia Crew, 
Jake. Jerry, camps, Laconia, Field 
Promise, muck, concerts, party pals, 
Bently, ToyouFromme. cops, Dancin 
Lopes, Jay-times, trips, Ptown, hair- 
cuts. The Duck, stars, peach, cigar, 
overflow, milks, Bashin w/Lowe, Nel, 
Cooch, Nikki. Jen. Be-4-ever-loved 

Robert F. Lindmark 

12 Endleigh Avenue 
Activities: Soccer 1-3; Track 4 
Memories: Good tiems with Dave 
Hudson, Brian McKenna and Jay 
Nagle. Mr. Warden" s soph. & Jr. classes 
and most of the time I liked playing 
soccer especially Chelmsford night 

Mark L. Longo 

30 Oak Street 
Activities: Hockey 
Memories: Kara&Courtney, you're so 
dead. Mercedes in Lowell, partying at 
the parks, rockjobs, concerts and Den- 
ise. Ninja Donovan, Farmers after the 
prom, you strapped, It's been great, 
thanks Mom&Dad, I'm finally fin- 

Deirdre M. Lorway 

Dee .^^ji 

15 Brentham Road 

Activities: Soccer 1-3; Winter/Spring 
Track 1-4; Environmental Club 2-4; 
Peerieader 3-4; F. T. A. 3-4 
Memories: Friar, Lisa/Sue, 
Friendlys+math w/JUles -i- Kris. Laura 
I. Q. Jen(Tu es la bete!), Kristyn, 
+Nicole all the good times, 97' seniors 
I'll be missing you K. Tangney, Den- 
ise you crack me up, Ireland, E, D, E. 
The Forge, M, D, S. E, W I love you, 
Erin go Bragh! 


Marie L. Liberatore 

49 Liberty Drive 
Activities: Drama Club; Music 
Crew; Science League; Chorus; Lite 
ary Magazine; SPAC Crew; NHS 
Memories: Life in itself is an amazii 
journey and an incredible adventui 
Each day I realize anew how mucl 
have to grow and to learn. I must ke 
my senses alert and rise to whate\ 
challenges I face. But I'm not bittei 

Barry N. Lombardo 

30 School House Lane 
Activities: DECA; JV Basketball; 
door Track 

Memories: Are we outta here? Hi 
days, Hampton with MC and Ber 
nice car! Weekends w/friends, pa 
anyone? Football/Basketball-#l F; 
Who's driven? Just Crusin' rij 
through! No problem! Gonna miss i 
friends, good luck guys! See 

Paula A. Lopes 


118 Baldwin Road 
Activities: Cross Country 1; Track 
3; National Honor Society; P 
Leader; Prom Committee leader 
Memories: FROMAGE. Pretty G 
that's the beauty of it! Mr. By 
Sneeze! Squeaky boy. Piranh 
Bickford's. HEY! Yippee! sA 
NIGHT! Map Al. Camping. $e* Chr 
RUSSIA CREW ! Too Tight. The Be 
Kris you're such a @!$#%. D^\ 
Thanx everyone. Ange you are 

Jason A. Loughlin 


72 Bignall Road 
Activities: Football 1-3; Track 2 
Memories: Had good times up 
Maine with A. P.. P. M., J. C, ANil 
M. Vote ForDonnelly, Do the mj 
key, good times with M. P. w| 
Mercedes, Poised and Disciplir 
Where's Lucille. Thanx Mom and 1 1 
for the support. 

rinne E. Lowe 


Montbatten Road 
tivities: Basketball 1 ; Winter Track 

Spring Track 3-4 
emories: Chx&Stx. Bentley. 
issiacrew, Laconia, Cape. Lanjob, 
ry. Brook, Trips, Ptwn, Lost, 
ckport, Camp ing. BELL. Umm. . 
tin. BDiver. Vinnies, 11:11, Rich, 
bo. Cooch, Jen, Nel, Nic, Jet, 
iam+crew Luv Ya Guys 

oshua A. MacDonald 


'6 Boston Road 

ctivities: Lacrosse I, 2: Golf 1-4 
leniories: Hangin with thaboyz, late 
ghts with little D, Midway with C. 
rdell, E. Meuse's basement(chilly) 
one Thugz Concert, Hampton 4/23/ 
7, P. E. I. Summer 97' Thanx for for 
/erything, Jill, I Love you 

Kristen M. Lynch 

The Mob 

1 3 Tower Farm Road 
Activities: Softball 1; Track 1-2; 
Cheerleading 2-4: Lacrosse 3; 
Homeroom Rep 1 -4 
Memories: Fr. S. B. 
EgGeeBuckSquatsHTBOZ Soph Semi 
Michelle M's . Kate G"s hse. Slt's 
laser Jr. Prom SKUNKHEAD Playing 
w/pens N. G., M. K, C. D, +i. M, 
Sparkles, Good x's w/LCTdblDVG 
Canty, Taloo, Doran, Dreher, Sit, 
-i-Gerade. L. Weitz. Luv ya Tony. 
Thanks for everything 

Robert B. MacFarlane 

67 Baldwin Road 

Memories: Pump downs in Mrs. Rob- 
erts" class, G-man, the hulk, sie/ures 
and KoNNiptionS, COPS' in billerica, 
DDC. Kent s, Sheepdog in the chicken 
coup, Ash Tray Monkey, Paco, Mr. D 
give it a rest", illin after school with 
ALL you krazy doods ya know w ho 
you are. 

Jannette M. Maclnnis 

8 Taylor Road 

Activities: Peer leadership 3. 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3, 4: Spanish/ 
Italian Club 2; Yearbook 4 
Memories: Trip to N. Y., check out 
those trees! Any- 1 want to go the 99? 
Fun times in Ms. Molloy's Jr. Eng. 
Class. Laura good luck w/5-L or who- 
ever it is this week. Remember the 
prom. Jim you'll always be in my 
heart. Thanks Mom & Dad for every- 
thing. I love you. 

Michelle E. Mallon 

19 Larkspur Road 

Philip W. Marino 


16 Maverick Circle 
Activities: Football 1 ; Cross Country 
2-4; Basketball 1-4: Spring Track 2 
Memories: New Years Eve at Steve' s; 
the Jr. Prom, and after the Jr. prom at 
Anthony's place: fishing with Steve. 
George + Anthony: swimming at the 
res with Jay, Jay -f- Anthony; pointless 
weekend at the Cape. 

Melinda A. McAdams 

13 Edenwood Avenue 
Memories: Matt R, Jen, Bob, Scott. 
Brian. Timmy. Matt. Babbitt. Glynn, 
Jeff. Erin. Kara. Luv U/Thanx 4 the 
memories, Floyd, Cypress/Thanx Bob, 
days timmys, eat em like chips. 2/17/ 
95. Shed Park, x-mas vac 96. G-man. 
Summer 97, Stayin Alive, Mom/Dad, 
Thanx/Luv You 


Jacqueline L. Maher 

18 Holly 

Activities: Swimming 
Memories: I'll never forget winter 
95/96 with TC. SC. DC. MD M 
MB. HEY GUYS Have any sop for' 
mope? KL, NG, CD. MK, MW-Pt 
and Sparkels anyone? NEVER PC 

Michelle M. Manganai 

The Wife 
7 Toma Road 
Activities: Homeroom rep 1 -4; Put 
Teachers of America 3-4; Commui 
Service 4 
Memories: Great x's w/the Bea 
My house soph year. P-ing. Kate 
(Keri). Lake Winn w/Er. Colun 
we're2goodoffriends2fights. Mur 
parties. Jill B/F4-life (prison). Er. 
6-96)wish. Quads, VT, the sem 
LOVE YOU, you're my world. N 
ya Rick&Nana. Thanks MOM, D/ 

Kimberly A. Marshall! 


16 Pinedale Avenue 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-4 
Memories: Sleeping in cars 
Amanda. Lynch, Buck, and Ai 
Oneway Hampton. Simar 
anyone?Amanda's house for a 
days. American Pie. Good time; 
Plymouth. Halloween in Sal 
97"Thanks Mom. Dad-i-Family. 1 1 

Kortnee R. McCarthy 

23 Baldwin Road 
Memories: Alw: 
frozelSoph Semi- after@Mike 
Beast B-day Party@Michelle's 
Wall!-Doran, how's your he' 
Michelle-don't forget the ds 
Marlena's Pretty! Isn't it Ironic? Pi- 
camping! ErinO-WC fights! 
Chad's! Times w/Tiff 

Shonna A. McEachern 

Evil Sheep 

33 Harjean Road 

Activities: Spring Musical 1 -4: Drama 
Club 1 -4: A/V Club 1 -4: Mock Trial 2- 
4; Future Teachers 4 
Memories: Goatcheese;snowbanks 
and flannel pants;Lou in NY; 
Camelot;Catalepsy;Coco is on the 
loose; You're Casper; Get in your tree; 
Corn in the Ensemble; Is that the force?: 
Call the police; cowtipping; Oh buddah 
rejoice!; Sweaty pig; and finally. I 

Lori A. McGlinchey 


46 Juniper Road 

Memories: I will always remember 
skipping health and getting caught with 
Kim freshman year and hanging around 
w/Liz & shannon. Skipping w/Shans. 
and Liz not being able to, beceause her 
mom would never let her. Hanging 
around w/my best friend Sharla. 

Patrick McKenna 


172 Pollard Street 

Activities: Band/D-line 1-4; Stage 
Band 3-4; Crew 2-4 
Memories: Ron, Shaft, Axle, Matty 
C. Don't worry about it;Ya Loozah; Ya 
Jerk ; Studio - 50/50, Deadhaul. Sky- 
line, DRUMS-Pauli:Malden(Covered 
in nail polish);D-LlNE: Where's Bob?, 
Vee;White Trash Truck w/Gun Racks; 
Long Live Joan B. ; Big John S;music 

Jason R. McKinnon 


10 Bedford Street 
Activities: DECA 3; Junior Achieve- 
ment 3; Shadow Program 3 
Memories: Daves Landscaping w/J. 
C, the ditch, Maine!, license anyone? 
#2cokeNO ice. Applebees. good times 
w/A. P.. C. R., J. L., lookR^. B., T. G. 
their newfound love vouneed 7 
picks!Shut Up Phil !— J. L&J. S. life is 
B. P. B — Another accident MB is the 
good old days. . Thanks mom and dad 


Jared E. McLay 


366 Concord Road 
Activities: Winter and Spring Track 
Memories: Giving Mrs. Johansen a 
detention slip. B-W-R in science. 
Magic, Figment, Eliot. Gunther, Bill 
the 'cat, 3-14-96, Gi!. Hey Goat, DA 

Allison B. McNulty 

40 Talbot Avenue 

Activities: Swimming 1-4, Captain 4; 
Lacrosse 1-4; NHS; Peer Leadership 
Memories: Freak N' Donte. Shuttle 4, 
HAIRB ALL- lane 3. Vanning 96. Jazz 
Hand. All Clocks Down. Pontefract- 
1 1 1, What's that Jim? Who' sin honors 
math? Smelly Irish Donkey. PPG's 
Morill Place. Lloyd Daubler. PEDS. 

James McNeil 

60 Bridle Road 

Rachael E. Mead 


244 Andover Road 
Activities: Audio Visual Club 
Memories: Bagel?! I'llhaveyouknc 
my butt is wet! We have pamphlets 1 
that. How do you hit your physi 
teacher with a bottle rocket? Just a 
the 2 they know the answer! 


ffrey R. Melvin 

Vlt. Vernon Avenue 

ivities: Soccer 1, 2; Volleyball 3, 


mories: To the best friends a guy 
Id have. Sully and Tough Guy, the 
ig, Alison, Adrienne. Nicki, Shawn, 
oe. Movies + trampolene at 
iennes + the fun times at Alison's 
se. Luv all you guys! Keep on 
:king Econowall! To my other 
's: keep in touch. 

ichael A. Metivier 


High Street 
ivities: Band 1-4 
mories: Eagle's Point, Maine, 
no. Elliot. Figment, Mort, Bill, Star 

s, Magic. Free Food?, Jerky and 
y, Space B's, Neutral Drops, 
ggin Wagon. Right! No left!, I 
ina be a Vampire, Big Foot. 

dd Micciche 


Fernwood Road 

mories: Gina's house Sm. Succo's 
ly&10-10-97. Horse&Buggy 
w/GinaMAndreaSJamieA. Sea J. 
chelleS. MattB. S. CorriaNew 
rkMyhouseSr. Prom Hampton 97 
at tech. Tony's Grandma's. Golf 
TImmyL. Hangin out w/all my 
nds. Korn. Last but not least T. 

ristalyn A. Miller 


Alpine Street 

tivities: Soccer 1 -4, Capt; Track 2- 
Lacrosse 1-4 

emories: Westford, tinas after, x- 
is parties, dmb, camping Jay's chain, 
jc champs 96, thumb, Al-anorexic 
il, Paula- you're a $*7o#@! Ange- 
u're so dumb! I'll the boys, 
lanks Christina for always being there 
r 13 yrs and of course, thank you 

Davis A. Merritt 

Mac Daddy Merritt 
8 Cummings Street 
Memories: Bio Soph. Year wit Matt n 
Ron. LH-(-G with Chanda Nagga n 
Maslin, Desmonds His wit Mas Co- 
lumbus n Galant HBV wit Naggs 
Hangin wit KG my balcony with 
O'brien, capo. Naggz blazer. Getting 
my license finally. 

Eric F. Meuse 


14 Basswood Avenue 
Activities: Football 1-4, Capt 4; Win- 
ter Track 1-4, Capt 3, 4: Baseball 1,3; 
Peer Leadership 3, 4; Homeroom rep 

Memories: Bob w what are you doing 
Saturday night. The dungeon. . sopho- 
more year study. July 5 1996. n-dogg 
any new games? Pizzeria Regine on 
the 4th ; Monday Warriors. Cullen H. 
Where are you?Ardell is gee. Davis 
you got a dollar?Metallica. R you seri- 
ous Jay? 

Robert W. Mietzner 

10 Michael Road 

Anthony Miranda 

1 2 Fernwood Road 

Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4 

Basketball 1-4 

Memories: hangn w/the buys Haiti 
Scoobie, Cheech, T. Lee. Sparker 
+Porkos. Parting at Gina's -i- Crackies 
Jr. prom, my bros after + fishing 
Skinny house, Mc Kormicks. L. Wietz 
Gunner, T. Lee fainting, K. Lynch 
always luv ya -i- B there for you, 
thankyou familty for everything 


Myriam Miranda 

565 Boston Road 

Juliette T. Monis 


18 Cross Road 

Activities: Chorus; Aids Awareness 
committee; Homeroom rep; stage crew 
Memories: My Grampy whom I miss. 
My Grandma Kitty, my car Ducky. 
Disney with mom and my sisters. It's 
all good. Driving with Keith, Friendly's 
with Tiff, Koolaid with Ray. 2/12/97, 
3/27/97, 4/26/97, 5/2/97, 5/16/97, 5/ 
30/97, 8/31/97, 10/3, 10/15, 97. 

Laurie M. Morreale 

19 Colonial Drive 

Activities: Cheerleading 2-4; 
Homeroom Rep 1-4 
Memories: AL-soiry about fifth grade. 
You got a lot a rings, Mr. Bean, 18 
yellow roses, gaz- 'don't ride on the 
tee'-Redneck, did you just f? Stupid 
Natuica man, wally, witch 
museumCYN IS COOL. 3-3. 123. 
Thanks for everything Mom, Dad and 
Mark. I LOVE you. 

Melissa A. Mulligan 


57 Christina Ave 

Activities: DECA. Peerleadership, 
SADD, Spanish-Italian Club, Student 
Government. Track and Tennis 
Memories: The Duck Sessions in Mrs. 
G's D-Block, Chem in Mr. W's E- 
block. Too Tight! BYE-BYE Spam! 
Was the probe good? ROCKY! 
Congrats to all, Good Luck ! And many 
thanks to Mom and Dad, Love you 



Katie J. Mixon 

9 Georgianna Road 
Activities: Swimming 1-4; Natic 
Honor Society 
Memories: No Doubt in the rain 
Leah and Nicole. New Years Ev 
Sprangers house. Sophomore 
MVC's. Beach sand. Hockey ga 
on Saturday nights. Salem trip whe 
all began, Walden Pond, Junior Pr 
Matty, I love you! 

Timothy E. Moore 


23 Osceola Lane 
Activities: Band 4; Science Leagi 
National Honor Society; District 
All-State Music Festivals 4 
Memories: Getting back to schoo 
AM. Test Music. Trip to Mont 
Yes, I am wearing a skirt. The v 
recording of Candide ever: Dh 
and Marching band. Who says tim 
can' t play a melody? Arizona, the c 
tion is how many times? 


imee E. Morrison 

210 Allen Road 
Activities: Winter / Spring Track 

Memories: Becky C and ketc 
Michelle O'C and watermelon 
sundaes. Colene B. and track. D. J 
gremlins. Chezwick? L. Cook ai 
Chiodo, Halloween 97. Aaron D., 
ya Chris C and Pete L, luv to you 
To my family, luv you! 

Shawn W. Mulligan 

29 Pondover Road 

Jason A. Nagle 

29 Pages Court 

Shannon M. Nicholson 

Little One 

7 Charlesmere Road 
Memories: Ginn, Amy, Nicole, Mel- 
issa, Sheri, Sprock, Mike + Nico, Miss 
all of you. Hanging out at McDonalds 
+ Dunkin Donuts. Thank you Mrs. 
Giroux. Good Luck! Hope to see all of 
you in the future. Keep in touch. 



Nicole L. Nickerson 


14 Richards Street 

Memories: The times w/Jess + Chris- 
tina. HORDE fest w/Jamie. Visits to 
Doug's house w/Leslie, I can't stop 
laughing. Make it stop. Art w/Jess Mike 
+Chuckita.Summer97 w/CaitChrissy 
Jennie Mahoney + Tommy I wouldn' t ? 
Gr*s for Cait. My name is mud. Yip. 

Mark T. Nohelty 

Granolte Bar 
9 Phyllis Drive 

Activities: National Honor Society; 
DECA 3-4; Junior Achievement 
Memories: Hitting Guard Rails with 
Quin, Capo, and O' Brien, Quin as Chris 
Farley, Biscuit, listening to bass, 
BONE. O'Connor Hardware 4-life, 
hanging out in my basement, thanks to 
Mom, Dad and Deb for all your sup- 

Michael P. O'Brien 

The Notorious M. O. B. 
13 Partridge Hill Road 
Memories: Biscuit to the eye, hitting 
guard rails, 1 1th grade English with 
Darry P. and Danny S., Nohelty 's base- 
ment, that special time at HI peach, 
hanging with Quin, Capo, Nohelty and 
the other kids, Class of 98" is a riot. 
Kom See Ya. 

Amy E. O'Flaherty 

Amy O 

Memories: Fresh and Soph yr. W/Lisa 
D. and Christine R. Fresh and Soph 
learning Community. Parties at Gerades 
Jun + Sr. yr. Jun. Prom and partying 
after. Hanging out w/Amanda V. 
Buck(Hajjar Lot)The Sum of 97 w/ 
Bob. Jaime, Dan. Everyone thxs for the 
memories. I love you mom+dad. 


Lori A. Niemiec 


44 Elizabeth Road 
Activities: Future Teachers of Ameru 
Memories: Junior Prom with Dcr^ 
H. and Halloween! 

E. Kelly Noonan 


55 Salem Road 

Activities: Spanish-Italian Club; Che 

Memories: Farm Time, Apple 
chard. Pumpkin Festival, Boston 1 99i 
Hermit Island, Florida, Canada, Sun 
mer 1997, Hot Kid outside Burlingtc 
Mall(Gotcha) Thanks for the mem( 
ries guys (Carnage!!) 

Michelle M. O'Connell 

1 9 Argonne Road 

Activities: Softball; Basketball 

Track 1, 2 

Memories: Apocalypse!Friendly 
Colene's mom. C. B. and our spoi B. C. it's 4:09, where's tl 
Satanic coffee. Thanks Everyone I Lo 

Erin T. O'Rourke 

392 Treble Cove Road 
Activities: Drama Club 1-3; Mo 
Trial 3. 4; Peer Mediation 2-4; Coi 
munity Service 3. 4; FTOA 4; H. 
Rep. 1-4 

Memories: Mom, Dad, K, K, E3 a 
H, I luv U, Dad your LP did it! Mi 
thanx, I'll always luv u. Melindatha 
4 listening, 3332, natc no dumptn 
MB Gabby & Henry, Kara we eat. n 
camp, cup or beach, bench, best 
times, you're the best luv u! 

Michael A. Palumbo 


107 Salem Road 

Activities: Basketball 1-4; Lacrosse 
1-4; Cross Country 2 
Memories: Dead end lockers with 
Amy K. freshmen year. Beth M. cot- 
tage at Hampton, 30 degree ocean swim 
with Joe C. Car Crash with Kyle A. 
going 100. A+P lab with Beth M. 
Thankyou forever. Leaving school with 
Rick B. to get pizza for S. 's class. 

Kimberly A. Paolucci 


21 Fillmore Drive 

Memories: I'll never forget skipping 
freshmen year with Lori. Homeroom 
breakfast with Mike. Love you Shaun. 

Nathan D. Parrott 

Nate Doggy Dog 
26 Porter Street 

Activities: Football; Basketball: Base- 
ball; Wrestling 

Memories: Mr. P" s Homeroom, fresh- 
man football, Parties at McCormick's, 
Toilet Papering, Erin O in the dump 

Juliana V. Patsourakos 

28 Fredrickson Road 

Activities: Newspaper 1 -4, Co-Editor 

4; Mock Trial 2-4; National Honor 

Society 3-4; Peer Leadership 3-4; FTA 


Memories: I will survive!-Sophomore 
yr. -Mock Trial-Crush on Honey Bun- 
Honk if you X Dress-Journalism G 
Block-Alex Keaton?!-Math for 3 yrs. 
With Kristin and Deirdre-The 
Friendly 's Thing-Flies w/Kristin. Lisa. 
Jess and Dee-Love always to my fam- 


Jason T. Pearl 


22 Devonshire Drive 

Activities: Baseball 1-4: Wrestling 1- 


Memories: Great times in wrestling 
and baseball. Fun hanging around with 
friends. Wild parties. Mercedes. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Michael P. Petterson 


19 Col son Street 
Activities: Football 2-4 
Memories: All 3yrs. In football. Par- 
tying with friends. Glad I met Amy P. 
Mercedes in Lowell. Hope to keep in 
touch with friends after senior year. 
Thanx for being there guys. Thanx alot 
Amy for everything Thanx 

Amy C. Peranelli 

14 Acre Road 

Activities: Basketball Cheerleadinj 

Memories: I'll miss spending Frit 
nights at Plank St with my best frier 
Christmas vacation in California, F 
Vacation in Spain, and summers 
Maine were the best! To my 1: 
friends, I love you guys. I'm glad 1 1 
you Mike P. Thanks Mom and Da: 

Patrick M. Piasecki 


22 Pondover Road 
Activities: Stage Crew 1-4; Fui 
Teachers 4 
Memories: Chezwick? Friendl 
Walden. M-rooms at east part; 
Driver's Ed. W/Becky and DJ. Stt 
Newt. MAINE. Shaka-khan? F 
works w/Alisa. Applebee's N 
haven't done it yet Chris! 20 Yr. 
freshman. I love you Alisa! Big Poj 
Where's Arnie? 

ennifer L. Pisini 


5 Garrison Street 

ctivities: Color Guard 3; Newspaper 
Mock Trial 2; FTA 4; Peer Leader- 
lip 1 

[emories:Go5 Juv. Del! No shaving 
■earn Mike N. Golf ball washer Mike 
No first name Busa. 1 thin day. 
and trips. Playground and indoor 
isbee. Breakfast and pinwheels. The 
ik. Same name Jen P. Jen M. Stand 
i me. Hold my books. Softball Ann 
Good Luck! 

handa Plong 


High Street 
k ctivities: Basketball 1 , 2: Peer Leader 
4; French Club 3, 4; NHS 3. 4; 
omeroom Rep. 1 -4; Yearbook 
lemories: Great times with Mel & 
\ 1-Crab Rangoons;Bathroom 
spection;Boston 97- Who's a 
ootchie Mama?rm not 
[elanieJuanita's a boy? Going to the 
ibrary; Tastes like Chinese Food? 
im & the cops-Tongue rings; Four 
uarter!! !-Will Miss everyone! Good 

cott C. Pomerleau 

) Shane Lane 

ctivities: Soccer 1-4; Winter Track 
4; Spring Track 2, 3 
lemories: It's been a great 4 years 
ith friends and fun. Soccer, skiing or 
Mf? Jeb's Physics class. Cafe study, 
mioryear. Good times at Track. M VC 
tie soccer win again Dracut. Good 
ck everyone. 

ennifer M. Price 

;nnifer Marie 
Corcoran Road 

ctivities: Chorus 1. 2; Track 1. 2; 
omeroom Rep I -4; Prom Committee 
lemories: Shindigs, Bonfire, Piglet, 
tbll games. Banana legs! Hi Heather 
:Chubba! Hockey games w/our guys, 
•anielle! 3-6-95. Fat Charlie & mid- 
ight chats. Delorey's class. Chuck E 
heeses-I luv you guys! Angel, semi, 
rom, dancing. Summer 97. Thanx- 
vil Homer :) 

Darryl G. Plimpton 


8 Bristol Street 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; Wrestling 2; 
Track 1 ; Lacrosse 4 
Memories: Dmb. overtime freshman 
hr. camping w/da boyz lets take a walk. 
B. F you da man. Summer w/NY Jay 
let's get some O. I think I will take a 
bath. Chris some days. The bootball is 
very key for play, bengals. Lowell, 
hey can you do me a favor? 

Laurie B. Plourde 

1 1 Lupine Lane 

Activities: Spanish-Italian Club 2 
Memories: To all my ladies: I'll miss 
you! RIP Fred It's rotten! My fellow 
carnies! Shh! I've never been chased 
by the cops! Give me loves! How's 
your complex? You think I'm cute? 

Anthony J. Powers 


22 William Road 
Activities: Football; Baseball 
Memories: Parties up in Maine. 
Mercedes, MB parking LOT. J. L. J. 
LuciIle?Thanks Mom and Dad 
Byrne!!!!, Thanks Mom and Dad for 
putting up with me. Junior prom. J. L.. 
J. M.. T. G., R. B., C. R. 

Randy A. Prokos 


9 Pinegrove Avenue 
Activities: Football 1-3; Wrestling 1, 

3. 4; Lacrosse 1-4 

Memories: Flynn is a winner 61-20, 
276. 48-0. Little Man Nate and the 
church girls. TPing in the USS Mys- 
tery Mobile. Weekends at Mac's. Little 
Wil and the Camaro. Camping with 
Nig at New Found. . I'm ready tt) 
go?Hatia look out for that smokey and 
the two ferrats. GINO. Strech One 
dirty boy! Senior Year:forge 

Leah M. Puffer 

32 Moosewood Street 

Activities: Swimming 1-3. Capt 4: 

NHS; Homeroom rep 

Memories: Winter sleepever Heidi Q.. 

summer at PA(FRESHMAN) Give me 

5! Mud wrestling. Lemon-lime soda. 

Gu in girls room. MVC's 1995. SAND. 

Concert in the rain w/Katie & Nicole. 

My swimming pal Beth we're in trouble 

(again), Lisa I'm glad we became 


Stephen P. Quin 


7 Gov. Hutchinson Road 
Activities: Golf 1: V-ball 2-4 
Memories: Who the heck is the A- 
Team?Guardrail Incident. Peg when 
are we getting married?Ha!0'Brien 
the gas station bit never gets old. 
Nohelty jumping high five!Saturday 
Night Football !Capo let's get lost in 
Merrimack -i- get a speeding ticket. 
Deca. Deca. Deca, Deca, Deca 

Nicole M. Ramocki 


32 Fox Hill Road 

Activities: Swimming 1-4; Newspa- 
per; NHS; Mock Trial 3-4; Environ- 
mental Club; Peer leadership 
Memories: Jekrini, summer at PA, 
island chase. Faith is w/UsSAND! 5! 
Lemon-lime, FRESHMAN, freak-in- 
a-box, FRITZ night, guy in girls locker 
room, trigger? Canobie Jay, Rob DJ. 
BLUE HAIR, disappearing hypo. Bow 
ties, mud wrestling, Heidi Q., I'll miss 
you guys. 


Stephen G. Remy 

14 Burnham Road 

Memories: Fun times with AS MW 
SB DW GINN Molloy's field trip It's 
a bee skunk all over my bag AS a hole 
Milk Chocolate Ma Dad Love Ya Miss 
Ya Nana Fun with the other clan I did 



Margaret M. Pulliam 


35 Sachem Street 
Activities: Soccer 1-4. Capt. 
Memories: Way to Be Billerica, W 
TO BE! Mary, portapotty;Chris 
chem class;Kel J. is skinny-l-wic 
pretty;Les-i-the man 
ARNOLD' ;Hawk's class;Thanx 
being there Mom. Dad, Pat. Em 
John, Les-hMatt;I LUV U GUYS! 

Charles E. Ralph 

23 Greenville St. 

Kristopher J. Reis 


175 River Street 
Memories: The best of times 
Torp, Chapman, Columbus, Murp 
Remy, and a great time in the VAN 
at the lake. 

Jaclyn E. Renoni 


37 Ellingwood 
Activities: Cheering; Gymnast 
Track; NHS; Prom Committee 
Memories: Jose can you see, Floi 
w/Taloo, soph study(crutches), L' 
Me Do, T-Dog, Bum-Out. Betty Be 
Graz, 1 1 , Cracks, BUSTED, impet 
I'm over it! 

Christina L. Richards 


2 Kingsbury Lane 

ctivities: Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1- 
oijt. Lacrosse 1 -4; NHS; Class Treasurer 
wjlemories: 9. 5 Florida 9/2 1 Peg & 
hem shuttle4 camping Ski trip, 
msbury J's poems, Star spot, Prince 
jgs nachos ap @ Mollis, W. Point NH 
hanks fam & Krista Luv u. 

Podd Rigoli 

5 Handel Road 
.ctivities: Golf 1 -4 


Catherine R. Rideout 


37 Governor Fuller Road 
Activities: Band 1 -4; Winter Guard 3- 
4; Peer Leader 3-4; Winter Track 2-3; 
Spring Track 2- 4; Future Teachers 2- 

Memories: Summer 97: NH-Wake 
signs, 1-2-3 Hey! D. - Yah, Hi. Hmm. 
Anti-gravity tag, Taco Bell, Tee P. 
wars. Playing pool. Band 97:Melissa- 
Shh~ Competitions->Beanie Babies, 
Field Director, plbbs. Arizona: ??? 
Amy J. -Deadly sandals, track meets. 

John Riley 

50 Tercentennial Drive 

Activities: Track, Football. Yearbook 


Michael C. Ringland 

Small man 

1 3 Tremont Road 

Memories: Everyday in science class 
with Matt p., Mike M., and Jay N. 
sophmore year. 

Jennifer L. Robbins 


50 Wilson Street 
Memories: Goodtimes w/Mell 
Byrnes class & the tempo. Last da)| 
A. Smith-Jump Start? Dunkins w,| 
fans. Keys in car, B. Mall w/Denj 
Parties at tool w/Kevin, Lewey. Hu [ 
Brian, Steve, Dave, Mark, John & Nil 
Thanks Dad, Mom, T. J. & Kevi] 
love you. 

Shannon I. Roberts 


30 Ernest Road 

Activities: Spanish-Italian Club 
Memories: All the good times with M. 
Keough. N. Gardner, J. Maher, Olga 
P.. A Vozzella. and K. Marshall. . A. 
Sullivan in G Block English, Fun Times 
in Arlington and Lexington with A. 
Ganley , and T. Brdige Yeah you know ! 
Fishing with Lee. Matt, Allison and 

Jesse A. Rowley 


13 Maverick Circle 
Activities: Lax 1-4; Volleyball 1-4. 
Sr. Capt; Basketball 1-2; Peer Leader 
4: Prom Committee 3-4; Homeroom 
Rep 1-4 

Memories: Amyliegh LAST-WARN- 
ING! Folley; Portmouth; Bernie; 
Bick's; Late Nights in the Cabana; 
Fun-o-Soaps; BriGuy. Where's TJ's? 
THUMPERS !;Here Come The Eggs; 
Fahey's the Man! That Means He's. . . 
. Jenny- Brachio; Thanx Mom&Dad I 
Love You 

Amy Ruiter 

25 Sequoia Street 

Donald M. Rolinson 

48 George Brown Street 

Nicole M. Ruggeri 


5 Mirror Road 

Activities: Bnad; Future Teacher:' 
America; Winter Guard 
Memories: King Philip. Mr. Yel 
Shirt: 4 Musketeers. Quasimc 
Disney95, Arizona97, Competitic 
Reflex, I hate Mayonaise Club. Sqi 
rel, Koala, I love Bologna, Stop E 
ton. Refect Button, Spitting Zeb 
Oh Silvia Yes Mickie, 5 dolla. Tha 
4 the memories! 

Christine Russell 

4 Shalloo Road 

Daniel A. Salerno 


43 Christina Avenue 
Activities: Soccer 1-4: Lacrosse i-4: 
DECA: Junior Achievement 
Memories: Great times w/Bud, Chris, 
Darryi, Jay. Jim, Joe. Matt, Pat, Tom, 
Tav. All the camping trips? I swear I 
saw a monkey. Whitey how about a 
shower? Summer 97 concerts. Swim- 
ming BENGALS! 3 days at Jay's C- 
day 97. Soccer 97. Co-owners 4db. 
Thnx ma & pa. 

Lee D. Sarno 


4 School House Lane 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-4: Football 1-4 
Memories: Operation Pumpkin 
Buddah Chillin w/Nig. Duce, Haiti, 
Gino, Zac, Scott Winnapasauki Nigs 
Honda Malibu WHAT Toilet Paper- 
ing Thanx A lot Coach F Kevs House 
Fr. Ftball Florida w/Taco, Grega 5/24/ 
97 Thanx Danielle Thanx for Every- 
thing Mom-i-Dad 

Jennifer M. Schervinski 

8 Village Lane 

Jennifer L. Silva 


4 Indian Knoll Road 
Activities: Color Guard 1-4. Capt. 3, 
4; Winter Guard 3. 4, Capt. ; Future 
Teachers of America 
Memories: Disney, Arizona. Bazooka 
Gum, The Disease, Josh- 1 will kill 
you. The ignition, Middle of oreo. 
Plbb. guitars or girls, ya loser. Thanx 
lo all my real friends especially 
Adrienne. Mom. Dad and Steve- Thanx 
for everything. I love you I'm a Prin. . 
. cess 


Renato M. Silva 


26 Handel Road 

Memories: Going up to N. H. with 
buddies the night of the Junior Prom. 
Meeting the icing and Queen\The Hip- 
Hop Song\Seiling a 2 cent guitar to 
Rob for S50. Barking on command just 
to impress chicks I'll never get. To all 
my peoples, see you at the reunion! 
Peace Out! 

James M. Skelton 


1 8 Aery Street 

Memories: Trip to N. Y. was cool. 
Amy Z. stay away from those trees. 
Dan H . we had lots of laughs at Kelley. 
Jr. Prom was great. Janette I'm crazy 
about you, Will you marry me? 

obert W. Sparkes 


Winsor Road 

ctivities: Cross Country 2-4; Indoor 
ack 1 -4; Outdoor Track 1 -4; Student 
Dvernment: National Honor Society 
emories: Pete's Party. Ed's. Six is 
lod. April 1 1th. Cross Country State 
eet96. North Conway. Coach Ken's 
eeches. Phil: I'll get there when I get 
ere. What are you smiling about? 
aah. Hanging out at Greg's It's not 

essica G. Sprangers 


) Triforo Road 

ctivities: Softball; Spring Track; 
inter Track; Spanish/Italian Club; 
ewspaper; A/V Club; Yearbook; 
HS; Mock Trial 

lemories: Remember Jimmies, 
oody and STP, hanging at the Flick 
ith the gang, demon possessed car, 
jpsfield Fair. Orange Juice, Btmiss 
;a. Birthday Wars, Billions of chess 
imes in physics and study. Pool 
imes. Hola Porky, Daily Sprite & 
oroscope, Ziggy the pig and Flies. 

'hristopher R. Sturk 


] Parlement Apartments 
ctivities: Stage Crew; Track 1 
lemories: Jermey you broke my gui- 
Chezwick? Pat did you do it yet. 
lirowDown, Matt we know you're 
nous about the band, Skateboard- 
FAB, Pat try to fit two Apalles 
xt time. CVS I'm sorry(maybe), 
hanks to all my true friends that were 
ways there, Thanks. 

Llison P. Sullivan 


J Wilson Street 

ctivities: Future Teachers of America 

lemories: My Gang, Adrienne, Dee, 
ick. Donna, Jeff. & Ricky. Parties, 
urn Rug, my back porch Swimming! 
ife with Brad. E-Z rider, Toughguy + 
Unas knows me best. Cheering w/ 
ri, talks w/Pat, drinks w/Wendy & 
.ay-Leigh! + My hero & dad, G+G 


Daniel P. Spirito 

9 Governor Fuller Road 

Angela M. Stevens 


310 Salem Road 

Activities: Softball 1 ; Winter Track 2 
Memories: Pretty Girl! Squeaky boy! 
Mr. Powers. Exit 4 St. Marten. Fun 
times w/Kris, Paula, Al & the Boys. 
Beach. Thanks Bill, 8/24/97, camping, 
DMB Concerts. The $E* Chain. Mr. 
Byrnes sneeze. Scott w/no towel @ 
Chris' ! YIPPEEE ! HEY ! Thanks Mom 
& Dad. 

Jennifer Succo 

46 Chatham Road 

Amy E. Sullivan 


1 1 Partridge Road 
Activities: Soccer 

Memories: Good Times With M. W.. 
S. B., T. M., S. R., K. R.. L. P., I will 
always remember Mr. Sillery as my 
favorite teacher. 

Walter J. Suprey 


17 Richardson Street 
Activities: Golf: Hockey; Lacrosse 
Memories: Three days at White's 97, 
camping after prom, and the Cape. 
HORDE and DMB concerts. Jay's 
chain. Dan is the chicken man. 
Chunky's. Going up to Hampton. 
Weekend at Hull with Craig and Dan. 
Matt the rat. Singing in pubMc Speak- 
ing. Thanks Mom, Dad. and Tom. 

Nicole A. Talutis 


164 Allen Road 
Activities: Office Simulation 
Memories: Lisa, Jenn, Erin, Kate. 
Mob. Amanda, Tony, Chris, Mike, 
Dave, Kheli, Buck. Scott, Zac, Bill. 
Thanks for all the fun times! Buge 
Kate's house Bill's roof This Rocks! 
Boston Thanks for everything 
Ma & Dad, Michelle, Cindy. Rich, 
Tricia , and Casie. I love you all 

William J. Tasso 


5 Violet Road 

Activities: Soccer 1-4: Wrestling 1-2; 
Lacrosse 1-2 

Memories: Me Lee Mel w/Dave's car. 
Saving Ed w/Tony. MVC Title. 
Gamewinner. B- The Pits. 
Hangin" out w/everyone. Partying. 
Leaving. Hampton. The Honda. Cafe 
study. Florida w/Lee and Greg. Thanx 
Marisa Thanx Dad, Peace. 


Nathan R. Tobey 

Woody (Toy Story) 
599 Boston Road 

Activities: StageCrew Theater Co. & 
Musical; Amnesty, Treasurer: Outing 
& Environmental club; German Club, 

Memories: Friendly's, The Art Room. 
Cast Parties, Late nights in the audito- 
rium, Die Deuche Klassa and Princen. 
Sabadoh Concerts. 

Kheli M. Sweeney 


Activities: Drama Club 1-4 
Memories: Jawdons, Baked 
Bawston, Mother of Pearl, MO] 
Headstands, Fat kennedy, Coi 
Obachun 10/6/97, Tim 2/22/97, sta 
ing, Gawge, Biker Shorts, Boli> 
Salem, F/, C. G., Seizures, Thong Mcj 
Dad. Kyla. GiGi, water fountains, c 
taloupe, 6/9/96 4 

Rebecca A. Tanzilli 


5 Karen Circle Apt #17 
Activities: Chorus; Music Theatei 
Memories: I wanna thank Helen 
all the help she has given me. . rem( 
Mr Banwit. Class Nikotank U s 
bird. On the floor giv me 50. P 
floyd/wizard of oz. Bye Dan. G 
luck next yr. \ Stay differ\Alex. 
Suli, Ginn. Gd luckless. Mis yaTc 
bh. ang, ms. d luvy 

Rennee P. Tayag 

Baby Cakes J 
Kenmar Drive | 
Activities: Volleyball 1 ; SPAC 1 
Memories: TAYAG invasion, fr 
STAVE show, wsup ketschup! 
hippie chix. Crazy a&p. Yuck!BM 

Eric W. Torpey 


89 Bridle Road 

Memories: Lake Winn. w/Miche 
Lake Winn. W/the guys. R, S. Co 
Hanging out in the garage. M. Mul 
parties. Succeed in life and nxA 
Michelle. Michelle, I love you alwj 
& thanks for everything. Thanks rr] 
for everything. Thanks Dad(miss ;lj 
Thanks Gram & Pup. I 


ndrea M. Toy 


Charme Road 

tivities: Softball 1 ; Homeroom Rep 
1; Amnesty International 4 
f emories: Dang!Dwong!Cream 
leese & Fabric Softner!Slo 
alDoran's Truck !Gerades!To the 
oodslPlank St. !CD's house!HTB 
icklScabby, Yoda, Sinnah, Butch, 
)2. Rip/Torn. Crash. HairylU 
well ! Peabody ! What ' s up Guy ? Egg 
•e Buck Squats! My 17th b-day! luv 

[elissa M. Traynham 

Sumac Street 

:tivities: Volleyball 1-4; Basketball 
r<j4; Softball 1-2 

ii emories: Fresh. s-ball, 
\la;GeeBuckSquats, HTBOZ, Kort, 
J lad's W of P. Casey, look for shiny 
jects. Louise! Jess, here comes the 
s. Marlena. Spain -i- Kalemocho. 
H IS I hate birds. That was fast. Sum- 
;r of'97 w/friends. Justin + Matt 
od luck next yr. I luv ya mom -t- dad. 

Thomas M. Trant 


7 Cantebury Street 

Activities: Baseball 1 . 4; Cross Coun- 
try 4 

Memories: On the Diamond boys. 
PEARL. BERT. OB s penny with 
strangers, Frenchy 4 baby, Ro in T's 
class T himself, HEAVYWEIGHT, 
Love ya Jenn. There's still ONE 

Jeffrey P. Trout 

1 14 Pond St. 
Activities: A/V 1-4; Webmaster 3-4; 
NHS 3-4 

Memories: In Theory Communism 
Works. Hacki sack in Spanish3. Mark 
C's taking a Cruddy. It's Magenta 
Today! Great Times w/PaulaM. Hack- 
ers Online! Jeb getting hit w/bottle 
rocket. Flying bunnies to Josh D. Dale 
V, Jon V, Corey D. Mike N. Jen C. 
Katie B and Rachael M. 


Nicholas Tsangarakis 


455 Middlesex Turnpike 

Dale Vaillancourt 


42 Alexander Road 
Activities: A/V: Web Page 
Memories: Russia, Italy 

Scott R. Venezia 

4 Baniulis Road 

Brian M. Tbrcott 

4 Fredrickson Road 

Jamie L. Viola 

10 Meade Road 


Lisa A. Vaughn 


3 Kimbrough Road 
Activities: Drama Club Crew 
School Musical Crew 1-4; Fui 
Teachers of America 1 - 4; Track 
Memories: Put me down, I don't b 
the duck! Salsa and chips as a c| 
food? I can't work, I have to g( 
college. We're twins? My sum 
boys- DJ and Brian, thanks. You ki 
why! Shonna, I have this theory 
Joe-another bridge? I just don't 
you very much. 

Jonathan D. Vincent 

26 Ichabod Lane 
Memories: Math class freshman 
sophomore year, Chillin with 
Steve. Jon and Mike, Tund 
ALLIED, Got some paint?, Squin 
It's natural, it is!. Don't worry aboi 
there's thousands of tickets left. B 
ers games own, and my girlfriend A 

Amanda L. Vozzella 

17 Shawsheen Road 
Activities: Softball 1, Track 2, S); 
ish/Italian Club; Community Ser 

Memories: Fresh soft;HTBOZ, G 
times with LCTDVG. Kate's ho^ 
Kim, Buck, Khelit, Boston, Jawd! 
Mom, Buck, Go back Ro;j 
Donna !The pits. Lasers, ooor, Wl 
ing out in a fitness center?Geri 
bunny, George and Tobin, the B' 
BiTJce. stalking, thanks Mom and I 
Love you! 

manda R. Wagner 

I mdi 
oe Road 

/jtivities: Track 1 ; Yearbook 4 

[jmories: Hello. Senior year. Good 
les at B. C. F. Wuz up Cathy, Blue 
;ese. Pyro, TCBY with blueberries, 
;e trees in New York, Illinios. #16. 
lem-Mass. Mr. Marchi Good, No 

Jiubt, Bush and STP with groupies. 

1 DOD, Thank you mom. Dad, Troy, 

1 ;lissa and Mariah, Bye. 

obert D. Wamness 


Janiulis Road 

tivities: Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1- 
kiSpring Track 2-4; NHS 
emorics: Sophomore study with 
I ;kery. Pool with Meuse and Dirock. 
sbee with the Hattie Lane crew and 
l.gan. Beach with Ben and Bines, 
iirj turday night football with Nohelty 
U ss. MVC Champs, Maximelt.Ardell 
th Caddy. The Nines. Fun times 
!th all. Gee! 

yan T. Wilkie 

Donald Road 

eui-Ming Wu 

Cook Street 

:tivitie.s: Chorus; SADD 
emories: Billerica Memorial High 
hool is a great place for. . . 

Laura M. Walker 


2 Mount Vernon Avenue 
Activities: Newspaper 3, 4; Outing/ 
Environmental Club 1-4; National 
Honor Society; Yearbook 
Memories: Stalking, sugar. . . raw, 
FIoorPic4/l 2, THIS, Garter, TinyTees, 
Cahill. Egg. SpewNight, DoYouKnow. 
. . ChristFigure, Hey Arnold, Bobs, T. 
S, StraightUp, PoisonedPizza, LeakyF, 
LadylnRed. Patoot, S. Sharks, 
Sweetness+Pie. BoatPoem. Thanks 
Dad&Mom for everything. 

Jason E. White 


5 Francis Road 
Activities: Hockey 1-4; Lacrosse 1-3 
Memories: All the concerts and camp- 
ing trips. Dan I think we need a shower 
Dan and the monkey. The swimming 
Bengals. The 3 day bender. The nights 
at Hogan's. Beating AC. Lunches w/ 
Ms. B. . Life w/the co-owners. Thanks 
for the help Mom&Dad. 

Marlena J. Woods 

21 Bridle Road 

Allison M. Yarvitz 


45 Stag Drive 

Activities: Swimming 1-4; Class Sec- 
retary 1-4; Lacrosse manager 3; Prom 
Comm; Peer leader 3-4; NHS 
Memories: QUESO! Laurie-Question 
what time is it, helplines. BLAH/ 
HORN!Exit 4 & Mr. Powers That's 
the beauty of it! Kris-7yrs, Merrimack. 
I hale march! What the Hell, X-mas 
parties, Pretty Girl/Squeaky boy, camp- 
ing, J's chain. DMB, Ange-you're so 


Scott M. Yavarow 

Scotty Y 

34 Porter Street 

Activities: Soccer 1-4, capt; Hocke\ 
1 -4, capt; Lacrosse 1 -4, capt 3-4; H. R. 
Rep 1-3; German club, president 
Memories: Through the good and the 
bad my friends and I stuck together. 
I'm glad. For each other we would go 
the extra mile. I'll always remember 
them with a smile. Did you like know 
how 1 made a rhyme? Thanks every- 
one I had a GREAT TIME! 

Michael J. Zuffanti 

3 1 Walton Street 

Activities: Wrestling 1-4; Football 
Memories: Hangin w/pearl, longo, 
spirito, desmond+the rest, get your 
buddy, semi-)-proms, duralogs, 9feet 
gum, 6-9-95, hurl over the railing, spew 
in the woods, wrestling room, cruisin 
in the bubble, Friendly's, WWF, great 
times with Kirstin Love yahun, thanks 
monn-dad. ' 


Michael D. Murphy 


92 Bridle Road 

Memories: Parties in the garage, ski- 
ing at Wach Mt. Thanx for the memo- 
ARlES(destroyed by Murphy) Chap's 
Silverado, Torp's Stang + Columbus' 
Buick. Gunstock with Buck, Torp -i- 
Michelle. Partying with Diprofio. Stay 
wild + crazy Ries. 


Lisa Michelle Weitz 

October 2pj^X980 - March 6, 1996 

Some people 
Come into our lives 

Some people 
Move our souls 
To dance. 
They awaken us 
To new understanding 
With the passing whisper 
Of their wisdom. 
Some people make the sky 
More beautiful 
To gaze upon. 
They stay in our lives 
For a while, 
Leave footprints 


Class Comedians: 

Steve Quinn and Amanda Vozzella 

Best Athletes: 

Scott Yavarow and Nicole Lamar 

Most Talented: 

Neil Crimins and 
Shonna McEachern 

Class Workers: 

Jenny Eriksen and Joe Capalbo 


Most Mischievous: 

Katie Fletcher 

Most Likely to Succeed: 

Jen Cormier and James Carlson 

Senior Superlatives 

Most Argumentative: 

Leslie Cook and Todd Micciche 

Class Artists: 

Christina Richards and Mike Kent 

Outstanding Students: 

Jen Cormier and James Carlson 

Most Congenial: 

Eric Meuse and Jenny Eriksen 

Class Couple: 

Kristen Lynch and Tony Miranda 




Most Talkative: 

Melissa Mulligan and Todd Micciche 

Best Dressed: 

Janel DeBenedetto and Jason White 


Best Looking: 

Ben Davis and Laurie Moreale 

Class Flirts: 

Martin Battcock and Jenn De Young 



fow, Scott 

Cucchiara, Andria 
Kim Paolucci 
Davis, Ben 
De3enedetto, Jane! 

DeWacava, Michael 
Dellanno, Devon 

Delorenzo, Stephen 
Denaro, Shannon 

DeSanctis, Melinda 

DeYoung, Jennifer 

DIRocco, Derei< 
DiRosario, Adrienne 
Donovan, Donna 

Donovan, Kathleen 

Donovan, Shawn 

Doran, Lisa 
Drumm, Joshua 
Dunham, Kim 
Economakos, Steve 

Enos, Heather 
Eriksen, Jenny 
Farmer, Nick 
Farren, D.J. 

-^"en, Chris 



Marino, Phil 
Marshall, Kim 
McCarthy, Kortnee 
Bethanne, McColgan 
McEachern, Shonna 

McGlinchey, Lori 
Mietzner, Bob 
Mixon, Katie 
Monis, Juliette 
Moore, Timothy 

Morreale, Laurie 
Morrison, Aimee 
Mulligan, Melissa 
Newcomb, Michael 
Nickerson, Nicole 

Patsourakos, Juliana 
Fando\fe, Elizabeth 
Peranelli, Amy 
Pomerleau, Scott 

Price, Jennifer 
Prokos, Randy 
Pulliam, Peggy 

Quin, Steve 
Ramocki, Nicole 

Palumbo, Michael 


Renoni, Jackie 
Richards, Christina 
Riley, John 
Roberts, Shannon 

Rowley, Jesse 
Ryan, Melissa 
Saunders, Jessica 
Schoenthal, Erika 
Silva, Jennifer 

Skelton, Jim 
Sprangers, Jessica 
Stevens, Angela 
Sturk, Chris 

Sullivan, Alison 
Suprey, Buddy 
Talutis, Nicole 
Torpey, Eric 
Traynham, Melissa 

Walker, Laura 
Wamness, Bobby 
Woods, Marlena 
Yarvitz, Allison 


^ A 15-day school strike in Ontario, 
Canada, affects 2.1 million 
students. Late in October, 
128,000 teachers walk out to 
protest a controversial bill that 
would alter educational funding 
and centralize government 
control of education. 

Jan 1. 2000 

^ Governments and businesses 
Ik worldwide race to remedy the 

■ "Year 2000" problem. Unless 
B key computer systems are 

■ reprogrammed to recognize dates 
B in the new century the world faces 
K the threat of catastrophic failure 

■ in critical areas like banking, air 
^^^^safet\', public utilities and defense. 

I The remains of Ernesto "Che" 
Guevara, martyred Marxist 
revolutionary, are laid to rest in 
Cuba in October, 30 years after 
his execution in Bolivia, where his 
bones recently had been found. 

A<ian economic turmoil triggers 
global unrest. In October, Hong 
Kong's stock market crashes. Asian 
countries receive billions in bailout 
dollars from the International 
Monetary Fund. 

Ai Hong Kong reverts to China at 12:01 a.m., July 1 
after 156 years of British colonial rule. China says 
Hong Kong will continue its Western way of life 
and free-market economy. 

Reulefs;,\rchi\'e Photos 

I Montserrat, once called 
"the Emerald isle of the 
Caribbean," is devastated 
by ongoing eruptions 
from a volcano that had 
been dormant for 400 
years. Two-thirds of the 
populace evacuates. 

Powerful earthquakes in central 
Italy kill 1 1 people and damage 
art treasures, including centuries-old 
frescoes by Italian Renaissance 
painters, in the Basilica of St. Francis 
of Assisi. 



After 32 years of autocratic rule, 
President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire 
is deposed in May 1997 and later dies 
in exile. His successor, Laurent 
Kabila, changes Zaire's name to 
Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Change siveeps Great Britain as 
Labor Party leader Tony Blair's 
landslide election in May 1997 
ousts the Conservatives and makes 
Blair, at 44, Britain's youngest 
prime minister in 185 years. 

Hurricane Pauline slams into 
Mexico's Pacific coast in October, 
causii^ flash floods, landslides 
and at least 200 fatalHies. 
The resort city of Acapuko is 
heavily danu^ed. 


Halloween fever seizes France. 
At the base of the Eiffel Tower 
in Paris 8,000 pumpkins are 
displayed, and French children 
participate in an American-style 
Halloween celebration. 

President Jiang Zemin of China meets for summit talks with 
President Bill Clinton in October, the first visit in 12 years of 
a Chinese leader to the U.S. During his stay, demonstrators 
protest China's treatment of Tibet. 

Diana, Princess of Wales, one of 
the world's most famous and 
admired women, dies at 36 in a 
violent car crash in Paris on 
August 31. 

One of the most poignant images of Di^'s funeral: her young sons 
following her coffin into Westminster Abbey. 

Crisis flares again in Iraq in 
late 1997 as Saddam Hussein 
protests U.N. sanctions 
and blocks inspection of 
suspected Iraqi weapon sites. 

Reulers/Archive Photos 

In June, shortly before Diana's death, an auction 
of 79 of her evening gowns raises $3.26 million 
for AIDS and cancer charities. Top price paid for 
a single gown: $222,500. 



Brooks Krafl.Sy^pna 

I On July 23 suspected murderer 
Andrew Cunanan, 27, commits suicide 
in Miami Beach. Cunanan was the 
prime suspect in a cross-country killing 
spree that left five dead, including 
fashion designer Gianni Versace. 

In April 1997, floods ravage the entire Red River 
Valley between Minnesota and the Dakotas. 
Ninety percent of downtown Grand Forks, North 
Dakota, is under water. 

Once-mighty Apple Computer is 
close to failure when arch-rival 
Bill Gates of Microsoft "rescues' 
it with a $150 million bail-out in 
August. The event opens a new 
era of cooperation between 
formerly fierce competitors. 


I Americans join 
"Stop the Violence" 
campaigns nationwide 
in an attempt to generate 
awareness of and solutions 
to the problem of violence 
in America. 

Jonallljii Elderfield. Gamma/liaison 

Joe Camel is snuffed out as the 
Federal TYade Commission bans 
tobacco advertising aimed at minors 
and institutes sweeping tobacco 
advertising restrictions. 

British nanny Louise Woodward, 19, 
is convicted in Massachusetts of 
murdering a child in her care. 
The judge later reduces the charge 
to involuntary manslaughter and 
releases her. 

Timothy McVeigh is convicted of 
murder and conspiracy in June for 
the April 1995 bombing of the Alfred 
R Murrah Federal Building in 
Oklahoma City McVeigh is later 
sentenced to death. 

Theodore Kaczynski admits he is 
the Unabomber responsible for 
killing 3 people and injuring 29 
others in an 18-year bombing 
campaign. Hte January 1998 guilty 
plea spares Kaczynski the death 
penalty but condemns him to 
life in prison with no possibili^ 
of release. 

UPS woilcers take to the picket 
lines in an August strike lasting 
15 days. The eventual settlement 
is seen as a m^or labor victwy. 

First Lt. Kelly Flinn accepts a general 
discharge from the Air Force, avoiding 
court-martial for King about an affair 
and disobeying orders. Flinn had bt r 
the first and only female B-52 pilot m 
the service. 

Arthur Harvey. Tlie Miami Herald 

A rare urban tornado prowls 
through Miami on May 12, 
uprooting trees, shattering 
windows and snapping 
power lines. Fortunately, 
the storm inflicts only 
minor injuries. 

Attorney General Janet Reno refuses to name an independent 
prosecutor to investigate Clinton administration fundraising, causing 
friction with FBI Director Louis Freeh. 

Terr)' Nic hols is found guilty of 
conspiracy and manslaughter in 
the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. 
Nichols is spared a federal death 
sentence in Januarj' 1998, but still 
faces Oklahoma state charges. 

UFO enthusiasts 
gather in Roswell, 
New Mexico, to 
celebrate the 50th 
anniversary of the 
alleged UFO crash 
there in July 1947. 


Fast-food giant Burger King is forced to stop serving burgers 
when supplier Hud.son Foods recalls 25 million pounds of 
hamburger suspected of contamination with £ coli bacteria. 
It is the biggest beef recall in U.S. history. 

The aU-male Promise Keepers 
movement inspires praise and 
controversy for its message of 
spiritual revival and personal 
responsibility for men. In October, 
ttie group holds a giant rally in 
Washington, D.C. 

Once-secret tape recordii^ of 
fonner presidents Kennedy and 
Nbton are released publicly. The 
tapes provide an unvarnished, and 
sometimes unflattering, glimpse 
into the two presidents' actions and 
conversations in the White House. 

Bobbi McCaughey, Carlisle, Iowa, 
gives birth November 19 to seven 
babies, the U.S.'s first living 
septuplets. McCaughey and 
her husband Kenny now have 
eight children. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

At the Internet/Online Summit 
in December, Vice President 
Al Gore announces government 
initiatives to protect young Internet 
users from online pornography. 

4 } '■ '^ii* 

I On October 25, at least :ilKI,llOll 
African-American women gather in 
Philadelphia for the Million Woman 
March. Winnie Madikizola-Mandela 
is one of Ih' 

e speaKPrs. 



Viewers worldwide see the first-ever 
tiigh-resolution color pictures of 
Mars when the Pathfinder spacecraft 
lands July 4. The lander and its rover, 
Sojourner, collect and transmit 
extraordinary data for three months. 

For $8.36 million, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural 
History buys "Sue," the most complete 7\rannosaum 
rex fossil yet discovered. The sale occurs October 4 
at Sothebv's in New York. 

Russia's aging Mir space station 
collides with an unmanned supply 
vehicle in June and is seriously 
damaged. This is only one in a 
series of crises casting doubt on 
the viability of the station. 

) In September, CAT scans 
of petrified dinosaur eggs 
found in China reveal a 
dinosaur embryo. 

Reuters/Archive Photos 

Scottish scientists in February 1997 
announce the world's first cloning oi 
an adult mammal. The sheep, nanieil 
Dolly, fuels controversy over possible 
misuse of the technology. 

ReutefvArctuvf Phol 


I krsi'.iK li |)r(iilii( t's medical break- 
throughs, including a genetically 
engineered "bullet" molecule being 
tested to fight cancer and new 
drugs to control or prevent 
Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis 
and congestive heart failure. 

The popular diet regimen fen-phen is 
pulled off the market in September 
The combination of fenfluramine and 
phentermine is shown to cause heart 
valve disorders, as is the diet drug 
Redux, also recalled. 

Fuel cells that convert a fuel's 
energy directly into electricity are 
being developed for use in cars, 
making possible an efficient, 
low-emission car of the future. 

The first prescription pill for 
male-pattern baldness is 
approved by the Food and Drug 
Administration in December. 
The drug Propecia is made by 
Merck and Company. 

Aided by the Hubble Space 
Telescope, astronomers discover the 
Pistol Star — the brightest star yet 
observed in the Milky Way The Pistol 
Star is 25,000 light years from Earth. 

Comet Hale-Bopp 
captures imaginations 
worldwide as it streaks past 
Earth for the first time in 
4,200 years— or, since 2203 
B.C. Hale-Bopp next returns 
in 4397. 

^ On October 13, the British jet car Thrust SSC becomes the first vehicle 
to break the sound barrier on land, traveling 766.6 miles per hour in the 
Nevada desert. 

In December, 159 nations 
gather in Kyoto, Japan, and 
negotiate a climate treaty 
to combat global warming by 
reducing greenhouse gases. 

The Food and Drug 
approves a dental laser 
for treating cavities. 
Unlike traditional 
dental drills, the laser 
in most cases causes 
virtually no discomfort. 

Premier User Systems. 


Riven, the 
computer adventure 
game sequel to Myst, 
proves to be just as 
popular and even 
more sophisticated 
visually than its 

Hong Kong authorities in 
December order ttie slaughter of 
more than a million chickens in an 
effort to halt the spread of a bird 
flu vinis that killed six people. 

The space shuttle Columbia 
releases the errant Spartan 
satellite in November. MS. 
astronaut Winston Scott and 
Takao Doi, the first Japanese 
astronaut to do a space walk, 
retrieve the satellite for return 

X El Nino stirs up global weather 
patterns. Caused by warmer-than- 
normal water temperatures in the 
equatorial Pacific, the '97 El Nino 
is blamed for storms and weather 
problems worldwide. 

Protesters unsuccessfully attempt 
to prevent the October launch of 
NASA's Cassini spacecraft to 
Saturn, fearing an accident could 
shower the Earth with the rocket's 
radioactive plutonium. 

French oceanographer and 
award-winning filmmaker Jacques 
Cousteau dies in June at 87. His work 
gained renown through the popular 

television series 

"The Undersea Worif' 
of .lacques Cousteau 


Teen People, a savvy monthly magazine 
for and about teenagers, premieres in 
February 1998. 

Fashion advertising and clothing trends inspire the 
popularity of the color orange, which replaces neon 
green as the fad color of the year 

In October, a cyberfashion show at the Mil Media Lab Wearable 
Symposium features fashions with built-in computer devices and 
electronic hardware. M.l.T. students designed the high-tech fashions. 

Princess Diana tribute merchandise 
abounds, including a double CD 
set and a new Beanie Baby named 
Princess, a royal purple bear 
adorned with a rose. Profits 
benefit the Diana, Princess of Wales 
Memorial Fund. 

>Steve Granitz, Relnj 

Fashion looks to the Far East. The 
stick-on bind!, a tiny decorative 
accent worn in the middle of the 
forehead, is popularized by Gwen 
Stefani, lead singer of the band 
No Doubt. 

This year's look in 
cosmetics is glimmering, 
sparkling and colorful. 
Riding this wave, 
cosmetics giant Christian 
Dior introduces Mascara 
Flash, temporary hair 
color in a variety of 
outrageous tints. 

Platform shoes, a lasliion statement 
during the disco '70s, make a style 
comeback in a big way in 1997, 
inspiring even platform sneakers. 

Nike introduces a new "I Can" 
advertising campaign on New 
Year's Day. The company does not 
plan to abandon its "Just Do It" 
slogan, introduced in 1985, which 
will continue to appear on T-shirts 
and posters. 

Diet Scent Patches are introduced 
in June by Slimline, a British 
company. Designed to help people 
diet successhilly, the small arm 
stickers produce an unpleasant 
odor to discourage the wearer 
from eating sweets. 

»4 •m 

"T\vo Fat Ladies" becomes the Food 
Network's hottest new cooking show 
in the U.S., attracting fans vtith its 
unconventional British stars, two 
overweight, middle-aged women. 


General Motors 

The Chevrolet Corvette 
is named Motor Trend 
magazine's 1998 Car of 
the Year. 

Softer Hairstyle 

Smaller Chest 

Larger Waist 
Smaller Hips — 

A newf $50 bill featuring a larger, off-center portrait of President Ulysses S. Grant is 
unveiled in October. Design details make the bill more difficult to forge. 

Mattel introduces Share a Smile 
Beck)' in May 1997. Seated in a 
bright pink wheelchair, the doll is 
marketed as a friend to the 
traditionaj Barbie. 

After nearly 40 years, 
Mattel's Barbie doll 
takes on a more realistic 
face and body shape 
than the Barbie of the 
'60s. The new doll will 
begin to appear in 
stores in early 1998. 



Mehndi, intricate 
designs painted on the 
body with henna dye, 
is a popular expression 
of the fashion trend 
toward Eastern themes 
and patterns. 

I Digital "pets" are a 1997 toy craze. These 
virtual critters keep their owners busy by 
beeping when they need care or feeding. 
If ignored, they "die." 

Kjrl Steinbrenner 

' hdiird games 
appear on CD-ROM in 
ever-growing numbers, 
including interactive 
favorites Monopoly, 
Scrabble, Sorry, Risk 
and Boggle. 

Canada issues a Superhero postage 
stamp series that includes a 45-cent 
stamp featuring the colorful, 
comic-book image of Superman. 



^ , ABC's gritty police drama "NYPD Blue" remains one of the most 
popular one-hour dramas on television in 1997, capturing four 
Emmy Awards. 

cy The Lost World, Sle\en 

Sp'\e\be{g's Jurassic Park sequel, 
breaks summer box-office 
records everywhere. It earns 
$229 million in the U.S. 

Comedian Chris Farley dies at 33 of a drug overdose 
on December 18. He starred in NBC's "Saturday 
Night Live" and movies including Tommy Boy and 
Beverly Hills Ninja. 

Columbia/Mandalay from the Kobal Collection 

Universal Studios, Inr . from .ShooIinR Star 

^ Jerr)' Seinfeld, creator 
and star of the NBC hit 
"Seinfeld," announces 
in December that the 1997- 
1998 season is the show's 
last. The final episode airs 
in May, ending the popular 
show's nine-year run. 

Gino .Mifsud. Stiuolini! Star 


Horror films draw teenagers to the 
box office. / Know I Vhat You Did Las! 
Summer, starring Jennifer Love Hewill 
and Sarah Michelle Cellar, is one of 
the year's biggest attractions. 

I Fox network launches "King of 
the Hill," an animated show that 
focuses on the lives of a propane 
dealer from Texas and his family 
The show goes on to become a 
smash hit. 

Scream 2, the chilling hit sequel to 
Scream, is a wildly successful mix 
of carnage and comedy starring 
Neve Campbell, Jerry O'Connell, 
Tori Spelling, Jada Pinkett and a host 
of other stars. 

In its second season, the WB^ 
campy sitcom "Buffy the Vampire 
Slayer" blossoms into a huge 
favorite with many viewers. 

Jenny McCarliiy stars in a new 
fall NBC comedy "Jenny" that, 
in Januaiy 1998, goes into hiatus 
only a few ntonltis into its first 
season. IVIcCarthy had been an 
IVTTV personality before moving to 
the network. 

il ' 

V \ 


Critically acclaimed Amistad, 
directed by Steven Spielberg, tells 
the story of an 1839 slave ship mutiny. 
The film culminates years of effort by 
producer Debbie Allen to bring the 
story to life. 

CBS EnlerLiiiimenl from Shonlmi; Star 

Religion is a common theme 
on eiglit fall-season network 
TV shows inspired by the 
success of CBS's "Touched 
by an Angel" starring Roma 
Downey, Delia Reese and 
John Dye. New programs 
include ABC's "Nothing 
Sacred" and "Teen Angel." 

Titanic is a huge critical and box-office success. The movie event of the 
year, this $200 million picture is the most costly in history. After 45 days 
in the theaters, Titanic had earned $308 million. 

Star Wars captures a new generation of fans when 
George Lucas re-releases the film trilogy 20 years 
after the first film was shown. In Washington, D.C., 
the National Air and Space Museum mounts a huge 
exhibition of now-historic fior Wars artifacts. 

\ 1 4 

Chumbawamba's hit single 
"Tubthumping" brings long-awaited 
success to this British band. 
The song becomes popular at 
pro sports events, kicking off 
games for several teams. 

artist the Notorious B.l.G. is killed in a 
March 1997 drive-by shooting in Los Angeles. 
He is posthumously awarded MWs 1997 Best Rap 
Video Award for "Hypnotize" and is named Spin 
magazine's Artist of the Year. 

Fiona Apple, 20, one of rock's 
female superstars, is named 
MTVs Best New Artist in a Video. 
Her single "Criminal" soars to 
the top of the charts. 

With their hit single 
"MMMBop," three young 
brothers from TYilsa 
become one of the 
biggest breakthrough 
acts of 1997 as the 
band Hanson. 

lay Blakesbefg. Retna 

Lilith Fair, an ail-female summer rock 
concert, draws large crowds on its 
37-stop tour. Canadian singer-songwriter 
Sarah McLachlan masterminds the festival 
and releases a hit aibum,Surfacing. 

I Country music superstar 
Garth Brooks releases feyem, 
his first album in two years. 
The album sells 800,000 copies 
the first week. 

Walk This Way: The Autobiography 
ofAerosmilh chronicles the long 
career of the band notorious for its 
excesses in the '70s and '80s. The 
group's new album Nine Lives is 
nominated for a 1998 Grammy . 

Smash Mouth popularizes a genre 
of alternative rock known as neo-sk,i 
with its hit single "Walkin' on the Sin 
and debut album Fash Yu Mang. 

Ron Davis. Shootint; Star 

0Tim Mosenfetder, Cofbis 

British pop phenomenon, 
the Spice Girls, makes 
millions with mega-hits 
such as "Wannabe" and sells 
14 million albums and 
10 million singles. 

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys engineers the second Tibetan 
Freedom Concert, held in June in New York, offering 27 music acts 
and a free-Tibet political message. 

Third Eye Blind, after several 
years in San Francisco's 
underground music scene, 
goes big time in 1997. Their 
song "Semi-Charmed Life" is 
listed as the top-selling 
modern rock single for 1997 
in Billboard magazine. 

The album yVo Wiry Oi/f by Puff 
Daddy & the Family goes 
multiplatinum. Puffy's single 
"I'll Be Missing You," an elegy 
to his friend the Notorious B.I.G., 
also tops the charts. 

lOSteve Jennings, Corbis 

Sixteen-year-old R&B 
phenom Jonny Lang 
opens for the Rolling 
Stones' fall tour and 
spends 16 weeks at 
No. 1 on Billboard's 
blues chart with his 
album Lie to Me. 

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, superstar 
producer songwriter singer, receives more 1998 
Grammy nominations than any other artist, including 
one for his album The Day. Edmonds and wife 
Tracey also produce the h\m Soul Food in 1997. 

Metallica releases a seventh album, 
Re-Load, that confinns its position 
as the premier heavy-metal band in 
the music worid. 

Radiohead is Spin magazine's Band 
of the Year. Critics praise 
Radiohead's album OK Computer, 
variously described as haunting, 
revolting, inscmtable, stunning 
and gorgeous. The album receives 
a 1998 Grammy nomination for 
Rock/Pop Album of the Year. 

At 15, country music sensation 
LeAnn Rimes sells more than 12.5 
million recordings in the U.S. in 
1997 and is named Billboard Music 
Awards Artist of the Year. Her single 
"How Do 1 Live" is one of the year's 
best sellers. 

In July, 16-year-old Swiss tennis star 
Martina Hingis becomes the youngest 
Wimbledon champion since 1887. 
Hingis wins three of the four 1997 
Grand Slam events. 

Quarterback John Elwa)' leads 
the Denver Broncos to a 31-24 
victory over the Green Bay 
Packers in Super Bowl XXXll in 
San Diego, January 25, 1998. It is 
Elwa) 's first Super Bowl win in 
four appearances. 

The Florida Martins are baseball's 1997 World Series 
champs and the first team ever to \m the Series 
without winning its league pennant. The Marlins 
defeat the Cleveland Indians in seven games. 


( Tiger Woods, 21, becomes 
the youngest golfer ever to 
win the Masters Tournament. 
His 18-under-par score sets 
a Masters record. Woods 
wins 3 other tournaments 
and sets a PGA Tour earnings 
record of $2.1 million for 
the season. 

Mike Tyson bites off part of Evander 
Holyfield's ear and is disqualified in 
the WBA Heavyweight rematch in June 
1997. TVson is fined nearly $3 million 
and his boxing license is revoked. 

Pittsburgh Penguins' Mario 
Lenneux retires in April 1997 after 
a spectacular comeback from 
Hodgkin's disease and injury 
Lemieux is elected to the Hockey 
Hall of Fame in September. 

In April 1997, the premier issue of 
Sports Illustrated Women hits 
the newsstands. The magazine 
reflects the explosive growth of 
female participation in sports. 

Swedish golfing phenomenon 
Annika Sorenstam, 26, tops the 
LPGA earnings list in 1997 with a 
record $1,236,789. 

Professional sports salaries keep 
skyrocketing. One of the most 
publicized of 1997 b Kevin 
Gametfs $126 millkxi contract to 
play basketball for the Minnesota 

Charles Woodson, Michigan's versatile 
junior cornerback, becomes the first 
primarily defensive player to win the 
Heisman TVophy, awarded in December 

OCraljt Jones. Ailsporl 

Jeff Gordon, at 26, wins the 
1997 NASCAR Winston Cup, his 
second W inston Cup point title 
111 thit'e vears. Gordon's 1997 
puinls total 4,710. 

Scon Cunningham, NBA/A)lsporI 

Nagano, Japan, hosts the 1998 
Winter Olympic Games during 
FebruaiT Three new medal 
sports make their Olympic debut: 
curling, snowboarding and 
women s ice hockey. 

Detroit Red Wings captain 
Steve Yzerman powers his 
team to the 1997 Stanley 
Cup championship, its first 
in 42 years, by sweeping 
the Philadelphia Flyers in 
four games. 

In its debut season, the 
WNBA exceeds all league 
expectations for success. 
The Houston Comets' 
championship win 
over the New 
York Liberty caps 
the 1997 season. /""^ 


The Chicago Bulls 
beat the Utah Jazz 
in June 1997 for 
their fifth NBA 
championship in 
seven years. Michael 
Jordan is chosen 
Finals MVP a record 
fifth time. 

When the college football 
season ends, two teams 
share the national 
championship. Michigan (12-0) 
is named No. I by the sports 
writers' poll, and Nebraska 
(13-0) by the coaches' poll. 

©Doug Densinger. Atlsport 

Reuters/Archive Ptioli 

nil I I 

Women officiate in an all-male 
professional sports league for 
the first time. The pioneers, 
Dee Kanter and Violet Palmer, 
are referees in the NBA. 

Mailt McGwire, of the SL Louis 
Cardinals, slams 52 homers in 
1996 and 58 in 1997. McGvnre 
becomes only the second player in 
baseball history with back-to-back, 
50-honie-ron seasons, the other 
being Babe Ruth. 

Dean Smith, winningest coach in 
college basketball history, retires in 
October after 36 seasons at North 
Carolina. Sports lllustralcd names 
him 1997 Sportsman of the Year 

Shooting Star 

American Jody Williams and the 
International Campaign to Ban Land 
Mines are awarded the 1997 Nobel 
Peace Prize in October. The U.S. and 
China refuse to sign an international 
treaty that would ban land mines. 

Ted Turner, vice chairman of the 
Time Warner media empire, pledges 
$1 billion to United Nations programs. 
It is the largest single gift in 
philanthropic history. 




BUlerico/ Memoy'iai Hiah/SchooL 

Top^ PtA^ List 


1 . How do I Live- LeAnn Rimes 

2. Crash- Dave Matthews Band 
Fly - Sugar Ray 

Semi-Charmed Life- Third Eye Bhnd 
Jack and Diane- John Mellancamp 


1. Men in Black- Will Smith 

2. Thriller- Michael Jackson 

3. Cryin'- Aerosmith 

4. Hole in my Soul- Aerosmith 
Crossroads- Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony 


1. Dave Matthews Band 

2. Aerosmith 

3. Pearl Jam 

4. Metalhca 

5. Alice in Chains Tool 


1 . Coca-Cola 

2. Pepsi 

3. Mountain Dew 

4. Sprite 

5. Rootbeer 


1. Ms. Molloy 

2. Mr. Flynn 
Mrs. Breen 

4. Mr. Warden 
Mr. Byrne 


1. English 

2. Art 

3. Spanish 

4. Anatomy and Physiology 

5. Office Simulation 


1 . "We had homework?" 

2. "1 just didn't do it." 

3. "1 left it at home." 

4. "1 forgot it in my car." 

5. "Ray ate it." 


1. "I was in the old building." 

2. "My locker wouldn't open." 

3. "My car broke down." 

4. "The halls are too crowded." 

5. "I was abducted by aliens." 
"I got lost." 

"I was at guidance." 


1. Friendly' s 

2. friend's house 

3. N. Billerica McDonald's 

4. Burhngton Mall 

5. Katie Busalacchi's basement 


1 . anywhere 

2. my house 

3. friend's house 

4. where there's no parents 

5. Josh's house 


[. McDonald's 

I. Mikey's Roastbeef and Seafood 
\. Taco Bell 
[. Wendy's 
). Burger King 


[. Hampton 
I York 

I Old Orchard 
[. Walden Pond 

Cape Cod 



' . Scream 

I Dazed and Confused 
\. Jerry Maguire 
[. Empire Records 
Tommy Boy 


. Tom Cruise 

!. Leonardo DiCaprio 

\. Jim Carrey 

Brad Pitt 
i. Tom Hanks 


'. Party of Five 
I The Simpsons 

[. ER 

Beverly Hills, 902 10 


1. Michael Jordan 

2. Drew Bledsoe 

3. Ken Griffey Jr. 

4. Ray Bourque 
Chipper Jones 
Michael Johnson 
Curtis Martin 


1. WAAF 107.3 

2. WBCN 104.1 

3. KISS 108 
JAM'N 94.5 

5. THE RIVER 92.5 
MIX 98.5 


1 . Budweiser frogs 

2. Mug Root Beer ("Love Train") 

3. Snickers 

5. Norman Feeney, Pepsi drinker for life 


1 . partying 

2. sleeping 

3. going out with friends 

4. skiing 

5. shopping 


1. YM 

2. Seventeen 

3. Sports Illustrated 

4. Polling Stone 

5. Cosmopolitan 


Above left: Jesse Rowley and 
Andy Maslin wear matching 
green and maroon for the 

Above right: Jason Pearl lunges 
towards the birdie while Eddie 
Paige looks on. 

Far right: Bone Thugs & 
Harmony team member Peggy 
Puriiam serves the birdie. 

Right: You think you can beat 

Below: Mr. O'Brien passes on the torch of victory to 
Mark Nohelty. 


Follow the Birdie 

d J A 

Above: Mark Capobianco raises the roof 
with his big win. 

Above; Where did the birdie go?! 

Above lop; Mrs. Luciano and Nicole Lamar celebrate her vic- 
tory win. 

Above: Peggy Puiliam is all smiles receiving her award. 


Far right: luliette Monis receives n Inig 
front Mrs. Devlin. 
Right: Mr. Giroux giiK's advice to 
Scott YnvnroiiK 

Middle left: Dr. Sharkexj tnkes time 
out to pose with fellow students. 
Middle right: "Ooob! Look at how that 
ring shines!" 

Bottom right: Rebecca Tanzilli and 
Mr. Colangelo go hand and hand. 

oing the distance 

"The teachers 
that I've come 
across during 
my four years 
here have been a 
great help to 

- Joseph Capatbo 

Philosophers and the 
Nissan corporation tell us that 
life is a journey. So did our 
teachers who pointed out the 
pot holes and the detours and 
assured us that there would be 
consequences for wrong turns 
and regrets over roads not 

taken. We thank them for their 
warnings and citations, for 
their road tests and maps. If 
we buy into this metaphor a 
little more, it's easy to see that 
school is one big driver's ed 

Dr. Calabrese 
of Schools 

Dr. Katsoulas 

Mr. Houghton 

To the Members of the Class of 1998: 

The future is yours. It will be filled with boundless oppo; 
tuniHes and the independence of adult life. But, with t 
future comes the uncertainties. WUl society meet the ch 
lenges ahead? How will you measure yourself to these ch 

The positives will outweigh the problems. Keep the wii 
ning spirit and the attitudes of success. I know you will be 
credit to yourselves, your families, and to the Town of Bi 

I join with the Billerica School Committee in congratula; 
ing each and every one of the Class of 1998. May your futui 
be filled with happiness and achievement. 


Dr. Robert J. Calabrese 
Superintendent of Schools 

Dr. Thomas D. 



Mr. O'Brien 

Class of 1998 

Mr. McLellan 

Class of 1999, 

Mrs. McCarthy 

Class of 2000 

Mr. Safier 

Class of 2001 

June, 1998 

>ear Graduates, 

We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that 
'eep inside us is valuable, virorth listening to, worthy of our 
rust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves, we 
an risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any expe- 
ience that reveals the human spirit" 

his observation by the poet, e.e. cummings, expresses for me 
^y hopes about what BMHS has done for you, and also about 
\/hat you are becoming as you enter the next phase of your life. 

)ur lives together at BMHS have hopefully been marked by 
lur helping you to realize how valuable you are as individual 
»ersons. Armed with that belief in yourselves, may you taste 
he wonders of the future with curiosity, delight, and the de- 
ire to make our world a better place because of your efforts. 

Congratulations on your graduation. Please stay in touch. 


homas D. Sharkey 


I shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — 
I took the one less traveled by. 
And that has made all the difference. 

Robert Frost 

There are those among us who avoid the beaten 
path, the safe road, the course of least resistance 
and, instead, pick a direction and go for it. 

They find their bliss in serving others, creating 
art, mastering perplexity, going for the gold. In a 
world of too many choices and not enough time, 
they find an interest early on, make a stand, and dig 

Their roads may not be the ones most of us would 
travel, but for these members of the class of 1998 fer- 
vent passion, can-do commitment, and singular 
focus have "made all the difference." 

Kristin Jamieson 

For all the things Kristin Jamieson had her senior year in high school, spare time 
definitely wasn't one of them. 

This year, Kristin participated in a wide range of activities both inside and outside of the 
classroom. But, unlike many of her classmates who were performing on the stage or 
playing on the field. Kristin was involved in some unique activities for a high school 
student. One of these acfivifies was teaching skiing to the blind and those who are 
physically challenged at Mount Sunapee. Krishn chartered her love of skiing to those who 
were not as fortunate as she. During her time as a ski instructor, Kristin felt that she gained 
by learning all the remarkable capabilifies of those who were physically challenged. 

Besides volunteering to teach skiing to the blind, Kristin plunged into many other 
activifies her senior year. A peer leader and Sunday school teacher, Kristin talked to 
elementary students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol in the DARE program. She 
also was the co news editor of the school newspaper, working on the paper unhl nine or ten 
at night during "producfion week" of the paper. 

With all these activities, Kristin never neglected her schoolwork, graduating with 
honors. Krisfin also maintained a part-time job at Carlton-Willard working twenty plus 
hours a week. She will attend the University of Vermont. 

Ms. E. Ahem 
Mr. A. Alvino 

Ms. E. Bacon 
Mr. D. Baniewicz 
Ms. D. Baniewicz 

Mr. T. Bannister 
Ms. P. Battcock 
Ms. C. Bejtlich 
Ms. C. Belniak 
Ms. J. Berardi 

Ms. D. Biagiotti 
Mr. G. Bishop 
Ms. L. Blanchard 
Ms. C. Boullie 
Mr. J. Bradford 


Dave Hudson 

Dave Hudson had a busy senior year, and it wasn't just because of col- 
lege applications. While others were filling out FAFSAs and transcript re- 
quest forms, this 18 year old senior was getting a taste of politics, cam- 
paigning for election to the school committee. He is now the only teenager 
m the history of Billerica to be elected to this position. 

"Many people thir\k that my age hurts me," said Dave, "But I do not 
think so. I think it makes me more qualified. I know how the students feel, 
and by myself being on the board, it brings more student opinion to it." 

Dave campaigned hard to win the position, having signs made and hold- 
ing them at the common. He also met with people at political functions, 
where he received positive feedback from others about his running for an 
elected office. 

Dave wanted to get involved in local politics for awhile, and hopes others 
his age will, too. "Students our age either do not think they could get 
involved, or they think they will not be effective because of their age," he 
says, "I believe more people our age need to become more involved and I 
encourage anyone who has an interest to get involved." 

While Dave fulfills his commitments to the school committee, he will 
attend UMass Lowell. 

Huei-Ming Wu 

For Huei-Ming Wu, the only barrier to success at 
B.M.H.S. was language, and she scaled that wall by her 
sophomore year. Her friends say that by Senior year she 
said "whatever" with the casual flair of any Billerica-bred 
kid, even telling friends that her American was better than 
her Chinese. 

Arriving for freshmen year from Taiwan, Huei-Ming won 
over students and faculty alike with her incredible positive 
attitude and good nature. She joined S.A.D.D. and other 
campus groups, but school work was always major. 

We salute her for her sweetness, her love of laughter, her 
adaptability to change, and her absolute consideration of 
the rights and feelings of others. How lucky we were that 
she joined the Class of '98. 

Ms. F. Braganza 
Ms. K. Breen 
Mr. P. Breen 
Mr. E. Buchovecky 
Ms. M. Buckley 

Ms. D. Burke 
Ms. C. Butze 
Mr. T. Byrne 
Ms. J. Caliri 
Ms. J. Capadanno 

Ms. D. Cappella 
Ms. A. Capps 
Ms. K. Caraia 
Ms. E. Chamh>erlain 
Ms. L. Chase 




Marie Liberatore 

Whether she was writing a poem for the literary magazine, performing in the spring 
musical, or meeting with her fellow science league members, Marie Liberatore always 
seemed to have a passion for her many interests . . . And what a diverse list of interests she 

In her four years at BMHS, Marie was actively involved in the school's dramatic and 
musical productions. Why this passion for drama? "I like to play," Marie explained, "It 
[acting] gives me a chance to do something 1 normally wouldn't do." While Marie enjoyed 
performing on stage, she also liked to work behind the scenes with the stage crew. 

WriHng has always been second nature to Marie. "It's just there," she commented, "I 
have to do it." Thus, it comes as no surprise that Marie plans to pursue a career in writing. 
She plans to write fiction and screenplays. 

Despite her interest in drama, literature, and music (she was a four year chorus 
member), Marie's curiosity delves beyond the realm of the arts. She was president of the 
science league and was a member for the Junior State of America. 

Marie's broad spectrum of interests went far beyond her extracurricular activities. Out- 
side of school, Marie enjoyed drawing, reading, babysitting, and criticizing movies. Marie 
also learned to garden and play the guitar. 

Marie will attend UMass Amherst. There is no doubt that her thirst for knowledge will 
allow her to achieve all of her goals and dreams. 

Nathan Tobey 

Outing and Environmental issues are not on the minds of most seniors. We 
walk down the halls littering and cram the student parking lot with cars. It is 
evident that the environment is not the senior class's number one concert in life. 
However, it is important to senior Nathan Tobey. 

During the past four years, Nathan Tobey has been trying to combat this 
problem. He wants people to recognize and respect the environment. In order to 
do this, he plays an achve role in the school's Outing and Environmental club. 
He is also a member of the ecology staff at Camp Wah-tut-ka. 

The combination of Nathan's love of nature and the public's disregard for the 
environment influenced him to pursue a degree in this field. Nathan will be 
attending the Stockbridge School at UMass Amherst to study Urban Forestry. He 
wants to teach people how to plant trees in a way that can best service the public 
and the environment. He will know how to plant trees in order to reduce the 
need for air conditioning as well as beautify and restore the environment. 
Nathan is somewhat of a pioneer for Billerica High. He recommends that if 
anyone wants to follow in his footsteps they must have a love for the outdoors. 

Mr. T. Clarke 
Ms. M. Cobleigh 
Mr. S. Colangelo 
Mr. A. CoTetti 
Ms. J. Corners 

Mr. S. Connolly 
Mr. G. Cox 
Dr. P. Cox 
Ms. V. Crowley 
Dr. D. Curtiss 

Mr. W. Davison 
Ms. L. DeCoste 
Mr. V. DeFeo 
Ms. N. Delory 
Mr. J. Desmond 


Davis Merritt 

Everywhere at BMHS, there were interesting students who did interesting things 
and most people didn't even know about them. One of these students was Davis 

Davis has been fencing for 12 years. Fencing is a unique sport for which he has won 
many awards. He got involved in fencing when he was five years old as a way to get rid 
of excess energy. Another reason was that he "loved He-Man. " Davis became interest- 
ed when his parents took him to see fencing for the first time. Since he thought it 
looked interesting, Davis tried it and has been doing it ever since. 

When asked why he participates in fencing, Davis said, "I enjoy the competition, 
how it constantly changes and how you must think to win." This attitude drives him to 
success in his sport. 

Davis has been all over the world competing against some of the best fencers there 
are. His various honors include being National Champion in his age group in 1993, 
1994, 1995, and 1997. 

Davis has also been a member of the Junior Pan-American team and the Junior World 
team. Currently he is ranked 10th in the under 20 age group and plans on attending 
with the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia or the 2004 Olympics. 

Catie Rideout 

BMHS has its share of people who are gifted with the ability to create music. One 
such person is Catie Rideout. Catie has been active in the Billerica music program 
throughout her high school career. She began her study of music when she started 
playing the flute in the fourth grade. In the eighth she started playing the piccolo, 
which she played for three years in the high school marching band. 

During her Senior year, Cahe was selected as the band's field director — the 
highest position a student can hold in the band. Under her leadership the band had a 
successful season, winning the Easter Marching Band Association (EMBA) Cham- 
pionship. The band also took a trip to Arizona where they had the opportunity to 
perform along with other bands from around the country. During this trip, Catie was 
named as Best Drum Major Field Director. 

In addition to participating in the band, Catie has been active in other areas of the 
school's music program. She has been a member of the Stage Band and Winter 
Colorguard for two years. She was a member of the cast of The Sound of Music, and 
she plays the alto saxophone as well as the keyboard. 

Catie will attend UMass Lowell and major in music educahon. 

Ms. H. Devlin 
Mr. T. Dimare 
Mr. P. Doherty 
Ms. P. Doneski 
Ms. P. Donovan 

Ms. P. Doyle 
Ms. G. Driscoll 
Ms. K. Endicott 
Mr. M. Esposito 
Ms. C. Falardeau 

Ms. K. Farmer 
Ms. P. Ferrin 
Mr. J. Flynn 
Ms. J. Foley 
Ms. J. Ford 




Katie Donovan 

As you walked down the halls of BMHS, were you aware that there was a business 
program offered to members of the junior and senior class? Katie Donovan, a member of 
the DECA program, was one who could tell you all about it. 

As a senior, she parHcipated in DECA (Distributive Educational Clubs of America). This 
consisted of many activihes including a class at the high school and various out of school 

To become acquainted with the program, Katie attended a district-wide DECA ori- 
entation where she met others from local schools involved in the program. It was there 
where she became interested in the Retail Merchandise Management Category. This was 
helpful in her after school job at a local retail store. 

In class, she and her classmates would prepare for their competitors. Katie made it to the 
district competition placing very well. She also assisted in sending other class members to 
the state competition where Billerica displayed huge success. 

All in all, Katie enjoyed the class and her whole DECA career. "It was a great experience. 
It made me think of my opportunities in the world of business." Kate plans on pursuing a 
career in the retail business and she feels that the DECA experience has prepared her well 
for that. BMHS has so many options when choosing classes, and Katie exemplifies the 
success of the DECA program. 

Jeff Trout 

While most of us use computers every day, we probably don't unde 
stand how they really work. One person who does know about the inni 
workings of computers is Jeff Trout. Jeff's knowledge of computers h 
been invaluable in helping Billerica Memorial High School get connected 
the Informahon Superhighway. He has helped the school get wired i 
sethng up the internet server for BMHS and networking a laboratory of 
computers. Jeff has also helped to create the school's web page and I 
designed the internet entry system so that students could enter their ve.i 
book memories electronically. 

In addition to helping the school with its computer systems, Jeff h. 
made computers a hobby in his spare time. He enjoys computer progran 
ming, electronic music composition, and taking part in internet ch, 
rooms. Jeff first started to use computers when he was three years old, bi 
he didn't start the "serious stuff" until he was about 13. 

Jeff plans to make his computing hobby into a career. He will atten 
UMass Lowell as a computer science major. 

Ms. F. Fuci 

Ms. D. Galdsl 
Ms. M. Gallagher 
Ms. J. Giroux 

Mr. F. Giroux 
Mr. J. Gorczyca 
Mr. M. Granfield 
Ms. S. Granfield 
Ms. B. Hagan 

Ms. T. Hamelin 
Mr. P. Hayes 
Ms. B. Hood 
Ms. V. Hough 
Mr. D. Hunter 


Shonna McEachem 

We knew her as "Bloody Mary" in South Pacific, "Hodel" in Fiddler 
on the Roof, and "Mother Abbess" in the Sound of Music. For (our years, 
Shonna McEachem graced the BMHS auditorium with her talent, 
poise, and her trademark crystal dear voice. 

Shonna's talent gained her many prestigious honors and awards 
throughout her BMHS career. For example, she was voted Most 
Talented of the senior class, she won the all state (MMEA) award, and 
was in senior district for three years. 

Shotuia says that both her parents have been extremely supportive 
with all she has done. She also says that her mom was really the one 
who inspired her to move in the direction of music. 

It wasn't just during the school year that Shonna dedicated her 
spare time to acting and singing. During the summer, Shonna stayed 
in Waltham at the Reagle Players. There she volunteered her time 
acting and singing in musicals. Just recently she was the understudy 
of Donna Kane. When Ms. Kane lost her voice, Shonna was able to 
sing in her place for a dress rehearsal down in the pit Ms. Kane 
showed her appreciation by giving Shorma a necklace that she still 
wears to tfiis day. 

Shoruia also took part in a l^dto Show called the Colonial Radio 
Players. In the past she performed in jack and the Bean Stalk, The Chck, 
nuny versions of A Christmas Carol, and all sorts of Charles Dickens 

Shonna is attending Wagner College in New York. She will study 

Jonathan Fardy 

The ability to create visual art is a rare gift. 
BMHS was fortunate to have had a student like 
Jonathan Fardy who possesses this gift. Jonathan 
has taken advantage of the high school's art de- 
partment for four years. During his high school 
career he has developed his talent for creating art 
by taking General Art, Fine Arts, and Advanced 
Fine Arts. 

In addition to taking classes at school, Jonathan 
enjoys developing his skills as an arhst in his 
spare time. He works in a variety of media includ- 
ing painting, drawing, and collage. The creation 
of some artishc project is something that he works 
on eveiy day. 

Jonathan says that he grew up around art, but 
that his interest in creating art didn't emerge until 
he was in the eighth grade. A painHng by Matisse 
first inspired him to pursue the study of art. 

Jonathan plans to make art his career. He will 
attend Frammgham State College as an art major. 

Colene Blanchet 

Intensely individualistic, yet comnritted to 
our Billerica community, Colene Blanchet w^as 
one of the class's not-so-secret assets. Usually 
found in the art room working on her oils and 
acrylics, Colene made creating her mission 
here, eventually winning the art department 
scholarship. But wait, there's more! Her love of 
music was another dimension of her creativity 
and she cherished her guitar collection. And 
the school cherished her devotion to the annual 
SPAC concert, which she ran, and to stage 
crew, where she was a very visible presence on 
every production. And if you missed her at 
school, she was the friendliest person at work 
in Friendly' s in her spare time. Headed for a 
career in fine arts, Colene makes a stop at Mass. 
College of Art for the next four years. Then Oh 
the Places She'll Go. We'll be watching. 

Mr. J. Infanger 
Mr. C. JahiJe 
Ms. J. Johansen 

Ms. D. Killeen 
Mr. J. Lancaster 

Ms. V. Langeiier 
Ms. S. Lanteigne 
Ms. A. LaRosa 
Mr. T. Lefevre 
Mr. G. Lemieux 

Ms. S. Lish 
Mr. J. LoDuca 
Mr. R. Loranger 
Ms. C. Luciano 
Ms. B. Luz 



97 I 

Far Right: Students experience the 
European marketplace. 

Right: Deidre DiOrio and Kristin 
Jamieson pose for a picture in 
Strasbourg, France. 

Below Right: The famous 
Heidelberg monkey welcomes the 
nine visiHng student travelers. 

Below: Lori Layfette and Mr. 
Galdston stroll through historic 

Mr. M. Marchi 
Ms. S. Marinaro 
Mr. K. McDermott 
Ms. L. McLaughlin 
Ms. J. Mitza 

Ms. L. Molloy 
Ms. K. Murphy 
Mr. T. Murphy 
Ms. M. O'Connell 
Mr. A. O'Connell 

Mr. M. Ouellette 
Mr. V. Pagliarulo 
Ms. M. Palma 
Mr. D. Patterson 
Ms. J. Perrin 


ri On the Autobahn: 


Billerica students travelled into foreign territory this school year, and 
from all reports had a wonderful time. 

"All roads lead to Rome," and that's where February vacation found Ms. 
Palma, Ms. Burke and a group of intrepid students. Besides Rome, the trip 
included stops in Venice, Florence, Assisi, Rimini, and Perugia. The spec- 
tacular Colosseum, inspirational St. Peter's Basilica, and innumerable 
works of art became more than photos in a text book for these travellers, 
who are also quick to point out that the Italian food was definitely better 
than "pasta your way" in the cafe. 

A few months later another cadre of BMHS students were seen strolling 
down the Champs Elysses in Paris and examining Picasso and Dali paint- 
ings in Madrid. Ms. Petrone, a veteran tour leader, escorted her charges to 
the Arc de Triumph and Napoleon's 
tomb in France, but made sure that there 
were "cultural comparison" visits to 
such exotic locaHons as the Hard Rock 
Cafe and MacDonald's. 

Cultural exchange students said good- 
bye to families and friends when they set 
out on a two week sojourn in Waldorf, 
Germany. The students and their chap- 

erones, Ms. Galston and Ms. Bacon, stayed with host families, attending 
school there briefly (note: school starts at 9 a.m. — how civilized!) and 
taking trips into the beautiful countryside. They also sampled Youth 
Hostel life, an arrangement more familiar to European kids. Students bunk 
in big rooms with many other students and conditions are austere, but the 
lower pride and instant comraderie make it a popular form of travel accom- 

All these happy wanderers have just had a taste of where destiny may 
lead them and look forward to further travel adventures. 

"Participating in the 
German exchange 
was an unforgetta- 
ble experience." — 
Kristin Jamieson 

Mr. G. Perry 
Ms. B. Petrone 
Ms. A. PetijUo 
Ms. N. Phillips 
Mr. A. Pike 

Mr. T. Piwowar 
Mr. R. Richard 
Ms. R. Rideout 
Ms. Rivard 
Mr. T. Rizzo 

Ms. M. Robb 
Ms. B. Roberts 
Ms. S. Robertson 
Mr. D. Robinson 
Mr. J. Sidorovich 





Mr. Desmond and Ms. Hamelin 


Ms. Bejtlich 

"A tissue? 
I don't 
even know 


It's only a 
movie . " 
Ms. Breen 

Hell, no! 
Mr. DriscoU 

"Using aseptic 
sterilize your 

Mr. Flynn 

"Tom and 
Tom, the 
juice guys/' 

the Wise: 


"Check out 
the tree." 

t^-- Ms. 



Mr. Stavely 

You're a fine Ameri- 
Mr. Desmond 


"Life's not 
all whole 
Mr. Cox 

"The fans 
are not 
happy to- 



/'Blink once if 
you hear 



"Mary had 
a little 


"el jardin zool- 




V\here the Rubber 
meets the Road 

Yes, the wheels of the bus 
go 'round and 'round, and they 
take Billerica Indians over hill 
and dale throughout the 
Merrimack valley, and occa- 
sionally, at the end of a par- 
ticularly fine season, beyond. 
The signs of autumn appear 
everywhere in our travels: dew 
on the grass on our playing 
fields, leafy reds and yellows 
along the cross country course. 

snow flakes dusting the 
Marshall field during a late 
practice. Every fall offers us a 
new beginning and a fresh 
start. Fall athletes find the foot- 
ball field freshly painted, the 
pools chlorinated, the floor- 
boards waxed , the fairways 
cut, and nets restrung and 
ready to capture our hopes of 


Girls Soccer 

Net Victories 

This year the girls soccer team, although losing the well known McHale 
and Bird (otherwise known as Jakie MacLean and Wendy Boudreau) had 
an impressive record of 13-4-1, with solid wins over teams like North An- 
dover and Pentucket. 

This year's team consisted of: 

Freshmen — Jody Graham and Racheal Button 

Sophomores — Mary Sullivan, Kelly Jillete, and Lyndsay O'Leary 

Juniors — Lisa Daye, Colleen Murphy, Jenn O'Brien, Jenn Regis, 

Carissa Carsno, Jolene Casalinaova, Amy Whittenhagan, Cynthia 

Moretra, and manager Colleen Banfield 

Seniors — Christina Richards, Captain Amy Krasowski, Captain 
Kristalyn Miller, and Captain Peggy PuUiam. 

Many girls received honors this year. Making the All Star Team were 
Sophomores Mary Sullivan and Kelly Jillete; Juniors Colleen Murphy and 
Carissa Carsno; and Senior Captain Amy Krasowski. Making the All Con- 
ference Team this year were Junior Jenn Regis and Senior Captains Kris- 
talyn Miller and Peggy Pulliam. Making the Eastern Mass All Star team was 
Senior Captain Kristalyn Miller. Junior Lisa Daye broke the shutout record 
with 30 career shutouts. Sophomore Mary Sullivan tied the record for scor- 
ing five goals in one game. 

We want to thank the team for making our last year the best. We'll never 
forget the pasta parties, Haverhill, He dying, dancing, Peggy singing, Kel- 
thumb, those supposedly quiet bus rides, and one more thing girls: re- 
member, next year no wrestling. 

Left: Amy Krasowski, Peggy Pulliam and 
Kristalyn Miller jokingly hoist Christina 


Boys Soccer 

Charging the Net 

The 1997 Boys Soccer Team season was one to remember. 
We finished the season with an overall record of 15-2-1 and, 
most importantly, we won the MVC Championship. The 
success of the team could be attributed to all the hard work 
and dedication of the players. 

This year Tom Blesso received the MVC Player of the Year 
Award and was also selected to the All-Conference Team. 
Scott Yavarow, Darryl Plimpton, and Chris Cowan were 
also named to the AU-Conference Team. Bob Wamness and 
Justin Plimpton were named to the All-Star Team. 

The last game of the season ended up being the game of 
the year. BUlerica, in first place, hosted second place Dracut 
and the winner walked away with the MVC title. Billerica 
came out on top with an emotional 3-0 victory. 

The graduating Seniors from the team included Charlie 
Ardell, Bob Wamness, Tom Blesso, Scott Yavarow, Darryl 
Plimpton, Chris Cowan, Joe Tasso, Dan Salerno, Scott Pom- 
erleau, and Chris Foley. 

(1-r) back row: Coach Mara, Scot DeDeo, Joe Tasso, Bob Wamness, 
Chris Foley, Charlie Ardell, Chris Cowan, Dan Salerno, Travis De- 
pray, Scott Pomerleau, Jon Pomerleau, Jon Hardy, Jay Bly 
front row: Andrew Eicher, Tom Geary, Justin Phmpton, Tom 
Blesso, Darryl Plimpton, Scott Yavarow, Kevm Salemi, Danny Co- 


Left: Darryl Pbmplon gets ready to make a move 
and leave the defender in the clust. 


Girls Volleyball 

Going for a Spike 

They were a team of underdogs. No one expected them to 
end the season with a record above 500, much less have a shot 
at the states. Nonetheless; with the odds stacked against 
them, the BMHS girls volleyball team proved the skepHcs and 
the doubters wrong. They ended the season with a dazzhng 
13-7 record and with a chance at the states! 

The 1997-98 team was characterized by young blood, great 
determination, and an abundance of spirit. Shining stars on 
the team were Senior Captain Casey Golus, an All-Conference 
server, and Junior Robin Hinchey, an All-Star setter. 

Senior Captain Melissa Traynham and Junior Bridget 
McDermott led the offense with their power hitting. Senior 
Captain Jesse Rowley, Junior Erin Fitzgerald, and Sophomore 
Sara Donaghey were essential to the team with their con- 
sistent defense. Junior Liz Fanning and Sophomore Nicole 
Murphy put up a huge block at the net. In addition to Golus, 
Juniors Andrea Matheson and Jenny Baldwin helped serve to 

With their "never give up" mentality, the Girls Volleyball 
team was able to silence the doubts and criticisms they faced 
when the season began. The close knit team was able to turn 
their hard work into victory. 

First row: Andrea Matheson, Sarah Donahey, Jesse Rowley, Casey 
Golus ; 
Second row: Coach Maureen Hovanian, Bridget McDermott, Robin ' 
Hinchey, Melissa Traynham, Liz Fanning, Erin Fitzgerald, Jenny 
Baldwin, and manager. 

Left: Melissa Traynham is about to bump the ball over 
the net. 



Driving Away the 

The 1997 Boys Golf team delivered yet another successful 
season. Overall the team mounted an 11-5 record while se- 
curing third place in the extremely competitive Merrimack 
Valley Conference. The team's success was due to a lineup 
stacked with Seniors. Derek DiRocco, Captain Josh 
McDonald, Captain Todd Rigoli, Steve Quin, Rich Ber- 
tolucci, Dan Duggan, and Tim Gearin were the Seniors who 
provided both leadership and talent. Underclassmen also 
provided help when it was needed. Freshmen AJ MastruUo 
and Chris Fiers, and Juniors Hank Blake and Sean Tremblay 
will try to keep the winning tradition alive next year. Best of 

Second row: Coach Cowdry, Chris Fiers, Joshua MacDonald, Steve 
Quin, Dan Duggan, Buddy Suprey, Tim Gearin, A.J. Mestrullo 
First row: Sean Tremblay, Rich Bertolucci, Todd Rigoli, Derek Di- 
Rocco, Hank Blake 

Left: Rich Bertolucci is always focused on 
the course. 


Below: The cheerleaders warm up for 
the Thanksgiving Day Game. 


Fall Cheering 

Getting in the Mood 

Although we were unable to attend a competition this 
year, the football cheering team had a great season. The 
challenges we had this season made us a stronger team and 
we managed to come out on top by becoming friends and 
having a lot of fun. 

The high point in our season came with the rally and the 
Thanksgiving Day game. We had a lot of fun performing for 
our school at the rally and winning the Thanksgiving game. 
Our Senior year was the best way to end the season. 

We want to say thank you to our great team for sticking 
together and helping to support each other. Departing Sen- 
iors are Jackie Renoni, Kristen Lynch, and Beth McColgan. 
Good luck next year! 

Second row: Michelle Mulcahey, Laura Devlin, Liz Campbell, Dan- 
ielle Muttola, Christina Capozzi, Kathy Doherty, Dana Cross 
First row: Melissa Spirito, Kellie Hogan, Kristen Rouine, Jackie Re- 
noni, Kristen Lynch, Beth McColgan, Michelle Lynch, Amy Frajelle, 
Stephanie Krasowski 

Left: The cheerleaders dazzle us at the 



Tearing up the 

Led by Seniors Tony Miranda, Martin Battcock, Steve 
Barker, Greg Gullage, Eric Meuse, Rick McKenna, and 
Chris Higgins, the Indians had an incredible season. Under 
Coach Rynn's helm, the team had another winning season. 
With great effort and heart, we beat the odds and upset the 
Chelmsford Lions at home by a score of 21-20. The Indians 
would Uke to thank all the fans for their great support and 
help during this difficult season. 

Members of the varsity football team: M. Battcock, E. Meuse, T. 
Miranda, S. Barker, G. Gullage, J. Abelli, W. Breen, M. Nugent, G. 
Gullage, C. Higgins, R. McKenna, M. Peterson, S. Breunig, C. 
Button, D. Hopkins, I. Huerta, C. Morrison, B. Bonacci, R. Ciardi, 
C. Doneski, J. lannelli, C. Lord, M. Rauseo, J. Saunders, J. Pan- 
niello, S. Soslowicz, E. Welsh with coaches. 

■ i 

Left: Eric Meuse man-handles his arch 



On the Road Again 

The band and colorguard had another ex- 
cellent season this year. Our musical pro- 
gram consisted of selections composed en- 
tirely by Leonard Bernstein. We began the 
season off strongly with a first place trophy 
at Trumble, Connecticut. Later in the sea- 
son, we defeated our main competitors 
from New Jersey with a score of 96.8, the 
highest score BiUerica has ever received. 
Our trip to Arizona to compete at the 
Copper Bowl proved to be a success for the 
band and a fun time for everyone. 
Good luck to the band next year! 



Girls Cross Country 

Going the Extra Mile 

This season was our most successful season in almost 15 
years. We finished with a record of 9-1, won the MVC 
Large-School title, and beat our rival Chelmsford. We ac- 
complished this with the help of our new coach Pat Murphy 
and many returning varsity runners. 

Returning lettermen from last year include Senior Nicole 
LaMar; Juniors Candice LaMar, Kristen Tebbets, Kristen 
Fidler, and Kate Maslowski; and Sophomores Lisa Geary, 
Danielle Vinciguerra and Lisa McLay. Newcomers to the 
team were Senior Laura Khoshabjian; Sophomores Ally 
Maslowski and Laurie Skelton; and Freshmen Jen Spara- 
cino, Jen Nestor, and Bethany Romano. 

We finished off the season with a strong showing in the 
league meet, finishing second only to Tewksbury. Sopho- 
mores Lisa Geary and Ally Maslowski received All- 
Conference honors, while Juniors Candice LaMar and 
Kristen Fidler were named All-Stars. Our coach also re- 
ceived honors, as he was named Large-School Coach of the 

1st Row: Laurie Skelton, Laura Khoshabijian, Becky Tinker, Beth- 
any Romano, Jen Nestor, Jen Sparacino. 

2nd Row: Coach Pat Murphy, Lisa McLay, Lisa Geary, Knsten hid- 
ler, Candice LaMar, Nicole LaMar, Kristen Tebbetts, Kate Mas- 
lowski, Ally Maslowski, Danielle Vinciguerra. 

Left: Senior Laura Khoshabijian is working really hard! 



Boys Cross Country 

Going the Distance 

The Boys Cross Country Team had a successful season 
with a final record of 6 wins and 3 losses. The team was led 
by Senior Captains CuUen Hagan and Rob Sparkes. Other 
Senior competitors were Ben Davis and PhU Marino. Sen- 
iors Chris Allen and Tom Trant ran well in their first season 
of Cross Country. 

Other varsity competitors who contributed to our win- 
ning season were Juniors Dave Peet, Scott O'Brien, and 
Jesse Graham; Sophomores Sachin Gupta, Colby Golus, 
and Jeff Anderson; and Freshmen Mike Fidler and Brian 

Also running well during the season were Juniors Awais 
Ahsan, George Noel, Steve Batchelor, Rob French, and 
Donnie Casey; Sophomores Charlie Virieros and Chris 
Neeb; and Freshmen Bobby and Andy Jones. 

We would like to thank our coaches Mr. Granfield and 
Don Fay for a successful season and a great four years. 

1st Row: Colby Golus, Jason Grey, Brian Carrol, Bobby Jones, Jesse 
Grahm, Michael Fidler. 

2nd Row: Donnie Casey, Awais Ashan, George Noel, Edward 
Hurd, Chris Neeb, Charles Vivieros, Sachin Gupta. 
3rd Row: Coach Michael Granfield, Tom Trant, Steve Bachelor, Rob 
French, Chris Allen, Ben Davis, Rob Sparkes, Cullen Hagan, Phil 
Marino, Scott O'Brien, Dave Peet, Jeff Andersen, Assistant Coach 
Don Fay. 



Left: Cullen Hagan is focused on winning 
this race. 



Getting our Kicks 

Fitting 40 people into a pool isn't easy, waking up at 5 AM on Satur- 
day mornings doesn't sound that appealing, and traveling 30 miles a 
day to dive isn't really a convenience, but the BMHS girls swimming 
and diving team wouldn't want it any other way. 

Diverse abilities as well as personalities make up our team. Having 
those pasta parties, a team sleep-over, and our sing alongs on the bus 
brought us closer together in and out of the pool. Our season, filled 
with individual best hmes and broken school records, was started off 
by our victory over Dracut. 

It was a season of shattered records. The relay team of Leah Puffer, 
Emily White, Beth Colandreo, and Alicia Guild started off by break- 
ing the medley relay record which was set in 1981. Then the relay 
team of Catie Button, Leah Puffer, Alicia Guild, and Beth Colandreo 
broke the 400 freestyle relay at the North Sectional meet. Individual 
records were broken by Andria Cucchiara, who remained undefeated 
in diving throughout the dual meet season, and Beth who re-broke 
her school records for the 50 and 100 freestyle. 

For the past four years, the class of '98 has been a big part of the 
swomming and diving team. We have a lot of memories like winning 
the MVC our sophomore year, rough water polo games on Saturday 
mornings, and cheering at this years MVC Small School meet. Thanks 
so much to our coaches who always encouraged us to do our best and 
kept us focused. Thanks to our teammates for making our senior year 
one of the best. We'll never forget you. Good luck next season! 

Top row: Leah Puffer, Beth Colandreo, Nicole Ramocki, Katie ^ 
Mixon, Kristen Joyce, Sarah Cole, Allison Yarvitz, Jenny Eriksen, f 
Andria Cucchiara, Allison McNulty. 

Second row: Danielle Daly, Kristin Meurer, Caitlin Erickson, Alicia 
Guild, Kate Donovan, Christy Stanely, Melissa Daly, Rachel 
Strachen, Assistant Coach Rick Danehy. 

Third row: Christina Terrassi, Janell Albrecht, Christina Newcomb, ' 
Caitlyn Powderly, Kellie Ambrose, Jessica DiOrio, Amy LaMarca, 
Amy Collins, Desiree Dellano. 

Bottom row: Jenna Palumbo, Catie Button, Sheena McDonald, 
Kellie Mixon, Tracy Ings, Amy Doran, Amanda Towne. 



Riglit: Melissa Goiisalivs Ims 
inches to spare. Raise the bar! 
Far right: Mike Pnliimbo 
thinks swish! 
Beloiv: Brian Fahey is 
thinking "OK noiv what 
should I do?" 


uckle up for safety 

No, there's nothing glam- 
orous about the journey of the 
winter athletes as they trudge 
towards their appointments 
with destiny in humid gyms, 
on sweaty mats, and in damp 
hockey rinks. There the Indi- 
ans made of sterner stuff shoot 

and score, tumble and vault, 
out distance opponents or pin 
them in place. Winter athletes 
go to school in the dark and 
come home in the dark, but 
the signs of their success light 
up our scoreboards and 
brighten our trophy cases. 

Right: Jason Pearl crushes his opponent. 
















B. Raynham 




W. Hanson 







N. Atfleboro 

































Plymouth S. 






B.C. High 





Above: Darryl Plimpton eyes down his 

Middle right: Captains Patrick Hogan, 
Jason Pearl, and Sean Osborne. 

Right: Mike Zuffanti squares off with 
his opponent. 




Weighing In 

After losing two individual state champions to gradu- 
ation in 1997, the Indian wrestlers had a lot to overcome this 
winter. With hard work and determination the wrestling 
team beat the odds and had another quality season. Leading 
the team to a 12-7 record were Senior Captains Jason Pearl, 
Pat Hogan, and Sean Osborne. Also making great contribu- 
tions to the season were Seniors Darryl Plimpton, Brian 
Fahey, Mike Zuffanti, and Randy Prokos. 

Accompanying the Indians' team success were many in- 
dividual accomplishments. Captain Pat Hogan dominated 
his competition on his way to becoming the Division One 
State champion and a New England place winner at 189 lbs. 
Hogan was voted onto the MVC All-Conference Team. Sen- 
iors Darryl Plimpton (112 lbs.), Brian Fahey (119 lbs.), Jason 
Pearl (145 lbs.), and Sean Osborne made the MVC All-Star 
Team. Capping off the year was Coach Vincent VigUone's 
induction into the New England Wrestling Coaches Hall of 

Members: Brian Fahey, Patrick Hogan, Sean Osborne, Jason Pearl, ■ 
Darryl Plimpton, Michael Zuffanti, Brian Borges, Kevin Ellard, Pat- ^ 
rick Mahoney, Pat Paige, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Matthew Molinson, 
Gary Marchant, William Bagrud, Jason Dickey, Vinnie Francis, 
Adam Hillis, Mike Kiernanas, Peter Pinto, William Powderly, 
Randy Prokos, Tim Yarnell Coach: Vincent Viglione 

Left: Brian Fahey prepares to pin his 


Girls Basketball 

Road to the States 

The girls varsity basketball season was nothing short of a suc- 
cess. The team was led by lone Senior Melissa Traynham. With 
only one Senior to look up to, the rest of the team just tried to come 
together and win games. They did just that, ending with an 11-9 
overall record and qualifying for the states. Along the way, the 
Lady Indians got a big thrill, defeating arch-rival Chelmsford by 
10 points. Their record earned them the 10th seed in the state 
tournament, but they were knocked out early by SomerviUe. 

Along with Traynham, the team was captained by Junior 
Kristen Tebbets. Along with Tebbets, fellow Junior Bridget 
McDermott represented the team in the All-Star Game. A great 
season was played by varsity returners Meredith Hurley and 
Robin Hinchey. While Hinchey led on the defensive side with 
some fierce rebounding. Hurley led the offense with some trade- 
mark three pointers. 

All in all it was a successful season and next year's team will no 
doubt be even more successful. Melissa Traynham's leadership 
helped guide this team through the season, but her impact will 
help for years to come. 


Boys Basketball 

Hoop Dreams 

The 1997-98 version of the boys varsity basketball team posted a 
dismal 5-15 overall record. Although victories were few and far 
between, the team conhnued to play hard right up until the final 
buzzer sounded. They adopted the slogan "Play Hard or Stay 
Home," and play hard they did. 

The Indians scored victories against Dracut, Somerville, Tewks- 
bury, Concord-Carlisle, and North Middlesex. The highlight of 
the season came with the final home game of the year, versus 
North Middlesex. The seniors walked off their home court for the 
final time with the taste of victory in their mouths, routing the 

The Indians were led by tri-captains Bob Wamness, Joe Capalbo 
and Tom Blesso. The team was also helped by the strong senior 
efforts of Martin Battcock, Kyle Abrams, Matt Kennedy, and Mike 
Palumbo. Several juniors made important contributions to the 
team. They included George Noel, Mike Powers, and Vinny Trin- 
gale. Sophomores Chris Doneski and Mike Rauseo also played 
key roles in the Indians' season. 

Seniors Tom Blesso and Matt Kennedy wrapped up their sea- 
son with respective selections to the Merrimack Valley All Star 



First row: George Noel, Bob Wamness, Tom Blesso, Joe Capalbo, 
Mike Palumbo. 

Second row: Chris Doneski, Mike Powers, Vinny Tringale, Martin 
Battcock, Matt Kennedy, Kyle Abrams, Mike Rauseo, and Head 
Coach Richard Donnelly 

Left: Mike Palumbo concentrates and prepares for 
his foul shots. 


Right: First row; Kelly Clement and Krisi 


Second row: Jen Robbins, Denise Conte 
(captain). Amy Peranelli (captain), Laurie 
Morreale, Jen Pisini 

Below: Denise Conte and Krisi Leibovitz 
show their school spirit. 




Pyramids of 

The Boys Basketball Cheering Squad had an exciting sea- 
son cheering for the team. The 14 giris on the team worked 
hard and pulled together under new coach Diane Cefalo. 
The team was led by co-captains Amy Peranelli and Denise 
Conte. Other Seniors included Krisi Leibovitz, Laurie 
Morreale, Kelly Clement, Jen Robbins, and Jen Pisini. Jun- 
iors who helped the team were Keri Joyce, Elise Colon, Erin 
Curran, and Caryn Baker. Sophomores contributing were 
Nicole Gilbeau, Meg Richard, and Tiffany Williams. The 
team stood by the Boys Varsity Basketball team through 
every win and loss. Their season was very successful. 

Standing: Meg Richard, Jen Robbins, Coach Diane Cefalo, Elise 
Colon, Keri Joyce, Denise Conte, Laurie Morreale, Erin Curran, J( 

Kneeling: Caryn Baker, Kelly Clement, Nicole Gilbeau, Amy Pei 
nelli. Tiffany Williams, Krisi Leibovitz. 

Left: Amy Peranelli raises her hand for victory. 


Right: Goalie Scott Yavarow relaxes while 
he waits for the puck to be brought to his 
end of the ice. 





Acton 2 

Arlington 3 


Arl. Catholic 4 




Austin Prep 1 




Tewksbury 3 


Central 4 


Chelmsford 3 
Haverhill 1 


Springfield 1 


Acton 2 



Bishop G. 
Tewksbury 4 



Chelmsford 2 


Central 2 


BC High 2 



Ari. Catholic 3 

Above: Tim Calabro takes the face off. 

Above right: Captain Jay White, Coach 
McColgan, Captam Tim Calabro, 
Coach Wronski, Captain Scott 
Yavarow, and Captain Matt Burke. 

Right; Pete Jenkins is primed to 
pummel his opponent. 



Blades of 

The 1997-98 boys varsity hockey team's season was 
nothing short of a success. Leading the team back to the 
Super 8 Tournament for the second consecutive year were 
captains Scott Yavarow and Tim Calabro and assistant cap- 
tains Matt Burke and Jason White. 

Also contributing to the trip to the Fleet Center were sen- 
iors Pete Jenkins and Andy MasUn, juniors Sean Tremblay 
and Jeff Abelli, and sophomores Chris DussauU and Dan 

Yavarow and Maslin each had an excellent year in net, 
splitting the role of goaltender. The goal scoring was in 
abundance thanks to Matt Burke, Jeff Abelli, and All- 
Conference/Player of the Year Tim Calabro. Although the 
season did not end as they had hoped, the team battled 
through it all. Their efforts will not be forgotten by the dedi- 
cated and enthusiastic fans. 

Top row: Coach Jim Wronski, Anthony Caterino, Jim O'Brien, Ed 
Butcher, Captain Tim Calabro, Peter Jenkins, Joe Roberts, Chris 
Dussault, Scott Gallagher, Mark Longo, Assistant Coach Ed 

Middle Row: Manager Paul Beck, Assistant Captain Jason White, 
Sean Tremblay, Captain Scott Yavarow, Bill Bridge, Andy Maslin, 
Jeff Abelli, Assistant Captain Matt Burke. 
Bottom Row: Ryan Weadick, Mike Leone, Dan Cetrone. 

Left: Matt Burke waits for his chance to score. 


Right: Amy Collier sights her landing. 




No. Andover 

























Above: Jenny Grahm on the uneven 


Middle right: Noelle Bachand 
demonstrates extension during her 
floor exercise. 

Lower right: Jacki Renoni shows her 
balance on a 4 inch beam. 


Vaulting to Victory 

This year the gymnastics team was comprised of mostly 
younger members. Jaclyn Renoni, the only Senior, cap- 
tained a team of two Juniors, five Sophomores, and eight 
Freshmen. Jaclyn competed in the all around along with 
stand out Freshman Kim Dulong. Juniors Noelle Bachand 
and Laurie Gladyszak, and Sophomore Jenny Graham com- 
peted in three events while the rest of the team competed in 
at least one event. Although the team was young, it had 
depth and everyone on the team contributed. The team 
ended up with a 4 and 4 record and placed sixth at the MVC 
League Meet. Both Jaclyn Renoni and Kim Dulong made it 
to individual states for the vault. 

Team members: Jaclyn Renoni, Noelle Bachand, Laura Gladyszak, jk 
Crystal Giurelo, Jenny Graham, Tina Mungillo, Kelly Sullivan, ■ 
Christine Allosso, Amy Collier, Kim Dulong, Renee Faney, Laura ™ 
Greeley, Julie Carraher, Kerri Curtis, Jamie Miller, Janine Pierre. 

Keep your toes pointed Jackie! 


Right: Ben Davis prepares for a rough 
























Above: On your mark. Get set. Go! 

Above right: Coach Coutoumas, Ben 
Davis, Rob Sparkes, James Dalfino, 
Cullen Hagan, Scott Pomerleau, Mike 

Right: Scott Dedeo and Phil Marino 
race to the finish. 


Boys Winter 

More Than 

The Billerica Boys Winter Track team ended its season 
with a record of 3 wins and 4 losses. The team performed 
well all season, recording wins against Lawrence, Dracut, 
and, most memorably, Andover. 

The success of the team was due, in part, to the great lead- 
ership contributed by Seniors. Great contributions were 
made by Senior captains Ben Davis, Rob Sparkes, James 
Dalfino, Cullen Hagan, and Eric Meuse who led the way 
along with Seniors Scott Pomerleau, Mike Newcomb, and 
Jared McLay. Due to the hard work and great efforts put 
forth by the entire team, especially the Seniors and the 
coaches, the Boys Winter Track team made the '97-'98 sea- 
son one to remember. 

Above: Team members: James Dalfino, Ben Davis, Cullen Hagan, 
Phil Marino, Jared McLay, Eric Meuse, Mike Newcomb, Scott Pom- 
erleau, Robert Sparkes, Donald Casey, Scott Dedeo, Robert French, ' 
Jesse Graham, Scott O'Brien, David Peet, Josh Reese, Richard Sul- 
livan, Matt Tonini, David Falvey, Colby Golus, Sachin Gupta, Seth i 
Gumey, Marc Lombardo, Charles Viveiros, Chris Casey, Kevin Cer- 
, roni, Chad Hildreth, Kevin Moore, Jay Mungillo, Craig Sahagian, 
; Sean Suslov^icz, Shaunt Voskanian, Robert Ankenbauer, Greg 
1 Cusato, Jay Thomas, Chris Walsh, Dan Borland, Jason Frotten, Paul 
v Hadley, Jeff Penta, David Torrice. 

1 i 

Left: Sachin Gupta leaves his opponent in 
the dust. 


Girls Winter Track 

Pride is Forever 

Coming into the new season with MVC Division n Cham- 
pionship the year before, the Indoor Track team was moved 
into Division I for the 97-98 season. Tougher competition was 
expected, and the team was ready for it. With six seniors and 
many returners from last year, the team had a full range of 
athletes and performed strongly in almost every event. 

All the seniors on the team were named captains. The six, 
who had been on the team since freshman year, were: Deir- 
dre Lorway, Nicole LaMar, Melissa Gonsalves, Susan 
Cucchi, Lisa Cerroni, and Niamh Brady. With the leadership 
of the seniors and the dedication of the underclassmen, the 
team had only one loss the entire season to Chelmsford; a 
meet which came down to the final relay race. 

In the post-season, Billerica had four athletes make it to the 
AU-State Championship. Competing in the 4x400 relay were 
Nicole LaMar, Melissa Gonsalves, Kristen King, and Candice 
LaMar. Candice LaMar also ran in the 600 yard run. Gon- 
salves competed also in the high jump. 

Team Members: N. Brady, L. Ceroni, S. Cucchi, M. Gonsalves, N. 
LaMar, D. Lorway, C. Banfield, A. Borsini, K. Fidler, C. Goguen, K. 
Graham, P. Jasset, C. LaMar, K. Maslowski, A. Matheson, L. Pi- 
cardi, L. Picariello, A. Whittenhagen, A. Maslowski, L. McLay, L. 
Geary, C. Powderly, D. Vinciguera, K. King, E. Lorway, J. Spara- 
dno, N. Young, S. Roy, S. Ly, M. Daly, E. Naples, S. Melvm, J. 
Newcomb, E. Reinecker, L. WiroU, C. Erickson, C. Howe, K. 
Clarke, S. Donaghey, C. Leone, J. LeVitre, A. Papas, L. Skelton, A. 
Towne, R. Barron, T. Keefe, S. Kozlowski, H. Menard, R. Pettingell, 
N. Roy, B. Tinker 


Left: Melissa Gonsalvez gets focused to run over 
the competition. 


Signs Of Winter 



tart your Engines 

Maybe going the distance is 
easier in the spring because 
we savor the last lap of the 
journey that much more. The 
team bus kicks up its wheels 
and we're off to Andover or 
Chelmsford to hit harder, run 
faster, serve aces and slam 
spikes with more gusto than 
ever before. In spring we re- 
pave our dreams and draw 

new maps to our goals. The 
signs of rebirth surround us; 
they are in the fresh mowed 
practice fields, on "puddlelus- 
cious" tennis courts, in blue 
skies cradling clouds and high 
pops to center field. Spring 
torrents mucked up the sports 
schedules but didn't dampen 
the spirits of Billerica Indians, 
bound for glory. 


Girls Baseball 

Above and 

This season the softball team went above and beyond the 
call of duty. They surprised everyone. Everyone that is, but 
the Lady Indians themselves. Teams of the past have al- 
ways been known to have positive attitudes and this team 
was no exception. In the MVC they finished third, defeating 
some very difficult teams. They qualified for the state 
tournament, but came up short against Chelmsford. 

The Indians were led by tri-captains Senior Nikki Corroto 
and Juniors Bridget McDermott and Lisa Daye. Also con- 
tributing to their success were Juniors Meredith Hurley and 
Kristen Fiddler, Sophomores Andrea DiSalvo, Lisa Lari- 
viere, Michelle Derochers, and star pitcher Melissa Crear. 
These ladies helped earn Billerica a record of 11-4 overall 
and 10-3 in the conference. To say the season was a success 
would be an understatement! 

Back row: Kerrie Wemmit, Meredith Hurley, Lisa Lariviere, Jessica] 
Kelly, Courtney Goguen, Nicole Darcey, Coach Murphy, Coach | 

Mi^le row: Robin Hinchey, Andrea DiSalvo, Melissa Crear,! 
Kristen Fiddler, Nicole O'Leary 

Front row: Michelle Derochers, Lisa Daye, Nikki Corroto, Bndget | 
McDermott, ChrisHna Newcomb 

Left: Nikki Corroto warms up before the 




Right: T.J. Ennion keeps his eye on 
the pitch. 




























































Above: Tim Gearin makes the play at 


Middle right: Seniors — Bottom row: 
Rich Bertolucci, Tom Blesso 
Top row: Tom Trant, Tim Gearin, Matt 
Clemente, Jason Pearl, T.J. Ennion 

Right: Tom Trant goes for another 
strike out. 

E\ 2?/, JO'T 


Bottom of the 

The 1998 Baseball Team had its ups and downs through- 
out the course of the season and finished with a 7-13 record. 
They started off positive at 4-4, but an eight game losing 
streak put an end to any tournament hopes. 

The team was led by Seniors Matt Clemente, Rich Berto- 
lucci, Tim Gearin, T.J. Ennion, Tom Trant, and Senior Cap- 
tain and All-Conference selection Jason Pearl. Also contrib- 
uting to the team were Juniors Keith Dodge and Dennis Mc- 
Kenna, and Sophomores Chris Doneski, Erik Thomas, and 
Mike Rauseo. 

Thanks to Coach Sidorivich, Coach Cowdry, and Mr. 
Byrne. They all did a great job with the team. 

Left: Richard Bertolucci makes the play at 



Girls Spring Track 

Racing to the Finish 

The Girls Spring Track team had a disappoir\ting season if you 
look only at the record. If, however, you talk to anyone on the 
team, they will say just the opposite. The team was led by Cap- 
tains Jackie Renoni, Niamh Brady, Susan Cucchi, and Nicole 
LaMar. Jackie Renoni contributed to the team in both the javelin 
and shot put, qualifying for the state meet in the shot. Susan 
Cucchi dominated competition in the long jump and sprints. Ni- 
cole LaMar was very versatile. She excelled in hurdles and mid- 
distance. Niamh Brady, unfortunately, missed most of the season 
due to an injury. Also contributing to the team were Most Out- 
standing Athlete Candice LaMar (sprints, jumping), Lisa Geary 
(distance), Kristen King (mid-distance). Amy Wittenhagen 
(sprints), Andrea Matheson (shot put), Lisa Picardi (javelin), and 
Melissa Gonsalves (distance, mid-distance, high jump). 

The combined efforts of the team and coaches led them through 
another season. Head coach Donald Fay, with the help of assis- 
tant coaches Daniel Murphy, Bob Loranger, Peter Flynn, and 
Deanna Giordanno, guided the team through the 1998 campaign. 

Team members: Niamh Brady, Susan Cucchi, Nicole LaMar, Jaclyn 
Renoni, Colleen Banfield, Andrea Borsini, Cindy Chaves, Katie 
Graham, Amy Johnson, Candice LaMar, Stephanie Ly, Andrea 
Matheson, Lisa Picardi, Amy Wittenhagen, Melissa Daly, Lisa 
Geary, Lisa McLay, Kerri Curtis, Meghan Deeney, Catherine 
Hogan, Kristin King, Eileen Lorway, Rebecca PetHngill, Crystal 
Peverill, Marybeth Schermerhom, Emily White, Nicole Young, 
Paula Jasset, Melissa Gonsalves, Cathenne Rideout, Kim Clark, 
Lorie Skelton, Katelyn Todd, Danielle Vinciguera, Katie Zediana, 
Jessica Levitre, Jessica Wellum, Jennifer Anderson, Brenda Baker, 
Laura Greeley, Danielle Hafey, Jenn Newcomb, Ambika Wali, Ni 
cole Small 


Left: Niamh Brady heads for the finish 


Boys Spring Track 

Leave Them in the Dust 

The Boys Varsity Track team had a difficult season to say the least. The team 
finished with a 1-6 record overall. The disappointtng record should not over- 
shadow the team's great athletic talent and performances. 

The team was led by its strong base of Seniors, including Captains James 
Dalfino, Cullen Hagan, Eric Meuse, and Rob Sparkes. They kept the entire 
team working hard all season. Cullen Hagan continued to dominate the com- 
petition, whether it was in the 400 or the 800. James Dalfino placed consistently 
in the 400 and the triple jump. Eric Meuse was able to hold his own in the shot 
put and discus, qualifying for the states in both events. Rob Sparkes, the 
team's number one distance runner, excelled in the mile and 2 mile. The team 
was helped by many other Seniors as well. Ben Davis was a mulH-talented 
athlete, excelling in the high jump, 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, and the 400. Joe 
Capalbo dominated in the javelin and triple jump, qualifying for the state meet 
in both. Bob Wamness performed well in the 800, the mile, and the discus. The 
team also had some contributions from Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen. 
Donnie Casey destroyed opponents in the 100 and 200. Colby Golus and Dave 
Falvey ran well in sprint races. Sachin Gupta and Dave Peet also ran well in 
their distance races. 

Throughout the season the team made vast improvements, always trying to 
better themselves. All of the above mentioned people and the 4x100 relay team 
of Seniors Scott Pomerleau, Mike Newcomb, Jared McLay, and Sophomore 
Dave Falvey qualified for the state meet. 

The sprint medley relay team, consisting of Davis, Dalfino, Hagan, and 
Casey, captured the Class A State Title. They also traveled to North Carolina 
for the National Meet, but were unable to compete due to injury. The high 
jump relay team of Davis, Ryan Burke, and Jay Mingello placed sixth in Class A 
as well. 

Team members: Ryan Burke, Joe Capalbo, James Dalfino, Ben 
Davis, Derek Dirocco, Cullen Hagan, Pat Hogan, Jarad McLay, Eric 
Meuse, Mike Newcomb, Scott Pomerleau, Rob Sparkes, Bob Wam- 
ness, Donald Casey, Jesse Graham, Jay Mungillo, Scott O'Brien, 
David Peet, Craig Ahagian, John Shea, Adam Smith, Chris Spraker, 
Matt Tonini, Jason Dickey, David Falvey, Colby Golus, Sachin 
Gupta, Seth Gurney, Marc Lombardo, Jonathan Renoni, Michael 
Skeiton, Charles Viveiros, Chris Walsh, Kevin Cerroni, Joseph 
Damigella, Jason Frotten, Kevin Moore, David Torrice, David Jan- 
uary, Jeffrey Anderson, Adam Aylward, Kevin Demerjian, Daniel 
Ostler, Daniel Butcher 

Left: Derek DiRocco prepares for the vault 
of his Hfe. 


Right: Allison McNulty receives a 



















































Above: Kristalyn Miller out maneuvers 
her opponent. 

Above right: Captains Christina 
Richards, Knstalyn Miller and Jesse 

Bottom right: Jesse Rowley positions 
herself for the defense. 

.^m„^ '.^.^ j,^ 

Girls Lacrosse 

Cradle the Ball 

The 1998 Girls Lacrosse season was a very memorable 
one. It marked the first time in four years that the Lady In- 
dians posted a winning record of 8-7-1 . The team was led by 
tri-captains Kristalyn Miller (3rd Man), Christina Richards 
(2nd Man), and Jesse Rowley (1st Man). Senior Kim Ames 
had an outstanding season in goal. She was helped on the 
defensive end by Senior defender Allison McNulty. Both 
players showed great teamwork and sportsmanship. In 
addition, Casey Golus who was known as the senior who 
was always relied on to play a variety of offensive positions, 
contributed to a great winning season as well. With the per- 
severence and great teamwork, the Lady Indians entered 
into the state tournament for the first time since Girls La- 
crosse has been offered as a sport. This was a remarkable 
accomplishment for a remarkable team. 

^MiaiPiimwiMiil l ^ . I I I . 1 . 1. ■ iiim i 

Team Members: Kimberly Ames, Casey Golus, Allison McNulty, 
Kristalyn Miller, Christina Richards, Jesse Rowley, Carissa Carsno, 
Elizabeth Fanning, Kristine Gallagher, Michelle Lynch, Colleen 
Murphy, Jenn O'Brien, Jennifer Remis, Jacqueline, Maureen Spen- 
cer, Sarah Donaghey, Natalie Kent, Elizabeth Naples, Caitlin Pow- 
derly, Courtney Samo, Mary Jean Sullivan, Paula Lopes, Melissa 

Left: Kim Ames makes another defensive 


Boys Lacrosse 

Take the Shot 

The Boys Varsity Lacrosse team enjoyed another success- 
ful season. They were crowned league champs, for a second 
year in a row. Led by tri-captains Scott Yavarow, Martin 
Battcock, and Lee Sarno, the Indians scored a winning rec- 
ord of 14-5. Graduating Seniors Jason White (defense), Mike 
Palumbo (defense), Darryl Plimpton (Mid-Field), and goalie 
Paul Beck greatly contributed to the winning team. The 
team made it all the way to the State Tournament in which 
they suffered a disappointing loss. However, it was team 
sportsmanship and perseverance that mattered most. It was 
a memorable season that the 1998 graduates will never 

Team Members: Front: Jason White, Paul Beck, Capt. Martin 
Battcock, Capt. Scott Yavarow, Capt. Lee Same, Greg Gullage, 
Mike Palumbo. 

Middle: Pat Roach, Dave Terrasi, Jeff Abelli, Tim Calabro, Jim 
O'Brien, Spencer Bruerung. 

Back: Coach Tholander, Geno Busa, Steve Batchelor, George 
Gullage, Bob Gaska, Chris Dussautt, Coach Connolly. 

Left: Team Spirit!! 



Girls Tennis 

Love, Set, Match 

The girls tennis team fought through a rebuilding season 
after losing five key seniors to graduation. They returned 
this season with only one senior to lead the team. Senior 
Capt. Kristyn Kneeland resumed her position at first singles 
winning around fifty percent of her matches. Sophomore 
Colleen Donovan excelled at her first season at singles in the 
second position. The Ly sisters, Mary and Susan, alternated 
at the third singles position successfully throughout the sea- 
son. Doubles positions varied somewhat for the best results 
possible. Junior Katie Donovan at first doubles and Kristin 
Meurer at second doubles played with many partners in- 
cluding Cara Howe, Mary Ly, Susan Ly and Alexandra 
Pappas. Losing only one senior, the team should return 
strong next year. They are looking forward to the seasons to 

Team members — Front row: Susan Ly, Liz Smulligan 
Middle row: Colleen Donovan, Capt. Katie Donovan, Capt. Kristy 
Kneeland, Capt. Mary Ly, Alexandra Pappas. 
Back row: Cara Howe, Laura Kilday, Jocelyn DeCoste, Melissa 
Keltgen, Liz Reinecker, Deidre DiOrio, Kristin Muerer, Caitlin Erik- 
son, Coach Granfield. 

Left: Kristyn Kneeland with her inside out 
shot from the baseline. 


Boys Tennis 

Match Point 

With only one senior to lead the team this season, the 
BMHS boys tennis team has been busy rebuilding. The 
young team gained great experience through their vigorous 
practice and training. A 6-10 record was one start to help the 
team improve and shape up for more years ahead. Al- 
though the team did not make states, they had a great sea- 

Leading the team at first singles was the lone senior cap- 
tain Chris Allen. He won nearly half of his matches against 
some tough competition. Junior Phil Whitman and Sopho- 
more Bill Doherty played first doubles. Nick Barret, Jon 
Pomerleau, Shaunt Voskanian, Sean Landry, Kevin 
Thompson, and Greg Yavanian all split second doubles. 

Sophomore Wes Zichitella stepped up this season, 
played second singles. Dennis Levesque earned a spot at 
third singles. The team gained great experience under 
Coach Severo . . . Best of luck to the team in the future. 

Left: Captain Chris Allen volleys to warm 
up before the start of his match. 


Boys Volleyball 

Spike the Ball 

Even though some of the conference champion volleyball 
team was lost to graduation, the new 1998 Boys Team was 
definitely set and ready to go. They were up to the challenge 
and confident that they would be just as successful as their 
predecessors. Unfortunately things did not go as they had 
hoped. They posted a 7-13 record, but the players held their 
heads high. Steve Economakos led the team in kills and digs 
even though he missed the first five games due to an injury. 
Phil Marino amassed 122 blocks, 99 kills, and 180 digs, an 
impressive record for a first year player. Mike Greeley sup- 
plied a great defensive year, Jeff Cusato filled in some big 
shoes at the setter position, and Jeff Melvin was the star out- 
side hitter. Mike Hart and Ray Burgett provided some 
sparks on offense, Mike Dellacava mastered the serve, and 
Matt Gerish and George Durante won many battles at the 
net. Steve Quin was the best all-around player on the team 
with his great serving, team leading digs, and his offensive 

Best of luck to Coach Hovnanian, Coach Robb, and the 
future BMHS volleyball team. 

Seniors — back row: Steve Quin, capt. Jeff Melvin, capt. Steve 

Left: Steve Economakos is set to make 
another point for Billerica. 



E T O U R S 

Side trips and detours add 
spice to any journey, and those 
who follow only the straight 
and narrow path to gradua- 
tion have missed some inter- 
esting twists and turns. Clubs 
and organizations at Billerica 
High make our journey inter- 
esting and varied. Some of us 
take roadies to France, Spain, 
and Italy through the language 
clubs; others, like those who 
join the Mock trial group and 

computer club, explore future 
career choices. Some find the 
road to fulfillment in helping 
ohters through the Commu- 
nity Service group or Amnesty 

We find pleasure in stop- 
ping to smell the roses along 
our high school journey. Those 
detours into our interests and 
passions make that journey 
more enjoyable. 


Our Democracy in Actioni 

Student Government Officers: James Carlson, Niamh Brady, Robert 

Freshman Class Officers I Sophomore Class Officers 

Adv isors Mr. Johansen and Ms. Chase with Rachael Button, Jen Advisors Ms. Buckley and Mrs. Breen with Chris Doneski, Bob 

Severo, Andrea Ventola, and Stephen Forbes. Gaska, Wes Zichitella, and Jeff Foley. 


It - 

Student Government Rules!! 


Junior State of America has 
recently arrived in Massachu- 
setts! One of the largest clubs 
in America according to Mr. 
Colangelo, it is a club that was 
established in 1924 to get stu- 
dents more interested in pol- 

Recently, Billerica Memorial 
High School has initiated a 
chapter of this organization. 
Students lack a voice in tradi- 
tional government, but this 
club allows them to be heard. 
Although the group deals 
solely with politics, it does 
have something different for 

Mr. Colangelo and members Dave Hudson, Josh Clancy, Rob Mietzner, Jon Fardy, Marie Liberatore, Kelly-Ann 
Fiers, Elaine Eicher, Jennie Colangelo 

Junior Class Officers Senior Class Officers 

Advisors Mr. DeFeo, Mr. Colangelo with Erin Mercer, Kelly Ballum, Advisors Ms. Buterbaugh, Ms. Robb with Christina Richards, Allison 

Kate Maslowski, and Kelly Hogan Yarvitz, Joe Capalbo, and Jenny Eriksen. 


Billerica High School and Beyond 

Peer Leadership 

First Row; Michelle Goodwin, Jen Benanati, Carissa 
Carsno, Jesse Rowley, Sarah Cole, Bridget McDermott, 
Jen Foisy 

Second Row: DJ Farren, Shauna Morgan, Martin Batt- 
cock, Deirdre Lorway, Kristin Jamieson, Julian Pat- 
sourakos, Kristyn Kneeland, Susan Cucchi 
Third Row: Erika Schoenthal, Allison Yarvitz, Paula 
Lopes, Jannette Maclnnis, Chanda Plong, Melanie 
Layon, Jen Cormier, Niamh Brady, Neil Crimins, James 

Fourth Row: Ben Davis, Jen DeYoung, Janel DeBene- 
detto, Kristalyn Miller, Allison McNulty 
Fifth Row: Derek DiRocco, Eric Meuse, Mr. Pagliarulo, 
Marty Bulhoes, Min Kim, Jeff Cusato, Beth Colandreo 


First Row: Kellie Hogan, Caitlin Erickson, Ambika 
Wali, Laura Walker, Kristin Meurer, Andrew 
Turner, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Woodbury 
Second Row: Julian Patsourakos, Nicole Ramocki, 
Jen Cormier, Laura Khoshabjian 
Third Row: Lisa Cerroni, Kristyn Kneeland 

Community Service 

Ms. Molloy, Lori Skelton, Caitlin 
Erickson, Kristen Meurer, and Ms. 


^Valking the Walk for the Greater Good 


Senior members: E. Allen, C. 
Blanchet, T. Blesso, M. Bowker, N. 
Brady, K. Brown, J. Capalbo, J. Carl- 
son, L. Cerroni, D. Clapp, E. Colan- 
dreo, S. Cole, J. Cormier, N. Crimins, 
B. Davis, J. Davy, M. DeSanctis, L. 
DiPrizio, D. DiRocco, K. Dunham, J. 
Eriksen, J. Eriksen, A. Faria, K. Ger- 
rish, M. Greeley, K. Joyce, L. Khosh- 
abjian, K. Kneeland, M. Layon, R. 
Leger, M. Liberatore, P. Lopes, J. 
Maclnnis, A. McNulty, K. Mixon, T. 
Moore, S. Mulligan, M. Newcomb, 
E. Pandolfe, J. Patsourakos, C. 
Plong, L. Puffer, S. Quin, N. Ra- 
mocki, ]. Renoni, C. Richards, E. 
Schoenthal, R. Sparkes, J. Sprangers, 
J. Trout, L. Walker, R. Wamness, A. 
Yarvitz, D. Buczak, R. Conrad, M. 
Dellacava, C. Duggan, M. Hudson, 
B. Lombardo, A. Peranelli, D. Vail- 


Top row; Advisor Ms. Gald- 
ston. Amy Ruiter, Nathan 
Tobey, Kate Eldridge, Ambika 

Bottom row: Elizabeth Pan- 
dolfe, Colene Blanchet, 
Kristen Joyce 


Top row: Helen Devlin, Kim Marge- 
son, Jessica Diorio, Jeff Cusato, Jillian 

Bottom row: Kim Bancewicz, Adri- 
enne Weeks, Melissa Mulligan, 
Laura Khoshabjian 


The Word, the Note, the Imagd i 

Added Attractions 
and Show Band 

First row: Carolyn Leone, Katie Brown, 
Caryn Baker, Nicole Guilbeaut, Erin Cur- 
ran, Julie Davy, Danielle Fraine, Katie Ride- 
out, Keith Wyshak 

Second row: Timmy Moore, Jessica Senue, 
David Kovaks, Janine Davis, Matt Clark 
Third row: Elaine Eicher, Katie Doherty, 
Kelly Ann Fiers, Renee Ledger, Teri Ann 
Keere, Liz Campbell, Ray Burgett, Pat Mc- 
Kenna, Pat Piasecki, Mrs. Robertson 
Fourth row: Sarah Murray, Joel Gray, Susan 
Kenny, Adrienne Weitz, Sarina Rancatore, 
Adam Smith, Katie Glover, Beth Douglas 
Fifth row: Mr. Gage, WUlie Conrad, Mat 
Frado, Colleen Banfield, Mike Hart, Kath- 
leen Coughlin, Corey Button, Ricky Cag- 

Billerica Beat 

First Row: Kristen Sullivan, Laura Kilday, 
Michelle Frotten, Anne Marie Faria, Elizabeth 
Hamm, Ronald Dempsey, Stephanie Ly, Cyndi 
Moreira, Min Kim. 

Second Row: Jennifer Pisini, Niamh Brady, 
Juliana Patsourakos (editor-in-chief), Jennifer 
Cormier (editor-in-chief), Nicole Ramocki, 
Kristyn Kneeland, Jenn Foisy, Jose Capalbo, 
Jessica Sprangers. 

Third Row: Angela Xavier, Megan Quinn, An- 
gela Granfield, Malinda O'Donnell, Deirdre 
Lorway, Leah Kennedy, Katie Donovan, Ad- 
visor Deanne Galdston, Laura Walker, Dave 
Buczak, Eileen Lorway, Jenn Dulong, Kate El- 
dridge, Kristen Jamieson, Lisa Cerroni. 

Audio/Visual Club 

Senior members; Kimberly Ames, 
Kathleen Brown, Jennifer Crosbie, 
Joshua D. Drumm, Corey C. Duggan, 
Katherine Gerrish, Melissa R. Gon- 
salves, Michael E. Hudson, Kari L. 
Jenkins, Shonna A. McEachern, Rachael 
Mead, Michael S. Newcomb, Erika M. 
Schoenthal, Jessica G. Sprangers, Jeffrey 
P. Trout, Dale Vaillancourt, Jonathan 


Sending Out Good Vibrations 


Members: Peter Breen, Kim Brooks, Katie 
Brown, Rachael Button, Dorrie Cerasale, 
Jennifer Crosbie, Ginger Dodge, Victoria 
Dumas, Danielle Fraine, Amanda Gagnon, 
Jessica Gagnon, Jenn Graham, Michelle 
Harris, Mike Hudson, Eric Jenkins, Regina 
Kelly, Susan Kenny, Susan Landolfi, 
olyn Leone, Marie Liberatore, Theresa Lib- 
eratore, Jennifer Long, Katie Marshall, 
Paula McGown, Erin McLaughlin, Juliette 
Monis, Janine Pierre, Sharon Rexford, An- 
gela Sacco, Tracy Sampson, Kelley Sievert, 
illen Stinehelfer, Cheryl Wohl, Melissa 
Worthley, Amy Zediana, Katie Zediana 

Special Ensemble 

Members: J. Baldwin, C. Button, W. Conrad, J. Crimins, N. 
Crimins, E. Curran, J. Davy, M. Doe, E. Eicher, J. Eriksen, K. 
Evans, A. Faria, D.J. Farren, K. Fiers, M. Gonsalves, M. 
Greeley, T. Harper, K. Hogan, D. January, K. Jenkins, S. 
Jennings, L. Kilaay, S. McEachern, B. Morris, S. Murray, K. 
Salemi, E. Schoenthal, A. Zediana 

Warrior Yearbook 

Back row: Jen Cormier, Mr. Flynn, Kristyn Kneeland, Laura Walker, Laura 
Walker, Kristen Jamieson, Juliana Patsourakos, Ms. Marinaro. Front row: 
Jenny Eriksen, Melanie Layon, David Buczak, Chanda Plong, Jesse Rowlcv 




Katie Marshall, Shonna 
McEachern, Jen Pisini, 
Dave January, Susan Ngo, 
Susan Ly, Mary Ly, James 

Min Kim, Elizabeth Hamm 
Erin O'Rourke, Nicole 
Ramocki, Jennifer Ander- 


Top row; John Riley, Timothy Moore, 
Matt Muller, Shaunt Voskanian, Laura 
Kilday, Angela Xavier, Mr. Tsoukalas 
Bottom row: Derek DiRocco, Rob 
French, Marie Liberatore, Mary Ly, Ed 
Hurd, Ronald Dempsey 

Drama Club 

French Club 

Top row; Krystal McDonald, Jessica Gagnon, Marie Liberatore, Shonna 
McEachern, Abigail Doyle, Kristina Moron, Scott Rogers, Teresa Liber- 
atore, Allison Kane 

Second row; Margaret Jeffers, Colcne Banfield, Julie Carraher, Chris 
Speziale, Heather Henkel, Matt Mullen, Jason Fitzgerald, Jason Adams, 
Caity Clover, Kahe Evans, David January 

Third Row; Dave Buzcak, Jeremy Pariseau, Colene Blanchet, Kristen Joyce, 
Nathan Tobey, Willie Conraci, Erika Schoenthal, Mike Greeley, Josh 
Eriksen, Neil Crimins 

Fourth row; Patrick Piasecki, Tim Matthews, Renee Leger, Niamh Brady, 
Ann-Marie Faria, DJ Farren, Lisa Vaughan, Brandon Morris 
Bottom row: Kelly Sievert, Nicole Ashworth, Carolyn Leone, Sarah 
Murray, Jen Benanati, Julie Davy, Melissa Gonsalves 

Top row: Deirdre Lorway, Kristen Jamieson, Tara Ross 

Middle row; Kristen Sullivan, Paula McGowen, Amy Zediana, Michelle 

Matczack, Kristen Burton, Ms. Bejtlich 

Bottom row: Chanda Plong, Melanie Layon, Lisa Cerroni, Jen Cormier 


With B.M.H.S. Organizations 


Top row: Dan Blest, Renato Silva, 
Rich McKenna, Dan Selerno, Phil 
Whitman, Matt Tonini 
Middle row: Laura Kapala, Paula 
Lopes, Kate Maslowski, Steve Quin, 
Barry Lombardo, Mark Nohelty, 
Scott O'Brien, Jannette Maclnnis, 
Katie Donovan, Mrs. Camille Boullie 
Bottom row; John Essier Jr., Daniel 
Sewell, Josh Reese, Steve Batchelor, 
Buddy Suprey, Erin Mercer, Scott 
Gallagher, Melissa Mulligan, Aimee 
Morrison, Jessica Kelley 


Top row: Pat Faiola, Chris Benger, 
Willie Conrad, Mr. Piwowar 
Bottom row: Ed Hurd, Ronald Demp- 

Spanish/Italian Club 

Future Teachers 

Top row: Jen Foisey, Melissa Keltgen, Jessica Diorio, Rick Gemellio, 
Angela Sacco, Martha Fitch 

Bottom row: Jessica Levitre, Senora Petrone, Jennifer Anderson, 
Amanda Weaver 

Bottom row: Sarah Murray, Lisa Vaughan, Katie Donovan, Jen Silva, Ann-Marie 
Faria, Catie Rideout, Kim Ames, Nicole Ruggerioi 

Second row: Jen Pisini, Kristin Jamieson, Juliana Patsourakos, Pat Piasecki, 
Mareen Spencer, DJ Farrcn, Deirdre Lorway, Elizabeth Smulligan, Katie Marshall 
Third row: Gina D' Aloise, Kelly Sievert, Amy Zediana, Jessica Gagnon, Jen Foisy, 
Jeff Cusato, Kim Marshall, Laurie Morreale, Tara Ross 

Top row: Katie Mixon, Beth McColgan, Kristin Powderly, Beth Santc^ro, Mr. 
Pagliarulo, Candicc LaMar, Laura Kapala, Michelle Harris 


Top left; Shonna McEachern (Tat- 
iana) and Neil Crimins (Oberon) lock 
horns in an argument. 

Top right: Willie Conrad makes like a 
tree and leaves. 

Middle left: Mike Greeley and Josh 
Ericksen display their thespian 

Middle right: Marie Liberatore and 
David January become entangled in 
Puck's spell. 

Right: Seniors Sara Murray and 
Niamh Brady get ready for the show. 

Top left: Melissa Gonsalvez shows what a fairy is made of. 
Middle left; Ann-Marie "Fairy-a" gets some homework done before the play. 
Bottom left: Willie Conrad displays his musical talent between scenes. 
Below: "Talk to the hand 'cause the face ain't listening." 


y^tgkts TDream 

DCCOIIIIh I- 11, 12. 13 .l S:(Hi,,n. 
ililliiii.i Miinoiial High Stiiinil Vuililoriuiii , - 


B.M.H.S. Theatre Company 

During this past fail, the BMHS Theater Company performed William Shakespeare's 
classic comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream." From September until the show, the 
accomplished cast practiced and rehearsed night and day for the production. The play 
focuses around the trials and tribulations of the four lovers: Helena, Demetrius, Lysan- 
der, and Hermia. Here we see the story unfold through the wizardry of the Fairies and 
the captivating bumbling of the Rustics. Both the cast and crew performed in the Massa- 
chusetts Drama Guild Festival for the first time. They proceeded to the semi-final round 
accumulating numerous individual awards for excellence along the way. 


Right: Tim Moore shows percussion power. 

Below: Erika Schoenthal is the perfect Master of Cere 

Middle row left: Pat Piasecki sings 
and plays his guitar. 

Middle row center: Mike Greeley — 
The Sax King. 

Middle row right: Josh Eriksen blows 
his own horn! 

Bottom left: Juliette Monis entertains 
parents, students, and teachers. 

Bottom center left: Melissa Gonsalves 
knows her way around a dance floor. 

Bottom center right: Musical stars 
Shonna McEachern and Neil Crimins 
together again. 

Bottom far right: Catie Rideout 
moves her musical talent indoors for 
the recital. 

Far left: Jenna Davy sings 
with power and conviction. 

Left: Marie Liberatore not 
only sings a song, she "acts" 
a song. 

Below left: Kari Jenkins steps 
to the microphone. 

Below: Renee Leger dances 

Senior Recital: 

Traveling Music 

This year's June recital was, for the seniors, the culminahon of four years of friendship and 
collaboration. Organized by Shonna McEachern, Jenna Davies, Juliette Mones, Marie Libera- 
tore, and Ann Faria, the event took place earlier than usual and was better organized, perhaps 
for that reason. Erika Schoenthal got things off to a rousing start with her perfect Master of 
Ceremonies imitation. 

Shonna and Neil Crimins appeared for the last time together on the BMHS stage singing "It 
Takes Two" from In the Woods. "Birdland" was smartly interpreted by Mike Greeley, Willie 
Conrad, and Josh Eriksen. Ann Faria escorted her little sister to the stage for a tender duet from 
Pete's Dragon. Ann, Erika, Catie Rideout, and Melissa Gonsalves danced their farewells to the 
music department and Billerica High. Nathan Tobey chose to perform a dramatic reading of a 
thought-provoking poem. 

But it was Marie Liberatore who brought down the house with her hilarious rendition of the 
famous "flying sheep" skit from the Monty Python gang. Once again these and other talented 
members of the Class of '98 showed their wit and creativity that evening. They will be missed. 


Left: Colonel Von Trapp is about to go goo goo 
over the countess. 

Below left: Erika Schoenthal jots down a few notes. 

Below right: Sara Murry played sixteen year old 
Liselle with feeling. 


The Sound of Music 

This past spring, the Music Department presented Rodgers and Hammer- 
stein's celebrated musical "The Sound of Music". This autobiographical tale of 
the Von Trapp Family Singers reached epic proportions by touching the hearts 
and souls of its viewers. Maria's journey to the Austrian Alps in search of inspi- 
ration and adventure brings her to the Von Trapp family. The multi-talented 
cast, crew, and director effectively portrayed and accentuated the challenging 
characters. The company rehearsed rigorously to make this colorful 
production the masterpiece Billerica audiences have come to expect and appre- 



On Friday evening. May 22, 1998, the senior class gathered as a whole for one 
last party. The celebration began as limousines, sports cars and other vehicles 
rolled into the parking lot of the Ferncroft in Danvers. It was time to have a blast 
and make some memories. 

As people waited for pictures and food, the different array of tuxedos and 
dresses were on display. Every possible style was present. The class of '98 was 
dressed to kill. As couples danced the night away, the chaperones and special 
guests chose the king and queen and their court. Prom King was Scott Yavarow 
and Queen was Erin O'Rourke. Their court consisted of Rob Sparkes, Matt Burke, 
Jay White, Katie Mixon, Kristin Joyce and Angela Stevens. "Hold On To The 
Night" was chosen as our prom song. The elegant ball room and hotel provided a 
great setting for one of the class of 98's last celebrations. 

Top left; Has anyone seen our dates? 

Left; "Come and ride the train 

and ride 

Bottom left; Which one will be crowned 
Miss America? 

Bottom right; We've arrived, time to party!!! 



On June 1, the class of 1998 approached the last exit on the 
road known as high school: the great sign out. The parent 
advisory council sponsored a delicious senior breakfast and 
then negotiations with faculty for needed signatures began. 

But there was plenty of time for sen- 
iors to reminisce about their lives 
together since elementary 
school and talk about their 
work and college destina- 
tions. All in all sign out 
is a complicated mo- 
ment in a senior's life: a 
little begging and a little last 
minute bonding. A bittersweet 
moment: happiness about moving 
on, but a curious, unexpected sadness 
about leaving. 

Top: Mr. Pagliarulo gets Samir Patel ready to roll. 

Above left: Charlie Ardell and T.]. Ennion hang in the 
cafe for the last time. 

Above right: Eric Meuse: making a list, and checking it 

Left: Cathy Hertler, Amanda Wagner, and Amy 
Zarrella are packed up to go. 



On the Road 

Released from graduation rehearsal, armed 
with beach towels and bug spray, we hit the 
road with useless directions — where 1.6 mile 
equals two ruts and a turn-off. Our destina- 
tion? Class Day 1998: Cedardale, Groveland. 
A day for relaxation where hot tubs and hot 
dogs replaced textbooks and tests. Tennis 
courts, mini golf, swimming pools, basketball 
and sand volleyball allowed us to unwind be- 
fore our long awaited walk up the Marshall 
Field. Great music and food made our journey 
to Cedardale (and all the gasoline we wasted 
trying to get there) very worthwhile. 

Top left: The hot tub is the place to be. Bring your 

Top right: Rich Mckenna gets ready for B-ball. 
Middle: The class day Posse has arrived! 


Top row left: Seniors look for their parents after the 
ceremony for pictures and congratulations. 

Top row right: Niamh Brady and Dave Buczak look 
composed marching into the Marshall field. 

Middle row left: Chezwick band members display 
colorful mortarboards. 

Middle row right: Marty Bulhoes, Tracy Bridge, 
and Jason Brasnear, along with the rest of^ the class, 
didn't ever think this day would come. 

Right: Nicole Nickerson, Peggy PuUiam, Stephanie 
Chiodo, and Amy Morrison huddle for one last pic- 
ture before they graduate. 



One Journey's End 

Graduation Day: The culmination of our high school achievements. The day we 
thought would never come flew by us in a heartbeat. Over three hundred gradu- 
ates received their diplomas, their tickets out of high school on that beautiful 
evening at the Marshall field. All of the Speakers were eloquent, and the gradu- 
ates were commended for their excellence in all areas. Guest Speaker Bernard 
Doherty captivated the graduates with his speech on life. Other speakers remind- 
ed the graduates of friendship, individuality, and courage in the face of tough 
circumstances. One could feel the sense of urgency among the graduates and 
their bright hopes for the future. It was a great celebration, bringing to an end four 
great years at BMHS. 

Above left: Mrs. MoUoy and Jesse 
Rowley celebrate her success. 

Above right: Robert Sparks and 
James Carlson are happy to have 
achieved so much. 

Left: Amongst a sea of green and 
white, Lisa Baillargeon and Charlie 
Ardell smile for a quick snapshot. 


Right: Barry Lombardo 
and Laura Khoshabjian 
pay full attention to the 
speakers of their graduat- 
ing class. 

Far Right; Neil Crimins, 
Shonna McEacheran, and 
Jenna Davy, sing the na- 
tional anthem. 

"Despite our differences, to all of us, graduation signifies a re- 
birth, a chance to wipe the slate clean. If we dwell on the prob- 
lems of the past and let them defeat us, we will not have the 
strength to face the opportunities and problems that await us in 
the future." 

Jennifer Cormier 


"Everyone has the capacity for greatness. It takes coura^ 
and insight to recognize this capacity in ourselves. We shoul 
not be afraid to trust ourselves. It is OK for every person in th 
class to say "1 think" something or to say "this is my opinion 
You should believe in your opinion. Say to yourself "1 knc 
the answer." As we leave high school, it is important to n 
member that we must preserve our individuality. Trust you 
self. Be an individual. Let your freak flag fly." 

James Carlso 

"It was 1994 when we entered high school as nervous little 
reshmen . . . Over the next four years we began to establish 
he most important friendships of all. These were going to be 
he people whom we would spend the best years of our hfe 
vith. At BMHS there were so many opportunities to make 

Joseph Capalbo 
Class President 


Senior Awards 

Below: Laura Khoshabjian accepts the Lisa Michelle Weitz Scholarship 


Above: Micheal Ncwcomb receives the Billerica Little League education 

B.M.H.S. Scholarship Awards 
Class of 1998 

Billerica Arts Council Scholarship 
Patrick Piasecki, Jennifer Davey, Patrick McKenna 
Billerica Athletic Association Scholarship 
Robert W. Sparkes, III, Thomas Blesso, Scott Yavarow, Kristalyn Miller, 
Niamh Brady, Jaclyn Renoni 
Audio/Visual Club Scholarship 
Jeffrey Trout 
William J. Bradley Memorial Scholarship 
Tara Bamoski 
Breihnaier Art Scholarship 
Colene Blanchet 
Nathaniel Burnett Scholarship 
Allison Yarvitz 
Ditson School Association Scholarship 
Elizabeth Colandreo 
Nancy A. Donaghey Memorial Scholarship 
Erika M. Schoenthal 
Dutile PTO Scholarship 
Robert Wamness 
Billerica Lodge of Elks #2071 Scholarship 
Tim Cearin, Melissa Ryan 
Sean C. Elmore Memorial Scholarship 
Kyle Abrams, Robert Wamness, Martin Battcock, Lee Sarno, Matthew 
Kennedy, Thomas Blesso, Scott Yavarow, Richard McKenna, Michael 
Palumbo, Joseph Capalbo, Allison McNulty, Scott Pomerleau, Jesse Rowley, 
Kristalyn Miller, Elizabeth Colandreo, Thomas Ennion 
Billerica Emblem Club #410 Scholarship 
Leah Puffer, Renee Leger, Kristalyn Miller, Erika Scnoenthal, Katie 
Busalacchi, Jennifer Davy 
Billerica Federahon of Teachers Scholarship 
Cullen Hagan, Michael Metivier 
Billerica Friends of Music Scholarships 
Catherine Rideout and Shonna McEachern (music) 
Neil S. Crimins, Jr. (academic) 
Hajjar Elementary School Scholarship 
Amy Krasowski, Neil S. Crimins, Jr. 
Ralph Hallenborg Memorial Scholarship 
Matth ew Burke 
Howe H.S. — BMHS Alumni Assoc. Awards 
Robert DeProfio, Matthew Kennedy 
Ralph Bnsham Memorial Award 
Michelle O'Connell 
Class of '47 Award 
Jennifer Silva 
Elizabeth L. Johnson Music Award 
Jennifer Davy 
Kennedy School P.T.O. Catherine L. Torre Scholarship 
James Carlson, Kristyn Kneeland 
Carrie Keyes Memorial Scholarship 
Amy Krasowski 
Knights of Columbus/Sylvester O'Toole Memorial Scholarship 
Melissa Ryan, Michael Greeley, Erika Schoenthal, Stephen Quin 
James M. Larigille Scholarship 

Neil S. Crimins, Jr. 
Rev. John T. Lawler Scholarship 
Jesse Rowley, Melissa Mulligan, Niamh Brady, Jennifer DeYoung, Beth A. 
McColgan, Andrea Cucchiara, Elizabeth Colandreo, William T. Hayes, Jr., 
Timothy Gearin, Elizabeth Pandolfe, Robert W. Sparkes, HI, Margaret 
Pulliam, Cathy Hertler, Daniel Salerno 
Billerica Lions Club/R. Myrton Davis Memorial Scholarship 
Jeffrey Trout, Timothy Moore 
Billerica Little League Education Award 
(In memory of Arthur and Peg Skelton) 
Joseph Capalbo, Michael Newcomb, Walter Suprey 
Lieutenant William ]. Love Memorial Scholarship 
Christopher E. Foley 
Thomas Manning Memorial Scholarship 
David S. Buczak, Beth A. McColgan, Danielle Fraine 
Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy Scholarship 
Ann M. Faria 
Middlesex Women's Club 
Patrick Piasecki 
Joanne O'Brien Memorial Scholarship 
Elizabeth Colandreo 
Billerica Pop Warner Edward F. Hayes, Sr. Memorial Scholarship 
Kimberly Marshall, Steven Barker, Colene Blanchet, Jennifer Robbins, 
William Hayes, Denise Conte 


Billerica Rod & Gun Club Patrick Scollin Scholarship 
Katie B. Busalacchi 
Stephen Rohnert Memorial Scholarship 
Catherine Rideout 
Billerica Rotary Michael Olivieri Scholarship 
Neil S. Crimins, Jr. Kristyn Kneeland 
Julie A. Sandberg Achievement Award 

Margaret Pulliam 
Joseph A. Sarno Memorial Scholarship 
Tara Bamoski 

Senior Class/Service Award Scholarship (Balfour Ring Corp.) 
Jenny Eriksen, Allison Yarvitz 
SPAC (Student Produced Arts Concert) Scholarship 
Colene Blanchet, Nathan Tobey 
St. Theresa Women's Club Scholarship 
Gretchen Barker, Joseph Capalbo, Scott Pomerleau 
Billerica Youth Basketball Paula Fidler Scholarship 
Jesse Rowley, Joseph Capalbo 
Billerica Youth Soccer Association Amy Ward Scholarship 
Elaine Eicher 
Frank A. Altobelli Memorial Scholarship 
Kristin J. Jamieson 
Mary P. Arakelian Scholarship 
Lisa Cerroni 
Billerica Arts & Crafts Association 
Rosario Celeste Memorial Scholarship 

Catherine R. Rideout 
Billerica League of Women Voters 
Donna Tuttle Memorial Scholarship 
Allison Yarvits 
The Billerica Plan Awards 
Kristen L. Joyce, Brian J. Fahey 
Billerica Sons of Italy/Salvatore Grieco Memorial Scholarship 
Jeffrey Cusato, Daniel Salerno 
Cabot Corporation Scholarships 
Michael Bowker, Jeremy Pariseau 
Jeff Calnan Memorial Fund Scholarship 
Kristalyn A. Miller 
Robert Carroll Memorial Scholarship 

Elizabeth K. Pandolfe 
Gladys Cerrato Memorial Scholarship 
Laurie M. Morreale 
Verity Colon Memorial Scholarship 
Jaclyn Renoni, Beth A. McColgan 
Community of Christ Lutheran Church Scholarship 
Lisa Baillargeon 
Ann Lally Costanza Scholarship 
Renee A. Leger 
Curriculum Associates Teaching Scholarship 
Denise M. Conte 
Donald R. Donati Memorial Scholarship 
Katherine T. Gerrish 
Dutile-Newcomb Scholarship 
Ann M. Faria 
Eldora Ferren Memorial Scholarship 
Walter J. Suprey 
Garden Club/Mary Arnold Memorial Scholarship 
Laura DiPrizio 
Hart-Hanks Data Technology Scholarship 
Michael Newcomb 
Philip Heffernan Memorial Scholarship 
Jannette M. Maclnnis 
Karyn's Kookies Scholarship 
Deirdre Lorway 
Kent Scholarship/Selectmen's Award 
Melinaa DeSanctis 
Krau Family Scholarship 
Neil S. Crimins, Jr. 
Krefting Memorial Scholarship 
Melissa M. Ryan 
Charles L. Lampson Scholarships 
Sarah Cole, Thomas Blesso 
Elise LeVasseur Memorial Scholarship 
Mario J. Bulhoes, Jr. 
Locke Middle School Scholarships 
Melissa Mulligan, Barry N. Lombardo, Jr. 
Locke Parents as Educational Partners Scholarships 
Jesse A. Rowley, Scott J. Pomerleau 
Lowell Five Cent Savirigs Bank Scholarship 
Benjamin R. Davis 
Marshall Middle School Student Council Scholarship 
Rachael E. Mead 
Meagher Family Scholarship 
Juliana V. Patsourakos 

Below: Chris Foley receives the physical education department award. 

Above: Niamh Brady accepts a scholarship foundation award. 


Top Right: Steve Economakos, Steve Bishop, Ann 
Faria, Jeffrey Melvin, and Robert Sparks receive 
perfect attendance awards. 

Below: Katie Bussalachi enthusiastically receives the 
Billerica Rod and Gun Club Patrick Scollin 


Teens of the Month 

Elks Rotarians 

October Teens 
Jennifer Cormier Nicole Ramocki 

James Carlson Tom Blesso 

November Teens 
Alison Yarvitz Jenny Ericksen 

Joe Capalbo Ben Davis 

December Teens 
Kristyn Kneeland Neil Crimins 

Ann-Marie Faria Rob Sparks 

January Teens 

Niamh Brady 
Scott Yavarow 
February Teens 

Erika Schoenthal 
Cullen Hagan 
March Teens 

Christina Richards 
Derek DiRocco 
April Teens 

Beth Colandreo 
Dale Vaillancourt 

May Teens 

Juliana Patsourakos 
Robert Wamness 

Laura Walker 
Micheal Greely 

Sara Cole 
Edward Allen 

Jesse Rowley 
Josh Ericksen 

Catie Rideout 
Steve Quin 

Teen of the Year 
Neil Crimins 

Dupont Merck Scholarship 
Erika Schoenthal 
Nicola Miccozzi Memorial Scholarship 

Nathan R. Tobey 
Northern Bank and Trust Scholarship 
Robert D. Wamness 
Harriet L. O'Connell Memorial Scholarship 
Michael A. Metivier 
Parker School PTA Richard Cogan Scholarships 
Jessica C. Sprangers, Robert W. Sparkes, III 
Francis Lester Shaughnessey Memorial Scholarship 
Kristyn Kneeland 
Lisa Tammaro Scholarships 
Timothy Moore 
Vining PTO/Marianne Kicza Memorial Scholarship 
Edward C. Allen 
Thomas J. Walsh Memorial Scholarships 

Michael M. Greeley, David Buczak 
Lisa Michelle Weitz Memorial Scholarship 
Juliette T. Monis, Laura B. Khoshabjian, Christina L. Richards 
Maureen M. Sullivan Award 
Colene Blanchet 
Robert M. Wallask Award 
Jennifer Cormier 
Paula DeSimone Scholarship Foundahon Award 
Patrick Piasecki 
United States Postal Service — Billerica Scholarship 
Michael E. Hudson 
Scholarship Foundahon Awards 
Nicole M. Ramocki, Kathleen Brown, Niamh Brady, Martin Battcock, Lisa 

M. Geary, Charles Ardell, Jr., James Carlson, Joseph Capalbo, Jenny C. 
Eriksen, Scott M. Yavarow, Derek DiRocco, Kathleen M. Donovan, Deirdre 


Department Awards 

Art Department Jonathan Fardy 

Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award Jonathan Fardy 

Business Department Barry Lombardo 

Marge Cooney Award for Excellence in Accounting Lori McGlinchey 

Office Simulation Lisa Doran 

English Department Jennifer Cormier 

Journalism Award Jennifer Cormier and Juliana Patsourakos 

Writing Award (Literary Magazine-Amanuensis) Elizabeth Pandolfe 

Family and Consumer Sciences Kimberly Paolucci 

Industrial Technology Department Steven Clery 

Mathematics Department Timothy Moore 

Music Department Shonna McEachern 

Drama Award Neil Crimins 

Physical Education Department Margaret PuUiam & Christopher Foley 

Science Department Jennifer Cormier 

Social Studies Sidney Sher Award Department James Carlson 

Nancy Donaghey Social Studies Award Erika Schoenthal 

Special Ed. Department Michelle Manganaro & Charlene Hann 

Study Skills Award Antoinette Hernandez 

Work Study Department Tara Barnoski 

World Language Department Michael Bowker, Spanish; Jennifer Cormier, 

French; Dale Vaillancourt, Italian; Laura Walker, German 
Guidance Office Award Lisa Geary 


Michael Bowker 
Niamh Brady 
Joseph Capalbo 
James Carlson 
Stephanie Chiodo 
David Clapp 
Elizat)eth Colandreo 
Robert Conrad 
Jennifer Cormier 
Neil Crimins 
Derek DiRocco 
Jenny Eriksen 
Brian Fahey 

Ann-Marie Faria 
Katherine Gerrish 
Michael Greeley 
Michael Hudson 
Paul Jones 
Kristyn Kneeland 
Renee Leger 
Marie Liberatore 
Paula Lopes 
Jannette Maclnnis 
Katie Mixon 
Timothy Moore 
Shawn Mulligan 

Elizabeth Pandolfe 
Samir Patel 
Juliana Patsouakos 
Chanda Plong 
Nicole RamocKi 
Robert Sparkes 
Jessica Sprangers 
Jeffrey Trout 
Dale Vaillancourt 
Laura Walker 
Robert Wamness 
Huei-Ming Wu 
Allison Yarvitz 


Left: Shonna McEachern is overjoyed receiving 
the Billerica Friends of Music Scholarship 

Top Right; William Hayes receives the Billerica 
Pop VVarner Edu'ard F. Hayes, Sr. Memorial 

Thomas Blesso 
Michael Bowker 
Niamh Brady 
David Buczak 
Joseph Capalbo 
James Carlson 
Lisa Cerroni 
Stephanie Chiodo 
David Clapp 
Elizabeth Colandreo 
Robert Conrad 
Jennifer Cormier 
Neil Crimins 
Jenna Davy 
Derek DiRocco 
Jenny Eriksen 
Josh Eriksen 

Department Awards 


Brian Fahey 
Ann-Marie Faria 
Katherine Gerrish 
Michael Greeley 
Michael Hudson 
Paul Jones 
Kristen Joyce 
Kristyn Kneeland 
Melanie Layon 
Renee Leger 
Marie Liberatore 
Paula Lopes 
Jannette Maclnnis 
Allison McNulty 
Katie Mixon 
Timothy Moore 
Shawn Mulligan 
Mark Nohelty 

Elizabeth Pandolfe 
Samir Patel 
Juliana Patsourakos 
Amy Peranelli 
Chanda Plong 
Stephen Quin 
Nicole Ramocki 
Jaclyn Renoni 
Christina Richards 
Erika Schoenthal 
Robert Sparkes 
Jessica Sprangers 
Jeffrey Trout 
Dale Vaillancourt 
Laura Walker 
Robert Wamness 
Huei-Ming Wu 
Allison Yarvitz 


James Carlson 
Marie Liberatore 

Ann-Marie Faria 
Timothy Moore 

Michael Greeley 


Steve Economakos Stephen Bishop 
Melissa Gonsalves Jeffrey Melvin 

Ann-Marie Faria 
Robert Sparkes 

Samir Patel 

MASTERS OF SPORTS AWARDS: Martin Battcock, Darryl Plimpton, Scott 
Yavarow, Benjamin Davis, CuUen Hagan, Robert Sparkes, Nicole LaMar, 
Jacquelyn Renoni 


CLASS OF 1998 MALE/FEMALE ATHLETES Scott Yavarow, Nicole LaMar 






SECRETARY OF NAVY AWARDS Brian Fahey, Jennifer Cormier 

United States Marine Academic Award Steve Economakos, ChrisHna 


United States Marine Athletic Award Melissa Traynham, Scott Yavarow 

Marine Music Award (Semper Fi) Neil Crimins, Catherine Rideout 


to the Third and Fourth ranked students in the graduating class 

Timothy Moore and Nicole Ramocki 

Salutatorian James Carlson 

Valedictorian Jennifer Cormier 

B.M.H.S. Staff Award to Salutatorian James Carlson 

B.M.H.S. Staff Award to Valedictorian Jennifer Cormier 

Mid Right: Steve Quin accepts the 
Knights of Columbus/Sylvester 
O'Toolc Memorial Scholarship 

Bottom Right: Laura Diprizio accepts 
the Garden Club/Mary Arnold 
Memorial Scholarship 


Best Of Luck 
Class Of 1 998 


Cabot Corporation 
Billerica Technical Center 
1 57 Concord Road 
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821 

Laura Morreale 

Thanks for making 
us the proudest 
parents in the world. 
We wish you much 
happiness & success 
We Love you Angel! 

Mom, Dad 

& Mark 


As all of your 
tommorows open 
themselves to you, 
never forget how 
proud we are of you, 
and how much we 
love you. 

Yesterday, Today 
and Always, 
Mom & Dad 

David Clapp 

David, you are very 
special to us and have 
given us many proud 

Go after all your 
dreams in life. 
We love You! 

Mom, Dad, & 

Darryl Plimpton 

You've done it again! 
As always, giving us 
many proud moments 
Keep up the good work! 

Mom, Dad, 

Amy & Justin 

Angela Stevens 

To watch you grow, 
help you mature has 
been a privilage. 

We're proud to be your 

We love you and respect 
the person you've 


Mom & Dad 

Mike Newcomb 


We can't believe your Senior year 
is here already. You have made us proud at so 
many different times in your life. 

Keep up the great work and keep your eyes 
ahead of you. You can reach any goal you set. 
We love you!!! 

Mom, Dad, 

Chrissy, & Jenn 

We are so proud 
of you. We Love 

Mom, Dad, 
Jen & Nana 


YouVe made us so proud. 
Go ou there and knock 'em dead. 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, 

Louie & Julie 





PHONES: 978-667-9031 617-729-6449 

FAX: 978-667-1018 EMAIL: 

The Travelers Indemnity Company 

The Aetna Casualty and Surety Company 

Membera of Travelers Groupt_ 

Our commitment to the community ^Q^'PQN 

"Sendee you can bank on" FEDERAL 

459 Boston Road, Billerica SAVINGS 

1-800-688 BFSB (2372) BANK -A 

(^6st (Wishes 
ekss 0fim 













Call oar olTice for a fret brocbun 
or tet in ippoicunaot v> vice c five video t2pe Co d-:atal impluu. 






Member F.D.I.C. 

482 Boston Road, Billerica, MA 01821 

Congratulations Class of 1998! 


Co-operative Bank 


335 Mam Street 
(781) 438-0431 

Mrmber HDIC/Slt- 


Re<lstonr Shopping Center 
f781) 438-3334 
yUU M «r wwvutanehtmtB-op.aom 




Billerica Memorial High School 
Class of 1998 

Follow your hometown news every week 


whether your at home or away at school. j^iiL COMPANY 

To subscribe, call 1-800-626-2271 


Marshall's Auto Body 



(508) 663-7440 
FAX* (508) 671-0818 

128 Pond St. 
Billerica, MA 01821 

Martin Battock 


Great Job! We are so proud of you 
and always will be! 

Love yal 
Mom, Dad, Matthew, 
Mary & Maureen 


You are our pride and joy and have given 
us so many happy memories. Follow 
your dreams son. We're proud of you and 
love you so very much! 
Love you forever 

Mom, Dad, 
Jenna & Buster 

Jaclyn Renoni 

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue. 

You're the world's 



And sister too! 

Jewel in our family crown. 
Athlete with a "Winning" 

Caring as any daughter 

could ever be, 
L oving in every way, 
Y ou can do anything 

you set your mind to. 
Never let anything get 

in your way! 

We Love You! Mom, Dad, and Jonathan 


700 BOSTON ROAD BILLERICA, MA I (978)667-1262 


Class of V 8 


The Infrared. Sln-cialisls 

Best Wishes 

to the 
Class of 1998 

Michael C. Clery, Jr. Inc. 
29 Lexington Road 
Billerica, MA 


Taylor Florist 


Bob Reader 

408 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(978) 667-09301 
(978) 667-1651 

Best of Luck 

Rea Associates Inc. 

7 Alexander Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 

Furman Lumber 

P.O. Box 130 
Nutting Lake 
Billerica, MA 01821 

Matthew Clemente 

Wherever you go and whatever you do, 
I shall always love and be proud of you. 

Love, Mom 

Timothy Moore 

How quickly the years 

have "rolled on." 
May you enjoy continued 

success in your 

studies and music. 
"Stick" with it! 

With love, 

Mom, Dad & Arum 

Congratulations! Eric 

You have given us so many proud moments. 
Always be true to yourself, the sky's the limit. 


Dad, Mom, Jenn, joe & Mima 

Jason Pearl 

May life bring you 

as much happiness as 
you have brought us. 

Mom & Dad 

Congratulations to Donna's Gang 




"Help Is Just Around The Corner" 

446 Boston Rd. 
Billerica, Mass, 01821 

y\s\X our New Equipment 
Rental Department 



599 Boston Rd. 

Rt. 3A 
Billerica, MA 

Bedding Plants • Hanging Plants • Hardy Mums 
Perennials • Annuals • Cyclamens • Poinsettias 
Vegetable Plants • Fresh Vegetables • Apples 

Your Best Source of Quality Plants 
for Spring - Summer - Fall & Winter Beauty 

Gil Griggs 

Bill Griggs 


(617) 935-0185 
(978) 667-2301 
FAX (978) 667-7779 



295 Boston Road 
No. Billerica MA 01862 

Residential • Commercial • Industrial 


Land Surveyors 
Civil Engineers & 
Environmental Planners 


BILLERICA MA, 01821-1023 

(978) 667-9736 
FAX (978) 671-9565 



66 Concord Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(978) 667-9934 

Congratulations and 
Best Wishes To The 
Class Of 1998 

Trainor Insurance 
Agency, Corp, 


Brookside Condos 
330 Boston Road, Suite 2 
N. Billerica, MA 01862 

Congratulations on all your accomplishments. 
We're proud of you! Remember as you go 
through life, keep working hard, give every- 
thing you've got and leave your mark on 
everything you do. You'll know you've been 
successful and have accomplished all your 
goals, if 80 years from now, there is "standing 
room only" at your funeral. 

KiMBERLY Marshall 

We've watched you grow 
from our cute little girl to 
a sweet young lady. 
We are so proud of you 
We love you\ 

Mom, Dad , 

Chris, Katie 
& Courtney 

Jennifer Price 

Words cannot express how 
proud we are of you. 

We're so blessed. 

You're one of a kind and a 
terrific kid. 

Remember, if you think 
you can or think you 
can't, you're probably 


Ma & Dad 

Buddy Surrey 

Buddy Congratulations! 
You have given us so many 
happy memories. We are 
so proud of you and we 
wish you mich love and 

Ma, Dad, & Thomas 

Cathy M. Hertler 



Congratulations Beth! 
We are so proud of you! 
May you continue to find 
success and joy in all 
you do! 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Lisa, 
Eddie & Colleen 


See you weren't always cold! 
Congratulations! We are very proud of you 
and we love you so very much. May all 
your dreams come true. 

Dad, Mom & F rankle 


1 V- 



700 Technology Drive 
Billerica, MA 01821 

(978) 663-7500 
FAX (978) 663-7503 
Permanent Magnets 
Linear Ferrite • Thermistors 


Internal Medicine 
978 663-3410 


572 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA 

Office hours by appointment 
If no answer. Please call 

Con gra tula tions! 

Our Best Wishes 
to the 
Class of 1998 

From the teachers who publish 
curriculum associates*, Inc. 
P.O. Box 2001 • North Billerica, MA 01862 
(800) 225-0248 
www. curriculumassociates . com 

We're Going to Back to the Old Program! 

More $50 Games • $500 Coverall • Shotguns 

Come and Join Us! 

The Billerica Elks 

Webb Brook Rd. (off Route 3A) 
Thursday Evenings 

Doors open at 5 pm 

Sales at 6 
Games begin at 7 pm 

Paper strips • Pull tab tickets • Hot/Hot 300 • Gold Mine 599's 
Casino • Sevens • Weekly raffles/Door prize • 10 $20 winners! 

Color Monitors • Computerized Verifier 
Air conditioning • Non-Smoking Hall • Handicap Accessible 

ptcCA'. . .Pizza, Donuts, Sandwiches ,Soda, Chips & Free Coffet 


(Effective 12/5/96) 

Shonna McEachern 

To the child with the stars in her eyes: 

I can't believe that years can fly 
Much faster than I blink my eye 
I took this picture yesterday?! 
And now you say you're going away?! 
We'll miss you more than words can say 
You've made us proud 
Now it's your day 
You're in our hearts 
You've made us proud 
Go make your start 

Love always and forever 
Mom, Dad, Carly, Sly, Midnight, Hogan, and Gypsy 

xoxoxoxoxo xoxoxo 

Amy Ruiter 



' u 



We are so proud! 
Love, Mom & Dad 

No more student deadlines 

No more SAT'S 
Just one simple headline: 
with loving admiration 
from your whole family 




Bull Information Systems Inc. 
Corporate Headquarters: 

300 Concord Road 
Billerica, MA 01821-4199 
Tel. 978-294-6000 

May all your Dreams Come True 


Back Row: Amy Peranelli, Erika Schoethal, 

Renee Leger 
Middle Row: Jen Price, Nicole Talutis, 

Katie Busalacchi, Erin Denhy 

TP* i_ n All" / • 1 T~N • 1 

rront Row: Allison Yarvitz, Denise Conte, 
Julie Schoenthal, Nicole Ruggeri, 
Laura Wallace 

You did it! We are so proud of you. 
Only Love, Luck and Success are 
wished for you today and always. 
We love you! 

Mom and Dad 

Juliana Patsourakos 

Shea & Dangora 

566 Boston Road 
P.O. Box 599 
(978) 667-2757 
(978) 670-5763 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m come a 
^^^^^^T ^^^^^^^1 long way, 
^^^^^r >|llfe|L ^^^^^^1 We're so 
^^^^B ^^^^^^1 you. May 

^^^^K. f ^1 ^^^^^^H your dreams come 

^^^^^^ ' .^i^^^^^l 

>^^^^H Mom, Dad, 
1^ ^^j^^^l ^ Catherine 

American Industrial Products, Inc 

AFE America Incorporated 

13 Linnell Circle 

4 Suburban Park Drive 

Billerica, MA 01821 

Billerica MA 01821 




Ihe Class of 1999 
zvishes ail the best to the 
CCass of '98 

Billerica Federation of Teacher 

the Future 


Local 1677 M.F.T./A.F.T./AFL-CIO 

QoodLucl<i to the CCass of '98 


Brookside Center for 

Buffets Etc. 

Excel Travel International 

Garofano Custom Cabinetry 

Joe's Automotive Service 

Aquatic Images 

Shanks Mare Thrift Shop 

Fleet Bank 



Aotco Metal Finishing Company 

1 1 Suburban Park Drive 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(978) 667-8298 

Athletic Sports 

420 Boston Road 
Billerica MA 01821 
(978) 670-5545 


464 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(978) 663-6571 

Berman Repair & Sales 

22 1 Andover Road 
Billerica MA 01821 
(978) 663-6796 

Billerica Jewelers 

306 Boston Rd 
N. Billerica, MA 01862 
(978) 667-5955 

Billerica Public Library 

25 Concord Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(978) 671-0948 

Billerica Tire And Auto 

737 Boston Rd 
Billerica MA 01821 
(978) 667-0596 

Billerica Video Palace 

256 Salem Road 
Billerica MA 01821 
(978) 663-9787 

Clark & Reid, Inc 

One Dunham Road 
Billerica, MA 01 821 
(978) 670-1100 

Ginsburg Bros Inc. 

159 Rangeway Road 
N. Billerica, MA 01862 
(978) 667-1620 

Hughes Lumber Co., Inc. 

1 5 Letchworth Avenue 
N. Billerica, MA 01862 
(978) 663-3546 

Inframetrics Inc. 

16 Esquire Road 
N. Billerica, MA 01862 
(978) 670-5555 

Kilian & Lentine, Attorneys 

409 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(978) 667-0212 

Mc Grath Animal Hospital 

31 Lexington Road 
Billerica MA 01821 
(978) 667-2194 

Paul R Cedrone DMD 

474 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(978) 663-3010 

Pyramid Textiles 

24 Cook Street 
Billerica MA 01821 
(978) 667-8877 

Stoneham Co. Operative Bank 

490 Boston Road 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(978) 667-2197 

We're Outta Here! 

Thanks to all who helped write, shoot, and 
produce this Owner's Guide to the Class of 
1998, including especially: 

Dave Buczak 
Joe Capalbo 
James Carlson 
Jen Cormier 
Neil Crimins 
Laura Walker 

Jenny Eriksen 
Kristin Jamieson 
Kristyn Kneeland 
Melanie Layon 
Deirdre Lorway 

Chanda Plong 
John Riley 
Jesse Rowley 
Jeff Trout 
Jessica Sprangers 

and Mr. Flynn, Ms. Marinaro, John Neister from Jostens and 
Pendleton Photography. 



3 3934 0022 1962 5